Pelosi claims she never described Republican colleagues as a threat

In addition to being a ruthless partisan, Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is a reflexive gas-lighter.

After raising the specter of domestic “enemies within” the Congress in the Republican Party, the House Speaker is now claiming that she never described her own colleagues as a threat, the Washington Examiner reported.

Pelosi gaslights nation

Pelosi left little up to interpretation when she warned of an “enemy within” the halls of Congress at a January press conference.

“We have members of Congress who want to bring guns on the floor and have threatened violence on other members of Congress,” she added, referring to Republican colleagues such as Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO).

For weeks, Pelosi and her fellow partisans have mindlessly repeated the claim that Republicans, especially those who challenged Joe Biden’s victory such as Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO), are responsible for an “insurrection” at the Capitol that points to a more pervasive “domestic enemy.”

Pelosi certainly cast a wide net concerning the “enemy within,” but she now denies having ever included Republican colleagues in that category.

“I have not made that accusation, but others have, and it’s being investigated,” Pelosi told the Examiner.

Not the first time

It’s not out of character for Pelosi to make such explosive claims about her political opponents, only to pretend as if nothing happened once confronted. Pelosi has used such extreme language before: prior to the election, and long before the “insurrection,” she described Republicans as “domestic enemies.”

Given Pelosi’s evident hostility to her colleagues, Republicans can be forgiven for questioning her motives in reviewing the Capitol “insurrection.”

Critics warn that Pelosi and her allies are using the Capitol riot to lead a national security crackdown on Trump supporters in general. Many are wondering why a fence still surrounds the Capitol weeks after Jan. 6, and it’s unclear when National Guards troops will leave Washington, if ever.

Although she picked an extreme partisan who shares her hostility toward Republicans to leader her “security review,” Pelosi insists that there is no agenda in play of “pursuing members of Congress” who disagree with her.

“The purpose of today was about securing the Capitol. It was not about pursuing members of the Congress,” she told the Examiner.

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32 Responses

  1. Pelosi is a genuine liar and a thief She belongs in a jail. She is a manipulator who gets other people to do the sick acts she comes up with.

    1. Exactly! She is a selfish, greedy, liar! She refused that the national guard help the capital police- she needs to be punished!

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  3. As evil as this woman is, she has to be closely related to satan himself….I pray that God gets hold of her and shakes her up good….we are suppose to pray for our enemies and I just did…in the name of Jesus Christ we pray Amen!

    1. Yes her time is coming, for being so EVIL, Our Father says who Denies Me will Surely Be Put to Death, they don’t Care, Yahoooooo, there time is coming

  4. Pelosi is 100% lier. Americans these criminals do the every day and what is the most destructive they are getting away with this. President Trump was for the most part honest, now we have enemys within.

  5. dems/libs ALL LIE! It’s part of their platform! They lie for themselves, for their cronies, and against anyone who doesn’t agree with them! They even lie about the state our country is in, especially at the border!

    On another note – Before I opened this link, I thought her lie was that stuff she said that her grandkids now have a secret word: “open biden’! Lordy, she must have made that up when she was drunk! LOL*

  6. Pelosi just cannot stop lying. It has been reported by the news and she has been heard saying things and then denys it. What can we do with a lying Speaker of the House? I have an idea, let’s impeach her!

  7. Come on Nan, we heard you say it on national tv! Don’t lie and try to cover your arse now that you have been called on it! What a lying pos! She needs to be impeached, removed from congress totally!

  8. Another big lie from the habitual liar herself. Is it possible to see a democrat open their mouths without telling another whopper? It us getting beyond disgusting the crap they spew.

  9. These liars (democrats) need our prayers. We Christians are to pray for those in authority . I personally know of a Christian Democrat who desperately tried to do as much good from the inside of congress

  10. Not only does Pelosi seem to get away with denying something that is actually viewable, but now both Biden and Harris can walk out of an event when the questions they don’t like begin. Imagine how the press would have skewered Trump had he walked out like that.
    Thousands are crossing our southern border (hundreds with Covid), and we have no room to house them. We’re sending millions of our $1.9 trillion “Covid Relief” funds to foreign countries. Thousands of jobs disappearing with the death of the pipeline and I’m paying 60 cents per gallon more for gas at the pump. Is anyone we out there paying attention?

  11. She lies constantly and consistently. She says things that are overtly cruel and covertly vindictive and backstabbing! She is a horrible woman and I don’t understand how the people of her district can reelect her time after time!

  12. Pelosi believes that SHE is the president! Term Limits must be enforced, as politicians like Pelosi look down on average American citizens, as she has been in power for TOO LONG! She should be reminded that she is in office to “SERVE the PEOPLE of THIS COUNTRY! Not Illegals that she & other Democrats are allowing ILLEGALS into this country, she needs to be REMOVED from office, she is a LIAR!

  13. She is an evil liar and should be kicked out of congress. What a hateful woman, she and Hillary are cut from the same cloth.

  14. Basically, Pelosi is a feeble-minded-tyrant who should be placed in a straight-jacket to protect anyone around her. She was spawned from a family of corrupt politicians, and she learned her lessons well. She is a hypocritical fraud who is obsessed with power and control over others. She will continue to destroy our Republic simply because she knows she has the power and no has the cajones to stand up to her. She should be forced to resign and if she refuses she should be committed to an asylum for the criminally insane.

  15. Pelosi , Hillary , Maxine Waters will be remembered in America’s history as the most evil and hated women ever to serve within our government.

  16. PELOSI
    It is very funny that today is abut securing the Capital but January 6th when you were expecting over a million peaceful protesters there was no need for any extra security than you would have on a regular business day
    This act on your part caused an incident that you then used to put America last and abuse your power to degrade the American people
    You have used this incident to take over the people’s house and further your democrat self serving agenda

  17. This stuff is like broken records they just keep breaking and breaking and no one does nothing or anything about it it’s a shame the way this country is in today

  18. Peloton is a categorical liar. I watched her press conference when she stated the enemies are within. I pray I live long enough to see these corrupt deviants are held accountable.

  19. Heh Nancy: What’s wrong with bringing a gun to work if you have a permit to carry. It’s sure is better than you bringing a bottle of liquor in your purse each day! Are you aware that our great forefathers gave us the 2nd Amendment not against people but against
    government, like you! They knew that we would come in contact with evil, lying and corrupt government politicians like YOU!

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