‘A waste of time’: Pelosi ducks question on Capitol security as Trump impeachment trial looms

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) lost her cool this week during a press conference, even going so far as telling one journalist that their question about security at the U.S. Capitol in the wake of a deadly attack there was “a waste of time.”

It was during her weekly presser Thursday that Pelosi snapped back at a Washington Examiner reporter who had pressed the House speaker on whether she and other congressional leaders could have done more to prepare for or even prevent the riot at the U.S. Capitol last month that left five dead.

“Your question is a waste of time,” Pelosi said, as the Examiner reported.

Pandora’s box

The exchange came less than a week before the Senate was set to begin its second impeachment trial of Donald Trump. The now-former president was impeached by the House just a week before leaving office on a single charge that he “incited” what Democrats called an insurrection at the Capitol, NPR reported at the time.

As House speaker, Pelosi is tasked with overseeing security at the Capitol — at least according to Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), who asked during an interview with Fox News in the wake of the attack: “Where was Nancy Pelosi?”

“It’s her job to provide Capitol security,” Graham charged.

The South Carolina Republican has since said that if Democrats push to have witnesses appear during the Senate’s upcoming trial, it would open the door to questions about her own leadership.

“If you open that can of worms, we’ll want the FBI to come in and tell us about how people pre-planned this attack and what happened with the security footprint at the Capitol,” Graham told Fox on Monday, according to the New York Post. “You open up Pandora’s box if you call one witness.”

Pelosi’s case

That apparently isn’t an issue that Pelosi wants to discuss, however; in fact, during her Thursday presser, the speaker skirted yet another question on the matter, refusing to “defend” why the Senate impeachment trial is needed, particularly now that Trump is no longer president.

“We don’t have to defend why it is necessary,” Pelosi said, according to the Daily Caller.

“They are going to be there to present the case,” she added of the House impeachment managers. “And we don’t have to talk about who is going to be there or not [as a witness] ’cause we just don’t know.”

If Graham is right, however, Pelosi may soon find that Trump’s second trial puts a brighter spotlight on her than anyone else.

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37 Responses

    1. I do not wish the worse on anybody but Pelosi is no longer capable of holding her position. She needs to step down before she has a nervous breakdown on camera in front of the whole world. The hate she has carried since 2016 howard President Trump has turned into cancer that is eating her up.

    2. It’s Nancy’s job to protect the capital when she Failed at her responsibility as usual she blames it on someone else G America wants Trump I’ll blame it on him, like her haircut last spring she said “it was a set up” no Nancy you violate law’s continually like the insider trading problem you have with Tesla stock

    3. Better stated …..put us out of our misery listening to her. If that should happen I hope whoever does it aims well. She is not worth more than the cost of one bullet.

  1. Pelosi is not only incompetent, she is very dishonest. These characteristics alone should eliminate her as a representative of the people.

    1. Wish she would go ahead and twist off and get it over with, she has aoc Ina panic.you know when you are trying to keep your stories straight it is hard.

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  3. Pelosi is a witch and I loved it when she said I prayed for President Trump.Her And Biden are good catholics.What a laugh”””

  4. Pelosi, Biden and the rest must be impeached for wasting taxpayers’ money for her hatred for the best President of America D. Trump.
    The GOP should not stop till Biden & his Family pay for their corruption!

  5. Closer scrutiny of Piglosi is needed. She can skirt the issues only so long, then she will have to answer. She is clearly UNFIT to be the speaker! She should be removed for dereliction of duty, abuse of power and illegal impeachment of President Trump! So—- where were you Nancy? Why not more security?

    1. Actually the reason she is trying to keep the security question quiet is because after being warned of the impending riot, instead of beefing up security for some reason it was relaxed. Both Sergents at Arms have resigned, without explanation of why there was less security than normal. Maybe to help cover up someone else’s incompetence?

  6. Pelosi is evil snd her tactics are unprofessional. She needs to be removed- not working for the American people. President Trump Did Not want to sign a stimulus package full of Foreign Aid and monies to museums. He stood for us and wanted the checks to help us. Democrats are lining their Pockets at taxpayers’ expense!!

