‘It is absolutely appalling’: Pelosi adds to criticism of GOP Rep. Greene over old social media posts

President Joe Biden campaigned on a promise to unify a divided nation, and he even used his inaugural address to drive home that message. But some of the highest-ranking officials in his party, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), are apparently opting to rachet up the divisive rhetoric instead.

According to The Hill, the speaker recently accused certain GOP lawmakers of acting as an “enemy” within the legislative branch.

“Guilty of treason”

According to The Hill, Pelosi told reporters on Thursday that her chamber includes Republicans “who want to bring guns on the floor and have threatened violence on other members of Congress.”

Her remarks were a thinly veiled reference to prior comments from newly elected U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA). The Hill separately reported that Greene predicted in a 2019 broadcast that the speaker would “suffer death” or “be in prison” for behavior the Georgia Republican described as treasonous.

In addition to her rhetoric against Pelosi, Greene also took aim at Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA), whom she declared “just as guilty of treason” as the House speaker. For her part, Waters made headlines in 2018 when she called on mobs of her supporters to harass Trump administration officials and staffers.

“If you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd, and you push back on them, and you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere,” Waters told a crowd at the time.

While Greene’s official Facebook page also included posts apparently advocating violence — including firearm-related references — against Democrats, she defended herself against the latest backlash.

“Over the years, I’ve had teams of my people manage my pages,” the congresswoman said. “Most posts have been liked. Many posts have been shared. Some did not represent my views.”

“Beyond the pale”

Pelosi also accused Greene of questioning the veracity of reports about deadly school shootings, stating: “It is absolutely appalling. And I think that the focus has to be on the Republican leadership of this House of Representatives for the disregard that they have for the death of those children.”

Pelosi cited her concerns in complaining about Greene’s position on the House Education Committee, describing the congressional appointment as “beyond the pale.”

Others in the Democratic Party are similarly speaking out against Greene, including Rep. Jimmy Gomez (D-CA), who is behind a resolution to see the congresswoman expelled from the House. Even some in her own party, including House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), have expressed serious concerns.

“These comments are deeply disturbing and Leader McCarthy plans to have a conversation with the Congresswoman about them,” a spokesperson said.

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33 Responses

    1. The demonrats can say and do anything they want and that is okay in their eye’s but someone else does it and it’s treason. They are the ones committing treason. They should be removed and put in jail.

    2. Mr. Rudd, you don’t have to look far. Compare the face of Nancy Pelosi and the face of Cruella de Vil in the old ‘101 Dalmations’ movie…note the similarities… Look at biden’s cabinet and you see faces of evil… I say my prayers daily; I pray that the evil anti-Constitution types in Congress and their corrupt censoring heathen comrades in big tech all suffer famine and ruin for the remainder of their days, and they shall forever NEVER dwell in the House of the LORD…

    3. Nancy & Maxine LOST IT a long time ago……..The DEMS are the virus that has seized the minds of the DEMS/RINOS……..They have NEVER helped the RIGHT legal citizens nor the United States……..They are the corrupt, evil politicians of today.

  1. anyone comes into the Peoples house with a gun to kill or cause injury they better get down on their knees and pray someone in their midst with Gun skills and experience has a gun on them. If someone comes in shootiing you can’t wait to be saved!

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  3. Pelosi, you should think about what you wish for. You took a OATH to keep Americans safe and to uphold the Constitution . As from what you have said and done you should be impeached. You ARE A TRAITOR to the American people.

    1. The Military swore the same oath!! To protect our citizens from the ‘enemy’ both from abroad and from ‘with-in’!! Why do I hear that they are taking orders from Congress???? They are supposed to be separate from the ‘Government’. Biden is NOT the president and they should not be taking orders from him.

  4. Pelosi is a “clear & present danger to the nation we all love”. She is the cause of the enemy within. Her rhetoric is dangerous & she needs to stop the nasty speech.

    1. If Pelosi was gone there would be a big difference in what takes place in Congress. She’s evil and she spreads evil

  5. Those 2 senile old women need to be booted in the backside and out on the streets. Let them live a poor life and see how they like it. No money and no property. Not even a car

  6. Nancy Pelosi has gone to ballistic how she ever got reelected as speaker is way beyond nominal compensation they want to impeach a great ex president for something he did not do in regards to the riots it was Antifa that were the real culprits here not prescient trump and as for congresswomen Greene she is trying to stand up for what is right and now getting pressure to be expelled even by some of her fellow Republicans because these people have lost their back bone and have now become nothing more than out right cowards who may loose big in 2022.

    1. Unless something happens to change the direction these ‘traitors’ are taking us–there won’t ‘be’ an election in 2022!! Election ‘fraud’ will be the ‘norm’ of things and the ‘people’ will have no voice. They now are not simply prosecuting Pres Trump, they are out to prosecute anyone who ever supported him. ‘Bolshevic/Marxist’ tactics now being used against Patriotic Americans. Biden already signed an ‘EO’ to the effect of legalizing ‘voter harvesting’ and ‘mail in votes’!! How ‘legal’ is that? We have no ‘say’ in the matter!!

  7. Rep. Greene, please continue to push for the impeachment of Biden! You can add Nancy, Maxine etc. “What is good for the goose is good for the gander,” Do what ever it takes to make them lose their minds even more than they already have.

  8. Nanci seems to have more and more of these furriest events. I guess when the med. bottle is mt, panic is the next step. Rehab should be in her future.

  9. Mc Carthy needs to have a “ talk” with piglosi first! The vitriol that old hag spews is toxic, she is the one who needs to be removed from congress, along with waters, the “ goon squad” and others! SHE is “ the enemy within our congress”, a clear and present danger to our country, a national security risk. Her “pet” swallwell clearly is a ccp spy, and she allows him to remain on the intelligence committee, along with shifty liar Shiff! Is there even ONE Republican with a spine in congress who will stand up for what is right and demand articles of impeachment against Piglosi? That old bat has to go! She is unfit to be speaker of the house!

  10. Jan 3, 2021. Some idiot opens the House of Reps with a prayer to the Hindu god Brahma. Ending it with Amen and Awoman…. Jan 6, 2021. The Capitol building is bum-rushed…. Hint, hint….

  11. Greene impeachment of Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Nancy Polosi, Chuck Schumer. If you just impeach Biden then Kamala Harris becomes president.

    1. America, it’s time to show some/much teeth. What kind of men and women are sitting in DC ?

      What happened to our Constitution?

      My son served in the military only to brake his back for what ?????

      Now, not tomorrow, is the time to MAGA !!!!!!!

    2. Irene…without Joe, the ho becomes insignificant… By 2022, smart voters will see the evil in the current administration, and hopefully other voters will “see the forest from the trees” and flip Congress red…Ministers need to preach against biden and his bums and motivate voters to make change…

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