Pelosi says Democrats won’t rest until they’ve gotten the ‘job done’ on gun reform: Report

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) made clear Thursday that she and other House Democrats are moving forward on plans to reform the nation’s gun laws.

According to The Washington Times, Pelosi vowed at her weekly press conference that when it comes to gun reform, Democrats are “not resting until we get this job done.”

“A giant step”

Pelosi’s comments came during a discussion about H.R. 8, a bill recently passed in the House that would require most private gun transfers to be conducted through a federally licensed firearms dealer.

“They said no, time and time again,” Pelosi said of opposition to the new law by pro-Second Amendment Republicans, according to the Times. “Florida. Nevada. You name it, all over the country.”

The long-time San Francisco Democrat appeared to be making reference to mass shootings committed in Las Vegas in 2017 and Parkland, Florida in 2018. Notably, subsequent reports revealed that the perpetrators in both the Florida and Nevada attacks had purchased their weapons legally after passing federal background checks like those that H.R. 8 would mandate.

“So, here we are with this legislation, and we’re very optimistic that with 90% support in the public and with public awareness — again, the drumbeat created by the people out there — the survivors of gun violence,” Pelosi said Thursday, as the Times reported. “We told [our supporters that] we’re not resting until we get this job done, and today we’re taking a giant step.”

The Democrat lawmaker went on: “If you are afraid to vote for gun violence prevention because of your political survival, understand this: The political survival of none of us is more important than the survival of our children.”

“We have to get it done”

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), meanwhile, declared that he would do his part to see the legislation pass in the upper chamber, as well.

“A vote is what we need,” he said, according to the Times. “Maybe we’ll get the votes. And if we don’t, we’ll come together as a caucus and figure it out, how we are going to get this done. But we have to get it done.”

In an article published by Reason magazine two years ago, researcher David Kopel pointed out that the bill — which was first introduced in 2019 — could make it harder for victims of stalking or domestic violence to defend themselves, as it contains no exceptions for such individuals, who may have difficulty accessing gun stores.

“Many domestic violence victims do not have several hundred spare dollars so that they can buy their own gun. Sometimes, threats are manifested at night, when gun stores are not open,” Kopel wrote, arguing that the measure would prohibit friends from even temporarily loaning guns to one another for protection or storage purposes.

Looks like Democrats are putting their politics ahead of the needs of the American people yet again.

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42 Responses

    1. Pelosi is a candidate for a rubber room, or better yet GITMO! She is a Traitor and is more concerned about Illegals than Antifa and BLM burning down working citizens businesses. SHE MUST GO! Semper Fi.

    2. So very true. These idiots do not realize how pissed off more than 50% of Americans are currently at politicians in particular the Democratic nee Communist Party
      They want a revolution, they will get it if they don’t start making moves to unite not anger.

    3. Wait to see what happens in 2022 and 2024. The American Citizens will send a clear and concise NO ON GUN CONTROL. The American citizens will vote NO to all the dems running for office; and it will be the beginning of the end of the dem control. Bye bye NANCY.

    1. Its past time to take a firm stand against the Marxist doing a great job of destroying this country. The fake news media that supports them along with a hand full of oligarchs is also at fault. So if you want to live under communism do nothing. But if you remember why this country was started to oppose tyranny then it’s time to either take the country back or die trying
      Oppose or be disposed. There’s no two year waiting period

    2. Let’s erase all the security measures in Washington DC. No CIA, NO Secret Service, no capitol police, no metro police ,no National guard or any of the armed services. Then if they are afraid for their life, Tough. Since we are being forced to living without any personal protection, I would say, What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

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  2. They think it is ok to strip people of their right to purchase a gun, because they have the national guard protecting their sorry arses! Send the guard home, hire you own security to protect you Piglosi!

    1. Right… Why should we place our young men in the line of fire protecting your sorry………
      We will tell our sons to come home and then you and BIDEN can share bunk beds in the basement


  4. The right to keep and bare arms SHALL not be infringed. But what do Democrats care about the constitution?

  5. The Demacommuist in Washington are scared to death of we the people, that’s why they want to take our legally own guns and surrounded themselves with soldiers and a fence Pelosi and Schumer sound like Hitler and Natzis the people ARE NOT in agreement with them. The 2nd amendment shall not be infringed!!😡

  6. Piglosi’s laws cannot be enforced against the Constitution which says: “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” Once you take away the guns from the good guys there will be more AR-15s shooting down heroic FBI agents like it happend in San Diego a few years ago. All of the NYC and Baltimore & D.C. criminals will always have all the automatic weapons they need…………………………….

  7. Pelosi doesn’t seem to remember that the Second Amendment will not be changed! The Second Amendment “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed”. To simplify this for her, it means you cannot take our guns because you don’t like them. We know that you are afraid of them because of the way you try to rule. YOU ARE NOT ABOVE THE CONSTITUTION! You work for us, not against us. Straighten up and do the job you were elected to do or suffer the consequences.

  8. They don’t care about our Constitution. They are all traitors and should be treated as such. It’s time that we all fight back. If not in words. Maybe we ought to start a revolution against the Democrats. They should all be behind bars.

  9. Remember the old saying, “When guns are outlawed, only the outlaws will have guns.” Well that is still true today. On the other hand, stripping Americans of firearms would make it easier for any foreign country to take over the US. It would also make it more difficult for the US patriots to revolt against politicians who are ruining the country. I saw a new description of a liberal today, “A person so open-minded that their brain has fallen out.”

  10. We dont need gun confiscation and stupid rules the guns do not kill people it’s the person behind the gun pulling the trigger the gun doesn’t just sdcc t jump off the shelf and start killing people this gun control is foolish just like the idiots making the gun control rules they can not legally just take your guns from you especially as lly if you are not a felon

  11. Pelosi better be very careful because if she dose start missing with the peoples rights to keep and bear arms She may just be on the receiving end of the people completely stopping her in her tracks. She won’t like the out come at all.

  12. 1.) If laws could control gun violence, then laws could control dope and other deadly illegal drugs. One important thing to remember is that “LAWS APPLY ONLY TO LAW ABIDING PEOPLE ” . If all guns are outlawed, then the only guns will be in the hands of the crooks ; law abiding citizens will become open prey for them.
    2.) If the Second Amendment is repealed, then the other “Bill Of Rights” will follow !

  13. Every day I see the killings in Chicago every weekend by the dozens and we have the strictest gun laws in the country. Anybody who has a couple of brain cells can understand that taking guns away from the people that have them legally, is a huge mistake and it won’t work. All I can think of is living in Chicago if I were to get into trouble, and nobody has guns frightening situation.

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