Pelosi rejects notion that impeaching Trump harms ‘unity’ message: ‘I’m not worried about that’

When not disparaging Donald Trump, President Joe Biden has repeatedly called for peace and unity in the wake of his inauguration — a call that many feel has been undermined by the concerted push from congressional Democrats to impeach his predecessor over the former president’s alleged role in inciting a violent riot at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) just put an end to any speculation that she may share those concerns, however. According to the Washington Examiner, Pelosi suggested Wednesday that impeaching Trump is exactly what’s needed to unite the nation following the Capitol attack. 

“I’m not worried about that,” Pelosi told reporters when asked about harming the message of “unity” that Dems have been pushing, according to the Examiner. “The fact is, the president of the United States committed an act of incitement of insurrection. I don’t think it’s very unifying to say, ‘Oh, let’s just forget it and move on.'”

She went on: “That’s not how you unify.”

“Harmful to unity”

Pelosi also flatly dismissed Wednesday the notion that impeachment is no longer a constitutional remedy to address alleged wrongdoing by Donald Trump, since he’s now a private citizen and not the commander-in-chief.

“Just because he’s now gone — thank God — you don’t get to say to a president, ‘Do whatever you want in the last months of your administration,'” Pelosi insisted, as the Examiner reported. “‘You’re going to get a get-out-of-jail card free because people think we should make nice-nice and forget that people died here on Jan. 6,'” she added.

“I think that would be harmful to unity,” Pelosi said of dropping the single impeachment charge against the former president, according to Breitbart.

“Joe Biden said it beautifully. If we’re going to unite, you must remember that we must, we must bring this — look, that’s our responsibility to uphold the integrity of the Congress of the United States,” she said. “That’s our responsibility, to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. And that is what we will do.”

“Purely politically driven”

Of course, not everybody sees it that way. While House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) has said Trump bears some responsibility for what occurred on Jan. 6, the California Republican told Fox News that the impeachment effort is “totally wrong” and stands in contrast to the message of unity being put forward by Democrats, including the new president.

“I think impeachment is totally wrong,” McCarthy said Thursday, according to Fox. “It was purely politically driven.”

He went on: “What they were doing on impeachment with having no committee look at it, no information, and people just vote on this. And now President Trump is a private citizen. Why would you spend your time on this?”

It remains to be seen when — or even if — former President Trump will face an impeachment trial in the Senate over his alleged “incitement” of an “insurrection,” the conviction of which would almost certainly result in him being disqualified from ever holding federal office again.

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61 Responses

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  2. If that is Pelosi’s argument, then we should look at impeaching Hillary (Benghazi), the Democrats (Antifa and BLM rioting, looting, burning and killing), other Dems (Waters, Pressly, Biden, Pelosi herelf) for inciting violence against our President. Trump was only into his speech for a short while when the rioting started. And ask yourself did these Dems set the tone for this with the rioting last year in all Dem Cities, and ignoring alleged election fraud – investigate it and put the issue to rest, or do the Dems not want the answers. There is no reason, ever, for violence, but the Dems need to look at their part in this, since Antifa and BLM were in the front of the rioting on Jan. 6
    Impeachment is only to try to prevent Trump from running again, since he was not supposed to win in 2016. The Dems want to make sure that does not happen again with this second fake impeachment. And impeachment harms the civility message because Pelosi is still on her hate rampage.


    2. Forget that, Hillary or any other demo will ever stand trail. Look there are to many republicans up there who just don’t want to put up a fight. And this is just the beginning, if we don’t take back the house and senate in 22, then forget it. But somebody has to do something soon about sleepy Joe, the man has really jumped off the train. He has cost more people to be out of work soon, in just a couple days, plus he has pissed of Canada and more then likely Mexico. He will soon turn his attention to the middle east and think of Hunter working for the Saudie’s. D.C will be a state along wth the PR Island. That wi 15 or 20 life appointments to the court. Look what they have done with just a few judges, think what when they get the court.

