Gowdy slams Pelosi for playing ‘despicable’ games with COVID relief

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) just got humiliated by former Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC).

Gowdy called Pelosi’s recent admission that she withheld a coronavirus stimulus package to hurt President Donald Trump in the election “one of the dumbest and also most despicable things I have ever heard an alleged leader say.”


Gowdy’s comments came Monday during an appearance on Fox News with host Dana Perino, the Washington Examiner reports.

“That’s one of the dumbest and also most despicable things I have ever heard an alleged leader say, that because Joe Biden won, it’s OK to do it but if Donald Trump had won,” Gowdy said.

The former congressman went on to note the obvious double standard at play here.

Gowdy continued:

What’s missing, Dana, is if Paul Ryan or John Boehner had said or done what she just said, there would be media outcry. What other entity has commented on what the speaker of the House just said? Because Biden won, we will do it. But while it was Trump, we weren’t going to give him a victory. I mean, it really is so outrageous. It’s hard to get me upset, but what she just said makes me madder than hell.

He’s right

Gowdy was responding to comments that Pelosi recently made after being asked to explain why, all of a sudden, she is willing to agree to a much smaller, roughly $900 billion, coronavirus stimulus package when in the months leading up to the election she had rejected a much larger deal.

“Finally, we have a new dynamic, a new president in a little more than a month committed to crushing the virus … and more than one successful vaccine to make all the difference in the world,” Pelosi said.

She added that the new proposal “has simplicity, it’s what we had in our bills, it’s for a shorter period of time, but that’s OK now because we have a new president.”

Pelosi revealed her true colors

This statement confirmed what Republicans, including President Trump, have been alleging for months: that Pelosi was purposely preventing another coronavirus stimulus deal from going through in an attempt to hurt President Trump and the Republicans in the 2020 elections.

While Pelosi was playing these political games, it was Americans who were suffering. Pelosi, nonetheless, has insisted that she made the right decision.

“I’m going to tell you something,” she said. “Don’t characterize what we did before as a mistake, as a preface to your question, if you want an answer. That was not a mistake. It was a decision, and it has taken us to a place where we can do the right thing without other, shall we say, considerations in the legislation that we don’t want.”

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