Pelosi to introduce pricey Capitol security bill: ‘It is just about ready’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is about to drop a new and expensive bill to fund increased security on Capitol Hill, Fox News reports

But as the House’s top Democrat prepares to unveil the lofty measure, which has been reported to cost roughly $2 billion, serious questions have arisen about the man whose recommendations provided the foundation for it.

“We’re talking about money”

Speaking with CBS’s Face the Nation on Sunday, Pelosi said her caucus would soon be moving forward on the funding bill. “We’ll put it forth when it is ready, and it is just about ready now,” she said, according to Fox.

Pelosi had tasked retired Army Lt. Gen. Russel Honoré with making security recommendations for the Capitol in the wake of a riot there on Jan. 6, the day Congress met to certify the results of the 2020 election.

“I’m talking about General Honoré’s suggestions about what are needed,” the long-serving San Francisco Democrat told CBS, as Fox reported. “There has been a report about shortcomings in the Capitol Police that must be addressed.”

She went on: “We’re talking about money, and we want to make sure it is the appropriate amount, nothing less than we need but nothing more than we need and appropriately prioritized to, again, open up the Capitol so that it is the temple of democracy that it is, that people can come and be there with adequate protection.”

“An extreme partisan”

The speaker’s comments came on the heels of an earlier interview with ABC News’ This Week in which Honoré claimed that the Capitol “is the most important building in America, because it’s the seat of our democracy.”

“If that building and the people in it don’t function, we no longer have democracy. And whatever price we have to pay to protect it, we need to do it,” he said, according to Fox.

But the words rang hollow to many Republicans, who have scrutinized Honoré over his comments in the wake of January’s riot suggesting U.S. Capitol Police were “complicit” in the unrest.

“General Honoré is an extreme partisan and should be the LAST person to head up an investigation of what happened at the Capitol on Jan 6th,” Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson (R) said, according to a separate report from Fox.

Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley (R) expressed disapproval as well, calling some of the retired general’s comments “downright crazy,” as Fox reported.

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24 Responses

  1. Sorry pigeon no more spending, the people will never be able to cover all this spending. Considering how much we the people are already on the hook for.

    1. Particularly because Pelosi is responsible for the riots! She threw Trump’s offer to call out the help they needed back in his face! She’s a hateful, vindictive hag!!

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  3. I find it total hypocrisy! Oh, we can find money to protect “US” the “law makers” but want to defund police across the nation who are try to protect us “deplorable”. I agree, “JUST SAY NO!!!!” She can use her own money to protect her sorry behind! Not mine!

    1. She does not give a rats butt about we the people and our safety. Taking guns away from law abiding citizens.flooding the country with covid infested illegals, does not want the border wall finished, turns a blind eye to the rioting and looting, etc. However she lives in a gated community has paid armed security following her around 24/7 and now she is about to mess herself concerning not enough security at the capitol. Here is a thought ……maybe if congress would clean up it’s act and climb out of the hole they have dug themselves into, there would not be the hatred most Americans have for their sorry a**es. I think she is suffering a case of the guilts knowing how badly she has screwed over the people.

    2. Right on! Maybe if they tried serving the people and not themselves, there would be no need for police protection in the capitol. I can’t begin to tell you and disgusted I am becoming with our representatives being more interested in themselves than in our country and us citizens who they were elected to serve and protect both physically and economically. Term limits! If they don’t live with us and understand us they can’t serve us or protect us!!!

    3. I can only pray that she is stopped and retired before the whole of America is destroyed by the Congress pwople who hate our country and only want what they can steal from us~~~

  4. easy fix. move all lawmaking to a near by military base . stop wasting our money . we are paying the military anyway

    1. BTB, Just move them to the Immigration cages in Donna Texas. There we can give them metallic blankets and a place to sleep on the floor—-OPS the accommodations are for 250 and we have over 900 already!! BUT– I am sure there is some room for Representatives and Senators there. OR We can place them in parking garages like they did our National Guard that protects the capitol. I have never seen the parking garages attacked by rioters yet!

  5. How about all the folks at the Capital building carry weapons so that another “insurrection” does not take place.

  6. Piglosi, if you’re so afraid to be at the White House without a FENCE and MILITARY everywhere why don’t you go with Hunter and his dad to China… No one will miss any of you. You should be IMPEACHED immediately…. IMPEACH BIDEN, HARRIS, PELOSI, SCHUMER and others that are in the White House that are ruining AMERICA!!!!!!!!

    1. I totally agree L .Impeachment now! Also would like to add that this hag wants protection but won’t do anything to protect the American citizens who have immigrants pouring into our borders making it an unsafe situation where drug dealers human traffickers,child molesters ,drug dealers are being trafficked into all states . By the way Pelosi it is our hard earned money not yours so we demand that that money should be used to bring back our police to protect us because bright one if we don’t exist you don’t get our money . Once again Impeach!

  7. Pelosi, you orchestrated the problem on Jan 6th at the Capitol and you know it! No evil communist democrat got hurt, but Ms. Babbitt, a retired military woman, was murdered by your Capitol Police. How come her family still doesn’t know the black cop’s name that murdered her? It’s been over
    3 months, way tooooo long! You don’t have any military people in your family, just scum like Paul Pelosi Jr. He is just like Hunter Biden Jr, just lowlives!

  8. What kind of Adequate Protection is she talking about. There are Secret Service around her all the time. She is never in Washington on the Weekends. She flies home in her Private Plane and I am sure she has a Wall around her home in California. I think this is just another way of getting away from Americans who are tired of her inexcusable pouting ways in Washington, DC.

  9. Pelosi is a liberal democrat I don’t agree with. There party has stopped the
    border wall which we really need. Also stopped deporting illegal aliens. The next 4 years are scary.

  10. I remember Pelosi telling a reporter that she was a good catholic , that she wasn’t angary at anyone, but the look on her face said otherwize, another time she wished President Trump you son would get this C0-19. The more you dig into her act the more discusted you get. Pelosi,Schumer only want protection for theselves and they are getting it but our tax dollor is paying for it.

  11. Piglosi wants to make sure HER ugly old arse is protected! She instigated the capitol riot in order to blame and impeach President Trump! Vacate the speaker’s chair, kick her out of congress, she is unfit to be speaker, she is a traitor!!!

  12. Pelosi is hated by so many Americans that she is scared to death for her safety , when the voters come to drag her feet first out of the Capital building. I hope they get it on film. That will make a lot of American’s happy.

  13. People don’t realize what a Trillion dollars is. Counting seconds it would take just short of 32 thousand years to reach. Go to Google and check it out.

  14. They are scared and rightfully so Nancy Bathhouse Barry and his Drag Queen husband Chuckie, clinically impaired criminal Biden Adulterous Jill Prostitute Harris, etc are hated for their greed lies stealth and hypocrisy They probably should be terrified BUt they should personally pay out of their pockets for desired protection the way they are imposing on their citizens Gun rights for these criminals We need protection from these people not the reverse

  15. Pelosi keeps saying she a street fighter. So remove that ugly fence and get the peoples house back in order. Pelosi miss street fighter is on her own since she so strong and a great fighter 😡

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