  3. Pelosi doesn’t care who dies from her likes and dislikes as long as she can make the calls. Vindictive old hag is out to destroy as much of America as she can before she kicks the bucket. She has never done anything that would qualify her as an American. More like a Communist Dictator with no Morales.

    1. Pelosi’s ONLY agenda is to impeach President Trump, and that has been her only focus since 2016! She is full of hatred and has been in power too long. Pelosi should worry about the conflict she will create AGAIN with another impeachment, the first one wasted taxpayers money and she should have worked on improving the REAL problems of this country. TERM LIMITS need to be voted on, Pelosi’s power trip in her only concern.. she does NOT care about the country’s problems or the problems of average Americans.

      1. McConnell and Pelosi are in bed together. They both need to resign that would save millions of dollars for the tax payer. They could both retire move to China. Good riddance to both of them .

      2. I totally agree…she lives for hurting Trump…She is so filled with hatred it is pathetic. No one likes her even Democrats…I can’t wait for her to be removed from being Speaker of the House..

  4. Donald Trump needs to be impeached about fifty times. He is only in this world for himself and the rich people. Pelosi is right.

    Take that you idiots.

    1. IDIOTS??? If being a Trumper who chose America FIRST are USEFUL idiots, we’ll consider a badge of great patriotic honor! I’m was a LEGAL immigrant almost a half-century ago and will NEVER vote for USELESS IDIOTS Democrats who wants to Make China Great Again (MCGA)! Go MAGA 2024!


    3. Are you actually looking at yourself in the mirror, or is it you never had an education, Rtrump left his Riches to work at the white house for free by keeping Americans free in this country

    4. shirly you are looking in the mirror, President Trump made this a better world nancy , cuckie, biden and harris are destroying America

    5. No Shirley, you are the idiot! You never used the eyes and ears that The good Lord gave you to see the truth. People like you that voted for the Biden/ Harris have absolutely “no brains”. You have given away my freedom for communism. I hope you are happy with a dementia old fool that is the Biden Crime Family and California’s communist whore, because that’s what they really are!

  5. Pelosi, the mob boss’ daughter. She has put to disgusting use all the dirty tricks she’s learn. She’s also a good bud of Soros. She should worry, maybe her opponent will win the election. I’ll donate.

    And as a catholic, she is probably aware of the Pope’s hidden message, too.

  6. She and others are arrogant. Closed minded people are like that. That is why people are not united. President Trump stood up to their psychosis and that just makes them mad. They just have to have revenge. Never mind the soldiers sleeping on a cold floor. Revenge never works. Besides, the BLM and Antifa are behind this and just laughing because they divided people. She needs to grow up. Someone please put a sock in her mouth. Biden is to weak. He just gives other countries the keys to the guiliotine. Anyone that does not listen is somehow tied to the event which is not true.

  7. Dear Nancy Trump is no longer in office and you under the Constitution HAVE NO GROUNDS to impeach him since he has left the government What part of that do you and the others in congress not understand More tax money down the CRAPER MYDAM SPEAKER. If you do not understand that YOU ARE 10 BRICKS SHORT OF A FULL LOAD IF NOT MORE The Constitution says a SITTING PRESIDENT Trump left WED in case you were in another world IDIOT

  8. Pelosi has so much hate for President Trump that nothing else matters. She needs to be removed from Congress for her hateful thoughts and actions. President Trump did nothing that she us accusing him of. She, on the other hand is a liar and a cheat.

  9. If you have a brain just think pelosi son in law was pictured in news s beside an antigravity man with the horns. Kind of questionable like he was telling him what to do. I wonder who did set the riot up to blame trump. They’re all afraid of being arrested do they want to get rid of him. Do you as Americans know they tried to kill trump 13 times

  10. Approval ratings for Biden are tanking. Pelosi needs to be investigated for her role in the capital fiasco..covid in the last couple days is skyrocketing. They want to unify the country. Thought Special Ops have possession of her laptop. Administration is shelling out money to foreign entities but the hell with the Americans who need it now..not one word of Antifa or BLM on the surge of violence occurring across the country. Way to go, you illegitimate Biden for pissing off our neighbor to the north. He’s not concerned about our economy that’s proving to be true.


