Pelosi suggests Iowa seat could be overturned despite Republican victory months ago

The 2020 election saw many hotly contested congressional races, with one of the closest in Iowa’s 2nd district. There, Republican candidate Mariannette Miller-Meeks bested Democratic candidate Rita Hart by only six votes out of more than 400,000 ballots cast.

Although Miller-Meeks was already sworn into office over two months ago, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) recently said it’s possible that Miller-Meeks’ victory could be overturned, Fox News reported.

Pelosi made the suggestion during a press conference Thursday after a reporter noted that Hart has opted to challenge Miller-Meeks’ victory before the House Administration Committee rather than address it in court.

Hart campaign: Not all votes were counted

“Could you see a scenario? … Of course! Of course!” Pelosi said regarding the possibility that Hart might ultimately take Miller-Meeks’s seat.

“I respect the work of the committee,” Pelosi went on, adding, “We’ll see where that takes us. There could be a scenario to that extent.”

The speaker’s remarks came following claims by Hart’s campaign that 22 voters did not have their ballots counted, a figure that would have given Hart a victory over her Republican opponent.

“At least twenty-two Iowans’ legally-cast ballots still have not been counted due to a string of errors,” a Hart spokesperson said Wednesday, according to Fox.

“We are glad to see the House Committee on Administration taking the next step towards ensuring that every legally-cast vote is counted in this race and that all Iowans’ voices are heard,” the spokesperson added.

Ernst: “Horribly unfair”

That message isn’t going over well with Iowa Republicans, including Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA).

“Rep. Miller-Meeks has been seated in Congress. She won this election,” Ernst said during an appearance on Fox & Friends Weekend. “It was certified by Iowans … and now Nancy Pelosi, perhaps, will overturn it.”

“And that is horribly unfair to the voters in the second district in Iowa, and we are pushing back. Because we know she would love to overturn this election,” Ernst added.

Miller-Meeks expressed frustration as well, telling Fox News Channel’s Special Report on Friday, “There is no doubt in my mind, and there is no doubt in the bipartisan executive council who certified me the winner. It was not only the secretary of state, it was the bipartisan executive council.”

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48 Responses

  1. If she does that then all the states that had illegal voting should have all votes recounted for the President.

      1. Absolutely yes. I swear to God these disgusting freedom stealors are going to wish they had never started this. Barr was a plant. Who in hell can we trust??????? I am beginning to think the conservatives are sitting on their butts, doing nothing. Guess what folks!! Pretty soon we will have NO recourse. Coup Coup de la Coup Coup de la.

      2. Exactly!! Go ahead, Ms. Pelosi – give the Republican party a second chance to request recounts of all the votes not counted for President Trump!!!

        1. Exactly …then we overturn Basement Boy and Camilla!! Please… let’s finally get all those legal votes counted!

    1. Most Definitely a Recount for our President Trump. We all know very well he WON.
      Something need’s to be done about Biden and his Handler’s. They have done Absolutely Nothing but caused our Country and it’s People to be placed in grave Danger by opening up our Border. They everyone should be arrested and Charged with Treason for endangerment to us. They are so totally filled with Hate, they have become Deranged. And very Dangerous.

  2. How much more if the democrats cheating and lying led by the Queen of vile Nancy Pelosi before it comes to a screeching halt and we take our freedoms and our country back? Do they totally destroy all of the constitution and turn us in to China ir Cuba. This has to stop.

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  4. Pelosi would probably sell out her grandkids if she thought it would get her all the power in the world, she is so hungry for money mostly power. She is a evil person.

  5. Pelosi has no legal right to overturn the votes in ANY state. Why are states rights being ignored??

  6. There is no reason for this election to be overturned. If that is the case, then the Presidential election should be overturned along with the two Senators elected in Georgia in the runoff for fraud as the ballots counted there were fraudulent and the evidence was never allowed to be presented. Not to mention that the voting machines used changed the vote counts. So if one is allowed, it is only fair to allow the other. After all, we should have a fair and balanced election.

    In Pelosi’s on House of Representatives – “At least twenty-two Iowans’ legally-cast ballots still have not been counted due to a string of errors,” a Hart spokesperson said Wednesday, according to Fox.
    “We are glad to see the House Committee on Administration taking the next step towards ensuring that every legally-cast vote is counted in this race and that all Iowans’ voices are heard,” the spokesperson added.
    Those of us who voted for President Trump would like to see that every legally cast vote for each candidate was counted in the Presidential race as well. What is good for Pelosi is even better for the USA. Nothing less.

    1. Donald Trump failed already, proving his weakness, not being able to force ballots RECOUNT!
      We observe crisis of our Government, and this is greatest danger for all of us, since instead of constitutional laws and orders fraud, corruptions, money bribes, elites, lobbyists rule over us!?

