Pundit: Pelosi ignores her party’s coronavirus mistakes while accusing Trump of ‘denial’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has accused President Donald Trump of pursuing a strategy of “denial” when it comes to the coronavirus, but she seems to have forgotten her party’s own history of ignoring the facts when it comes to COVID-19, as Beth Baumann at Townhall.com points out.

Pelosi made her incendiary allegation on Sunday during an interview with CBS’ Face the Nation host Margaret Brennan that the speaker later posted to Twitter.

“The point of all of this is this president, I have a new name for him: Mr. Makes Matters Worse,” the longtime California Democrat asserted, adding, “He has made matters worse from the start,” she continued. “Delay. Denial. It’s a hoax. It’ll go away magically. It’s a miracle. And all the rest.”

Pelosi’s money grab

Pelosi continued her attack on the administration, saying, “Now they want to send our children back to school. The best way to send our children to school is to fund it. To fund it.”

“The ventilation, the spacing, the additional teachers, and to lower the infection rate in the community in which they exist. That takes money, that’s in the Heroes Act to do,” she declared.

“At every turn, President Trump has made matters worse for our country as we seek to fight the coronavirus,” she reiterated in her tweet. 

Adding a plug for her own controversial coronavirus relief proposal, Pelosi concluded, “Instead of denying facts and trying to rush our children back to school before it is safe, he should be supporting the policies found in the #HeroesAct.”

How soon she forgets

Curiously, Pelosi left out any mention of the fact that on Feb. 24 she went for dinner in San Francisco’s Chinatown district and encouraged others to do the same, saying, “everthing is fine here, ” as National Review noted. Footage of her appearance at the famed tourist district showed her standing in close proximity to others without the benefit of a mask.

Nor did she discuss, as Baumann notes, the fact that many — including her party’s presumptive presidential nominee — slammed the Trump administration’s ban on travel from heavily affected countries as “xenophobic,” or that even Joe Biden eventually reversed course and said he supported the policy, as Fox News noted.

Also unmentioned by Pelosi was the fact that a recent New York Times study revealed that over 40% of America’s COVID-19 deaths took place in nursing homes, with those fatalities concentrated in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts — all states run by Democrat governors.

Despite being lionized by the mainstream media establishment for his supposedly remarkable COVID-19 response efforts, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D), issued an order forcing nursing homes to accept more than 6,300 individuals who had tested positive for coronavirus, a move to which many have pointed as a primary driver of the devastating death toll suffered by such facilities.

As Baumann rightly asserts, Pelosi’s nickname for the president is neither “cute,” nor “clever,” but instead appears to be the product of a textbook case of projection.

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