Pelosi dodges questions on impeachment trial: ‘Let’s let the presentation work its way out’

It was just one month ago that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) got the ball rolling on the second impeachment of former President Donald Trump — but now that the Senate is finally hearing the case, it seems the one who launched the proceedings in the first place no longer wants to talk about them.

That became evident during a press conference Thursday in which Pelosi repeatedly dodged questions about the Senate’s ongoing impeachment trial, as the Daily Caller reported.

In one instance, the speaker interrupted a reporter to insist she hadn’t — and wouldn’t — bring up the trial. Instead, she asserted that she’ll allow the House’s impeachment managers to make their case in the upper chamber.

“May I just, may I just, before you spend any more time on it, I have not said anything, you haven’t heard me talk about impeachment in the past weeks leading up to this,” Pelosi said Thursday, as the Daily Caller reported. “They are making the case.”

“A court of the Senate”

The journalist had reportedly tried to ask Pelosi about a “heart-wrenching” presentation from the Democratic managers on Wednesday — a collection of audio and video clips from the Jan. 6 Capitol riot at the heart of the matter — but Pelosi cut the reporter off.

Pressed further, Pelosi vowed not to broach the topic. “I’m not going to be responding to what happened yesterday or what might happen today, except to salute them for the excellence of what they have presented and how proud we are of them. So, I won’t be answering any questions,” she said, according to a transcript from her office.

The reporter wanted to hear what Pelosi thought it would “say” about Senate Republicans if they ultimately acquitted the president.

“Well, you know, again, let’s let the presentation work its way out,” Pelosi finally replied. “The American people, we’re in a court of the Senate right now. We’re also in the court of public opinion. We’re in the court of our families, who will make judgments about us, and we’re in a court of history.”

“In the hands of our managers”

Later, another reporter asked the speaker if she had devised any other “avenues of accountability” for Trump in the event that the Senate trial ends in an acquittal.

She demurred on that, too.

“I don’t — as I say, this pursuit of justice and truth is in the hands of our managers,” Pelosi insisted. “I will have some things to say maybe next week, but not this week. Let’s just see how — what the case is and what their response is to it, but I’m not acting upon something that hasn’t happened yet.”

Fox News congressional correspondent Chad Pergram later identified himself as the reporter that Pelosi had interrupted, lamenting in a tweet that the speaker “sidesteps my question about if the impeachment managers fail to convince Republican senators to convict and if they make their case.”

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39 Responses

  1. Why would she answer any questions where she has to take responsibility? It’s called deceit. They have believed all the lies for so long that anything said against makes them feel like you are the bad guy or girl. Narcissistic. Like people in jail think they are somehow not guilty. Some are not guilty. But the majority think they would never get caught. Bundy, BTK, Green River Killer, etc. They cannot understand other people’s difficulties unless they get something out of it or it fills their agenda.

  2. Piglosi is probably wetting herself, her vendetta has been sidelined yet again! Hooray!!!! But—- she will stir her cauldron and conjure up something new to punish President Trump. Her vile hatred is eating her alive!

    1. I agree. Never in all my 60 years, have I ever seen a President, so disrespected, even before he took office. I blame Pelosie for all the hatred, lies, & disrespect! It pisses me off every time she says she is speaking for the American People!! She doesn’t speak for me!! I Pray that she, Biden, Harris,& shiner, all get exposed or there crimes, & are ousted right out of those offices!!

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    1. The Reason Nancy is dodging Questions is because her Responsibility is Whitehouse Security , she failed to do her Job then blamed Trump, Democrat’s never take responsibility for their own actions

    2. Calling this impeachment justice and truth? Since when does Piglosy know what justice and truth are? I haven’t heard or seen it from her in all these years. Wish there were a way to get her out of government for good. She is 80 so is just taking up space and collecting a huge paycheck for doing nothing but causing trouble.


  4. Nancy Piglosi is an, “Anti-American Douchebag!” She doesn’t deserve to be in any political office! I hope she finally gets her, just deserts! She is a, “Crook” like most of the, “Demo/Commies” in government!

    1. Nasty Piglosie !! I will always refer to her as Nasty!! She has been taking away American values for the last , over 40 years . So she can continue on her greedy life. She took one too many hits of acid in her younger years, had a really bad, bad hallucination, now she’s been on her bad,bad flashbacks & taking all of us with her on that horrific trip!!

