Fox host says Pelosi, Dems are capitalizing on coronavirus ‘chaos’

If it seems like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is in no hurry to end the COVID-19 lockdowns, it’s no accident.

Fox News host Tammy Bruce spilled the beans on Wednesday: as Donald Trump struggles with coronavirus headwinds, it appears that Democrats, led by Pelosi, are trying to hurt the president’s fortunes by stoking “panic and chaos,” Bruce said in an interview with Fox & Friends.

Fox host exposes Dems

With infections and hospitalizations due to COVID-19 rising in many states, there seems to be a push for a second lockdown brewing, and tensions between Dr. Anthony Fauci and other members of the Trump administration have come to the fore.

Although there’s room for gray area, the country is bitterly divided on who to blame for the pandemic, and how long to persist in a debilitating quarantine that has devastated the economy — to Trump’s detriment.

But the Dems aren’t exactly going for subtlety when it comes to their role in keeping the public health crisis going at least till November: Pelosi labeled the virus “the Trump virus,” in a rather ham-fisted attack Tuesday, as the New York Post reported.

Bruce, for her part, told Fox & Friends that fears of the coronavirus, while initially justified, are now being exploited by cynical figures like Pelosi to hurt Trump.

“They want to keep this framework going of panic and chaos. I think in part because they think it might hurt the president,” she said Wednesday, according to Fox. “They are wrong. Americans are not infants.”

Pelosi’s power grab

Trump himself has also suggested that Democrats want to keep the fear in overdrive to hurt him. “I think the economy is expanding and growing beautifully. Now, the Democrats want to keep it closed as long as possible because they think that’s good for elections,” Trump told Chris Wallace in a recent interview, according to a transcript from Fox News.

With Trump down in the polls, Dems are indeed leaning in hard to the message that Trump bungled his response to the virus and failed to take the threat seriously. However, Trump seemed to pivot on Tuesday when he brought back his coronavirus briefings and endorsed mask-wearing, as Fox reported.

Meanwhile, families remain “hostage” to the petty ambitions of corrupt politicians who are taking advantage of the situation for political gain.

“This is unacceptable no matter what your political party: that our children are being used as hostages when it comes to schools reopening and our businesses are being destroyed because some politician thinks that he’s God and he doesn’t care,” Bruce said Wednesday, according to Fox.

Sadly, we can no longer assume good faith on the part of Pelosi, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, and the rest of the Democrats (if we ever could). This pandemic, like everything else, has become totally about power for them.

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