  12. If you think that unity is coming you are sadly wrong. Everything Bimbo and the Demorats are doing is causing more and more of Americans unemployed and you are not going to cause anything but crap to happen. We need to send every illegal coming through the border states to Washington DC and the rest of the Blue States and let them take this mess on Bimbo is causing!!!!

  13. I think that We the people need to stand up to Polosi and her tyranny. We need to get a petition written signed by everyone who supports Trump & present it to her, in front íf someone reputable. Lou Dobbs would be a good one to record the whole the while thing. I think that it is the very least that we can do to back up our real president, President Donald J Trump. He had fought so hard for us, we’r can do the same for him. I’m not talking violence. I would not dream of stooping to their (the dems) level. The pen is mightier sword. Signing a petition may not get us anywhere in her eyes, maybe we can wake up a few more people as to what her and the rest of the whole bunch up there is about.
    We are AMERICANS. The land of the free and the home of the brave. That means we bravely stand up to anyone who tries to take away our freedoms. We must not let our country fall into the hands of our enemies, foriegn or domestic. That means we do our best to reason reason with them & show them that we are sick of these childish actions. The sheer numbers should show them how many of us are tired vast majority of country feels. Never ever do anything stupid like what happened on Jan 6th. That it’s against everything we are standing for and sending the wrong msg to other countries and future generations. Never attack them. However, always be willing and prepared tho protect yourself, your loved ones and your property.
    Stepping down off my high horse now. Have a pleasant evening folks.

  14. pelosi has done more harm to the people and goverment snd everyone lets her get away with it. president trumam and regan both saie this would happen and the american voter let the election get stodlen bye the crocked demos. shame on you who let that happen.

  15. Pelosi needs to be removed from everything to do with our Country. She is a heater and love to waist our money and time.

  16. President Trump build up the Country and Biden and the Democrats tear it down. Why would We want a Communist Country when God gave us Liberty.

  17. What kind of idiot would vote for a corrupt lifelong senile politician and a foreign government agent .-democrats. The country is now a satellite of Red China.

  18. Does pelosis feel she is a feared matriarch? She indeed has the feared part down-pat! She is such a self-entitled something, and it isn’t a nice something! How dare she even take a breath of the FREE AIR that Americans built and fought for! Go to bed nancy, and leave the difficult thinking to our BELOVED PRESIDENT TRUMP! I’m sure he will see that you get your nightcap and milk!

  19. Pelosi should be put completely out of our government. She is a trader to this country and all the people of this country. That’s a fact.

  20. I agree Pelosi should be removed from office the Democrats have done enough damage in the United States . Also for inciting the riots that went on in Washington , Oregon, Michigan, Minnesota, Florida . Enough damage already! We do not want anymore ! We need help with a petition to remove her from office.

  21. Pelosi knows this will tear the party up come 2022, she does not care as she only cares about her own greed.

  22. since this now acceptable thanks to lori stinkfoot. i have two words for piglousy. the first word begins with an F and the second word is you

  23. Piglosi spends too much time trying to get cozy with Satan. The old hag will soon find out that she picked the wrong team to play for and she will pay the price for eterniy in Hell.

  24. Pelosi and Schumer both need to be put out of politics.
    The Republicans should get rid of both of them, they only care about their insane power to push people around. They should be investigated and removed from office ASAP!

  25. The democraps are responsible for the insurrection at the capital.Piglosi and Schumer planned the whole thing ahead of time so they can blame the republicans and have an excuse for impeachment.We all know that it was Piglosi that gave the order to expel the national guard to a freezing cold parking garage and hundreds contracting covid 19 as a result. The congress needs to adopt a resolution to expel her from politics forever.

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