  5. Haha!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🌤🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. Another waste of tax payers money. Let’s hope they get back to work on some real issues. It’s time for Pelosi, Schumer to resign and take Joe Biden with them .

  7. When Pelosi disrespected the President of the United States and the office of the Presidency, by tearing up the Presidents’ State of the Union message on live TV, told me all that I need to know about this sick twisted woman, She is a total disgrace as Speaker of the House.

    1. I totally agree, even if she had done nothing else demeaning the Pres. And Republican party, that said it ALL….ABSOLUTELY NO RESPECT for anyone with a difference of opinion!


  8. [ Pelosi-…salute them for the excellence of what they have presented and how proud we are of them. ] ===========================================
    CA what ARE you thinking placing such a lame, feeble minded, incompetent person in office? The CCP controlled Dems laid out a bunch of lies. (For the Dems that don’t have a dictionary, that means the information the House Dems provided was inaccurate, untruthful, etc.) Further, your reading of the Constitution is totally inaccurate too. The person being impeached has to be in office. Now either Trump won & should be instated or he didn’t & your impeachment farce is just that (& a waste of hard earned taxpayer funds). MAGA/KAG!

  9. We are going to do everything we can to can you dipstick Democrats,you set this chared up now get the beifits of your desision.

  10. What we need is a whole lot less children in Congress – especially the school yard bullies like our California Queen. They waste time and our money – oh sorry, it’s not our money it’s theirs. Our job is to work then shovel what we earn at ‘em so the children can play.

  11. Let’s all be honest nancy is a deplorable racist communist stinking old lady
    You stupid deplorable racist scum bags that voted for her should be destroyed

  12. Is there a snowballs chance, this remark will ever see the light of day? Will I be wasting my time writing this? The republican senators, that turned their backs, on the people that voted for them, & President Trump, whom I believe helped them all get their seats. We the people, will vote for leaders that work for us, not for themselves, so make plans to leave DC soon.

  13. I f ing hate this b I t c h. I hope she has a breakdown, no wait I want her held solely responsible for the shape our country is in. She should be tried for treason and God willing we would never have to see that raunchy face again.

  14. After watching this joke of an impeachment and watching Joe Biden destroy
    all the positive policies President Trump put in place just for spite, the democrats have lost my vote forever. What are they thinking. Will Joe Biden fire Pelosi for calling all Republication Senators cowards?. She is an absolute disgrace.

    Shame, shame shame on the Democratic party. Yes, Trump did not conduct
    himself in a presidential manner but he has been treated shamefully since
    before his election. He did have the country going in a good direction
    and now we are back to Obama’s losing policies; hopefully not for long.

    I have been voting for 60 years and I have never seen a worse President
    nor a worse cabinet. How could they sink any lower.

  15. Corruption is Deep within! They been lying and stealing from We the People for way to longggg. We want Our $47++++ million back from the corrupt demorats impeachment coup investigations. Term Limits are Needed.

  16. People save your anger for HOD JEHOVAH ALMIGHTY has his JUDGMENT DAY set for these demonic democrats. GOD has death fleeing from them when they beg to die during the Tribulation period. They will walk the earth as zombies and end up in the lake of fire. Pray for their salvation and repentance for their evil sins. SEMPER FIDELIS

  17. People save your anger for HOD JEHOVAH ALMIGHTY has his JUDGMENT DAY set for these demonic democrats. GOD has death fleeing from them when they beg to die during the Tribulation period. They will walk the earth as zombies and end up in the lake of fire. Pray for their salvation and repentance for their evil sins. SEMPER FIDELIS

  18. yep again wasting our taxpayers money… but doesn’t it seem that that’s the only thing Nancy Pelosi is good at especially with the do nothing Democrats bowing down at her feet “Hail to the queen”

  19. Nancy, you have lost. People are waking up and will continue wake up. “We the people” must take back the USA, “peacefully”. The best is yet to come.

  20. I was hoping Nancy P would be so hot from the acquittal that she would catch fire and burn up taking Chuckie with her.

  21. If i was in charge i would deman that the whole democratic party be investigated by the Pentagon and then the Republicans also.then hold a new election.we need a change in our system,noone is going anywhere till i find out who the lying b.tards aho stole the votes are and if they are not working for our Government their traitors put them in Jail.

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