  7. Who would be responsible for the deaths that occurred during the riot of the White House? Pelosi has all but admitted that the attached was planned in advance, so who was responsible for the security at that time?
    People died at someone’s actions. That person(s) need to be held responsible.
    President Trump’s name needs to be cleared completely!

  8. Better stated …..put us out of our misery listening to her. If that should happen I hope whoever does it aims well. She is not worth more than the cost of one bullet.

  9. Pelousy is just a symptom of the real problem. The root problem is all the other useless seat warming democrats in the house. They are the ones responsible for making her speaker and they refuse to acknowledge she is an out of control power hungry ,lieing , hypocritical,, waste of human flesh. They just had a chance to reel her in and instead voted her back to the speakers seat. Speaks volumes concerning the integrity or lack of within the ranks of the democrats.

  10. Piglosi is in charge of Capital security if that’s what I read. If correct then she deliberately failed to make sure there was proper security and the reason was she and the dems knew that their antifa was going cause trouble and the blame will be on Trump. This POS should be canned immediately.

  11. pelosi’s San Francisco district is filled with feces, syringes, and the homeless, evidently she doesn’t care, just eat-up with Hatin’ Trump and the USA.

    1. You need to know that Pelosi does not care for any of us or anyone except crushing Trump she is such an obnoxious hater and liar that she can hardly breath when someone ask her a great question…she is not going to be trustworthy so we must get over that and just see if she can be removed with another unlawful thing she has done…this what she is doin now is unlawful…she does not care…hatred rules her life and her little world filled with lies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. So here is my question: if the congressional building is a building owned by the legal citizens of America, how can it be an insurrection if legal citizens enter the building? Nasty Nancy is just frickin crazy, Maria Antoinette syndrome of Rules for Thee but not for Me. To bad none of the house Rino’s have balls enough to bring articles of impeachment against the waste of oxygen.

  13. She comes from a long line of a mafia family, what do you expect, she has always, lied, cheating and stolen what she has, that is their way!!! Yes, it would be wonderful if the witch of the west was no longer, soon, she is 80 something, not much time left. PTL🙏🙏🙏🙏

  14. Nancy Pelosi and the entire Democratic organization should be charged for all the Hell that this country has been put through for the past five years. The amazing thing is that the Hell doesn’t stop. Apparently lies and deceit are acceptable as normal for these times. The house members, justice organizations, states and the Supreme Court have decided to look the other way as an election was stolen. When dishonor stands as a guiding principal, we as a nation are lost. Only the deaf and blind have an excuse for not recognizing what has happened to our great country. Are you listening or seeing reality??

  15. I find it ironic that she doesn’t want to or have to explain why SHE dropped the ball for security prevention! She is the one responsible for those lives lost! She didn’t do her job. She can’t pick and choose which responsibilities she feels like doing while holding office! Instead she’d rather put it on President Trump! So typical of her to blame others for her incompetence! She needs to retire already!

  16. Piglosi dropped the ball ( intentionally)as far as securing the house! She KNEW what was coming because the demonrats paid antifa and “ black lies matter” operatives to “ storm” the capital, so SHE could impeach Trump! It was a set up all along, now she refuses to answer for her misdeeds! She must be investigated! Judiciary committee, do your job, investigate Piglosi on all of it! She IS guilty!

  17. Nancy you really need a reality check you work for WE THE PEOPLE so when someone asks you a question no matter how stupid Queen Nancy feels it is, we want an honest answer (honest means free of deceit or untruthfulness, sincere (I know sincere is a word you don’t know so if you want I can break it down more)!
    By the way I just read that most people think the Capital Hill riot was your fault seeing as you have incited so many other riots, children at the border & law enforcement, there is several more but I don’t have time to put them all down but there on the internet!! Nancy they also think you are getting senile, maybe it is time to go to the home!!

  18. Better be careful of your comments people….anything even partially pointing to that type of rhetoric can and will be used against you. They will hunt you down and accuse you of threatening Pill-osi!

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