‘Put politics aside’: Pelosi faces bipartisan pressure to make COVID-19 relief deal with Trump

While House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has remained firm in her insistence on a costly follow-up to the coronavirus relief bill passed earlier this year, some leaders even within her party are becoming frustrated with her reluctance to compromise.

Of course, the Trump White House is also expressing opposition to the speaker’s tactic: Trump communications director Alyssa Farah destroyed Pelosi on the topic during an interview Wednesday, as reported by Fox News.

“A truly untenable position”

The White House criticism came in the wake of a contentious interview during which CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer pressed Pelosi on her position. The House speaker responded by calling the host an “apologist” for Republicans.

“It’s news to me that CNN are apparently apologists for Republicans, but I mean Speaker Pelosi is in a truly untenable position,” Farah opined in response during a Wednesday appearance on Fox & Friends.

Regardless of Pelosi’s rhetoric or efforts to skirt the topic, fellow Democrats are exerting increased pressure on her to take action — especially since President Donald Trump authorized a new $1.8 trillion compromise plan. As Fox Business reported, the Trump administration proposal includes, among other things, funding for another $1,200 stimulus check for Americans and a $400 weekly increase in unemployment benefits.

“Her own caucus is close to revolting because they cannot turn to their constituents and say why they’re not giving help to the American people,” Farah told Fox of Pelosi.

The White House staffer also noted that the president “is committed to getting the help that is needed” and that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) “is committed to even bringing up a piecemeal approach” to the stalled negotiations with the Democratic-led House.

“It’s the Republicans who are serious about getting aid to Americans, not the Democrats,” Farah concluded.

“It’s the right thing to do”

Former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang was among those on his side of the aisle to plead with Pelosi to accept the GOP offer.

“Nancy Pelosi take this deal! Put politics aside people are hurting,” he tweeted over the weekend.

Left-leaning podcaster Dan Pfeiffer offered similar sentiments in his own tweet: “While there are potential risks, Democrats should aggressively pursue a COVID Relief deal with Trump. It’s the right thing to do, but the politics can also work in our favor.”

The most direct opprobrium, however, might have come from a fellow Democratic lawmaker, Rep. Ro Khanna of Michigan, who told the speaker that Americans “in need can’t wait until February” to get vital relief from Congress.

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