Pelosi calls for Facebook ad boycott while spending hundreds of thousands on ads

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is prime example of a “Do as I say, not as I do” sort of politician — as evidenced by yet another report last week.

On Tuesday, Pelosi called for an advertiser boycott of Facebook to starve the social media platform of revenue. On the same day, the Washington Free Beacon reported that she had spent more than $180,000 on Facebook ads over the prior seven days.

Pelosi calls for Facebook ad boycott

Speaker Pelosi’s call for an advertiser boycott against Facebook came on Tuesday during an online conference on social media hosted by George Washington University. She said the boycott was necessary in order to force Facebook to clamp down on what she believed was “dangerous” speech coming from her political opponents like President Donald Trump.

“Advertisers are in a position, they have power to discourage platforms from amplifying dangerous and even life-threatening disinformation,” Pelosi said during the discussion.

She went on to assert that Facebook itself “isn’t neutral” and has “weaponized hatred,” presumably on behalf of President Trump. Pelosi encouraged advertisers to use a “combination” of tactics, including boycotts to starve the website of revenue, as a means to force the platform to impose stricter control over what sort of speech is permitted.

Pelosi’s campaign spending

Yet, at the same time that Pelosi was calling for an advertiser boycott of Facebook, her campaign has been spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to run ads on the platform. As of the time of the Free Beacon report, the sum spent over the prior seven days totaled $182,528.

As of Saturday, according to Facebook’s own “Ad Library” database, Pelosi’s campaign spent $146,230 between June 14-20 on ads.

Altogether, from May 2018 until Saturday, the speaker’s campaign has spent a grand total of $2,079,303 — even as she has railed against the social media platform’s ads and speech policies over nearly the entirety of that duration.

Nor is Pelosi alone in spending huge sums of money on ads while simultaneously calling for boycotts and demanding that Facebook silence the speech of President Trump and her other political opponents. Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden has been found to be guilty of the same duplicity.

Biden a hypocrite, too

In a separate report from the Free Beacon published just a few days earlier, it was revealed that the Biden campaign spent an astounding $4.7 million on Facebook ads in one week alone, more than the campaign spent in the entirety of 2019.

Meanwhile, his campaign was at the same time excoriating Facebook for allowing “threatening behavior and the spread of misinformation” from President Trump. Incredibly, the Free Beacon proceeded to cite the contents of a few of Biden’s ads that could, at best, be described as “misinformation” of its own, if not outright lies.

Of course, as has been proven time and time again, anything said by Trump that the left disagrees with or doesn’t want the American people to hear is automatically labeled as false or “disinformation,” and countless Democrats have demanded that Facebook and other social media platforms step in and censor the president and his supporters.

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