Pelosi declares Harris ‘well-suited’ to address ‘roots’ of migrant crisis

President Joe Biden first tasked Kamala Harris with addressing the “root causes” of mass migration to the U.S. from Central America back in March, but the vice president has yet to actually visit America’s southern border to see the growing crisis for herself.

While Harris’ absence at the border has provided her Republican critics with plenty of fodder, it doesn’t appear to be that big of a deal for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). According to Fox News, Pelosi asserted Thursday that Harris is “well-suited” for the job and said she’s fully confident that the VP and the Biden administration as a whole will be successful in handling the situation at the border.

The speaker’s remarks come in stark contrast to criticism leveled against Harris by Republicans like Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich, who wrote in a recent letter to Biden that Harris’ response to the crisis has been “absolutely abysmal” and that she should be replaced in her leadership role on the issue, according to a separate report from Fox.

The roots

For Pelosi’s part, the topic of Harris’ take on the border came up during her weekly press conference. There, according to a transcript, a reporter made note of the “deterioration” of the situation at the U.S.–Mexico line, and wondered if Vice President Harris was in the “best position” to address and “fix” it.

“Yeah,” the speaker said before going on to list one of three prongs she feels are key to solving the border crisis. “What are the roots of this immigration? And that’s where the vice president has been tasked to, I don’t know about visit physically, but communicate directly with the governments of the Northern Triangle — El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras.”

Pelosi added of Harris: “I think she is very well-suited to do that. Roots.”

The California congresswoman went on to lambast the Trump administration and praise Biden over their respective actions on the border.

“As you all know, yesterday, the president had a bipartisan meeting of the congressional leadership,” Pelosi said Thursday, according to the transcript. “It was very positive. I think the tone of it was very appropriate to the important work that we have to do. Very proud of what the president is presenting: a big, bold plan to Build Back Better for our country.

The causes

Of course, not everyone is on Pelosi’s side here. According to Fox, AG Brnovich said Biden and Harris’ lack of action on the border amounts to “a slap in the face to Arizonans who helped elect you both to the highest offices in the land.”

Even Democrats are growing weary of the White House on the border issue. “She’s playing it, in my opinion, very safe by not dealing with the border,” Texas Rep. Henry Cuellar, a Democrat who represents a border district, told the Los Angeles Times.

Last week, Democrat Arizona Sen. Krysten Sinema said in a radio interview that she’s waiting on the White House “to take bold action to actually address these concerns,” as The Hill reported. “The reality is, this is a crisis and the federal government must do more to address this surge of migrants who are coming to the border with increasing numbers each year,” Sinema added.

While Pelosi may be shrugging her shoulders, it looks like even members of the speaker’s own caucus aren’t willing to let Harris off the hook. And for good reason.

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25 Responses

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  2. Pelosi knows nothing. She is only full of lies. Harris is too busy working on the pole instead of doing her job to fix the border. A very sick administration they have.

    1. Pelosi cares only about Pelosi. Kamala Harris does not follow the President’s order to go to the borders, so why would she follow the request of anyone? They both need to be removed…they are both LOSERS, and only want to represent ILLEGALS and BLM! DEMOCRATS created quite a mess since January 20, 2021, but who is capable of really solving all of these problems?

      1. Yes, when I worked full time, a person was fired and not paid when they did not do the job they were ordered. Looks bad for the President and Vice-president, one cannot get the job done when ordered it and WE are paying their salaries.

    2. Agree>MS PELOSI believes she is on top of it BECAUSE SHE IS the one in charge but she is WRONG. Most HAVE NOT been to border and truely can not speak PLS dont take her word> this is so important

    3. Pelosi is a harratic. She had time to go to China with Obama, Kerry and several others prior to the pandemic saying she wanted to meet with the ruler Chi(?) yet I don’t recall her going to the border as well as Kamala. Besides while Trump was in office why were these idiots in China? To make a deal on releasing the virus and how they could not get the virus? Or, was it to make a deal with China to protect Biden , his son and family and backstab Trump. Seems like a lot of questions and no answers. The democrats thought the virus was so called not important and then turned around and said it was Trumps issue and he was responsible for it. Time to call them out. Pelosi’s the pig of Washington and Kamala the pole dancer as someone said. Imagine how great America will be before the commie/Marxist groups finish in making the US a hell hole like other commie dictatorships. Get rid of them and that includes Biden and the radical idiots he has in his cabinet. Yes, that also includes Soros and his paid for gopher Obama.

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  4. Pelosi’s statement just proves she is as inept and incompetent as Biden and Harris. I think there may not be a competent member of the Democratic Party in DC. I wonder if being inept is a resume requirement to be a Democrat. Of all of the appointees of Biden there is not one who would be capable of fighting their way out of a paper bag. That is understandable since nearly all of them are straight out of the Obama administration which was a total failure for eight years. So why would you expect the Biden administration to be any better, actually it is a lot worse.

    1. Obama is definitely in the picture, the problem is that citizens needs to get him OUT! Biden is the DEMOCRAT’S puppet and HARRIS is the laughing stock of this administration…doing NOTHING but hurting this country & LEGAL citizens with her NO ACTION policy about opening the borders. I would not believe that this is happening if I did not see it with my own eyes. We the PEOPLE need to change this, a.s.a.p. The dEMOCRATS will destroy this country, along with its citizens.

    1. She is great at that job, but very poor about solving the BORDER PROBLEM that she & PUPPET BIDEN created.

  5. Hey Crazy Nancy, the root cause of our immigration problem is you, Chucky Cheese and China Joe Biden your Fsux President. Between China Joe and Willys Girlfriend you and Chucky Cheese you are the worst so called Leaders in this Century, even worse that the Muslim BHO and that’s saying something no American wants to hear.

  6. After Pelosis ceaseless theatrics I hope she will not be taken seriously as she will not be a plus to that situation. She is not in favor of anything bipartisan and there will be more detriment with her view> pls listen plsx

  7. After Pelosis ceaseless theatrics I HOPE she will not be taken seriously as she will not be a plus to that situation . She is not in favor of anything bipartisan and there will be more detriment with her view>>>Pls listen pls

  8. Crying baby Donald Trump holding the office acted as the hopeless moron… It is how he proved his indolence, easily being tricked by swiftly opposition. Now, as Biden acts as something better, perhaps increasing add from 2.5 BL.$. to 4 BL $ for Israel… Dirty game on expense of Americans, dirty politics, lies… It is pigsty, not wise government.And Harris has nothing to do with it… They like us to pick on her, however real hog of dirty politics is corrupted government!

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  10. Sure Pelosi–Camel Hair is qualified like u are—She won’t even go to the Border and is about as qualified to work with immigrants as a rock. She would be good for the illegals because all she would do is give a stamp of her stupidity and approve every situation

  11. Harris isn’t “well suited” for a dam thing except maybe pick up Biden’s dog poop. She has done absolutely nothing especially when it comes to going to the boarder, not that she would know what the hell to do. They are all lying to our face about conditions there but we know better. DHS, Biden, Harris the whole bunch are ignoring it and for what ? I would call it pay for play giving illegals everything and expecting votes in return. It is corrupt as the last election

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