  7. What else will Pelosi and the pack of Democratic Baboons try next! They have failed at almost every attempt to remove any and all conservative Republicans from office, just to solidify their power and control of this nation. I for one am ready to fight in the streets to stop them and save this nation for our children and their children.

  8. The corrupt demorats need to be removed for breaking their Oaths to office! Putting illegals before American’s 😡Up Hold the Law’s.

  9. If Piglosi overturns this election, Iowa should file suit against HER for illegal election tampering. She can lie and say it is the” committee” but they are all demonrats who do HER bidding! This is NOT legal! Force that old hag out of congress! She is unfit to be speaker!

  10. Dictator and Traitor Pelosi is clearly unafraid to commit her crimes and Treasons publicly. Keep up with your Communist antics Criminal NAZI Pelosi. . . Hell is waiting for you as soon as the rope is done with its work. #LaySeigeToD.C., #MakeD.C.their prison, #wg1wwga

  11. She can.t have her cake and eat it too. There was election fraud or there wasn.t If she over turns that one, we the people should insist that they look at all the others too if one is fraud then they all could be fraud

  12. She is saying “Why even have elections anymore? I know best so go home and hide in your basement.” Just plain asinine and ludicrous…..

  13. Nancy is opening Pandora’s Voting Box ! Let’s start recounting in GA, PA, WI, MI, AZ, NV, MN, etc. We just might have a new President by June.

  14. if she overturns Iowa election we the people need to sue her for everything she has done and accused President Trump of doing if no judge will hear the case against her then we the people should impeach the judges. and remind them who pays their salary start petitions to impeach everyone of them what is fair for one person is fair for others do they not know the saying treat others the way you want to be treated.i guess that means they want to be treated the way they treat President Trump and his voters.

  15. It only works one way everybody if the Demonrats want something the Republicans are guilty and must comply with their wishes. When it is the other way around the Republicans never get justice. Imagine that.

  16. Hey, peelousy? What if you can’t overturn Iowa’s vote? Gonna have the SCOTUS get involved in deciding an illegal election? We know the election was rigged, and that Trump won legally. So if you want to overturn all illegally won elections by you corrupt demtards, then you had better see to it that the rest of the country has overturned every illegal vote.
    BTW, why don’t we hear much about adum schitt these days? My guess is, that he knows he won illegally.

  17. You stupid IDIOT! Pelosi you are as STUPID as our current President Biden. If you re-count all those votes, you should have to re-count the presidential votes. IMPEACH BIDEN, HARRIS, PELOSI and a few others who are trying to destroy our country!!!!!

  18. Do a recount on the house votes for the speakership as well! Did ol’ NaN REALLY get enough votes? Hmmm! Maybe not!

  19. Democrats are very dangerous because they want to steal all the votes so they can do whatever they want. Which so far has been terrible for the Country. If Pelosi wants to steal another House seat then we all should write in that we want her votes recounted and the Presidents votes recounted. Plus the two Democrat Senators that stole the seats in Georgia. If she wants to we can all have the election retried. We know it was stolen and so were the two Georgia Senators votes. They used the same system to rig the Presidential election in those votes. They already have a crisis at the border unbelievably they are blaming on Trump. They are really sick.

  20. You can bet Nutsy will do what will help keep them in power and do so every time. If they thought it would not start a Civil War they would over throw every election they lost.

  21. What a can of beans she wants to open, this could change the illegal Pres. Biden to the LEGAL PRESIDENT TRUMP!! Sure Nancy lets see where this leads but I’m sure you won’t like it cause it seems like you Democrats illegally screwed up the whole dang elections & we need a do over to straighten out your FRAUD!!!

  22. Since there were SO MANY claims of FRAUD. I wonder how many FASCISTS rode to VICTORY on ALL the ILLEAGAL VOTES in THE STATES THAT EVIL JOE HAS SUPPOSELY WON. due to FRAUD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. If the Meeks win is overturned because Nancy’s Democrat pick didn’t have all votes counted, two months later, then the 2020 election should be overturned because we all know President Trump won in 2020!!! Pelosi I am sure made up some bogus votes for her party to win……too dang bad….it’s too late…..OUR PRESIDENT TRUMP DIDN’T GET THAT COURTESY SO PELOSI NEEDS TO SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP!!!!!!!

  24. They have the proof that the President election was wrong & they are doing nothing about it & yet they want to go after another election because they do not agree with it. Do something constructive for a change!!

  25. Don’t forget you have a vote use it .politicians don’t spend millions of dollars to get in office to make a little in return.

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