‘Trump and his stormtroopers’: Pelosi flips over reports of Portland protester arrests

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) claimed in a wild tweet Friday night that “unidentified stormtroopers” were “kidnapping protesters” because of “graffiti” in response to reports about federal law enforcement officers who were operating in Portland, Oregon to end the unrest that has been going on there since June 1. 

Each one of these statements was misleading or just plain false, the Daily Wire’s Ryan Saavedra pointed out, citing reports from the Washington Post and other sources.

The reality

A unit from Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has officers on the ground in Portland, according to a report from The Nation. The Post reported that the CBP said the officers do identify themselves when they talk to someone, but they don’t have their names on their camouflage uniforms because of previous officers being doxed and having their personal information distributed online.

As for “kidnapping protesters,” the Post interviewed one man who was briefly detained by CBP. He said he was taken into custody, read his Miranda rights, and detained briefly. He was asked if he wanted to waive his rights to answer questions, and after he said no, he was soon released.

While Pelosi may not want to admit it, the Portland protests have resulted in far more than just “graffiti” over the past 49 days since they began on May 29.

The Daily Wire linked a DHS-compiled list of the actions of violent rioters in detail, including numerous incidents of damaging fences, attempting to damage the eyes of police with commercial-grade lasers, and throwing fireworks and other objects at police officers and into the Hatfield Federal Courthouse.

Several police officers were injured in various incidents, according to the list.

Remember when the destruction of someone’s property was a crime? If we can now just go around destroying any property we want without penalty because we think the world is unfair, society, in general, will be in a lot of trouble.

Pelosi goes low

Pelosi also used disturbing Nazi imagery in her tweet to try to smear President Donald Trump even more.

Both “storm troopers” and “secret police” have Nazi connotations, the Daily Wire noted, and the way Pelosi used them was intentional, if inaccurate.

Democrats continue to telegraph to us what they are doing by what they accuse Republicans and Trump of doing. In reality, it is Democrats who wish to gain control with accusations of racism and political correctness-turned-tyranny.

The rioting in Portland needs to stop, and Democrats have shown for weeks now that they aren’t going to be the ones to do it.

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