Pelosi declares opposition to payroll tax cut in next round of stimulus

After getting the lion’s share of the blame for holding up the most recent two coronavirus relief bills by inserting her own partisan demands, will House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) dare to do it a third time?

Pelosi told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on Monday that she does not support a payroll tax cut being included as part of the next coronavirus relief bill, according to Breitbart.

During an appearance on the network’s Situation Room, Blitzer asked Pelosi, “So, is a payroll tax cut okay from your point of view?”

“No, it is not,” Pelosi answered.

Pelosi opposes payroll tax cut

Pelosi pointed to the “enormous costs” already incurred as a result of the pandemic as a primary reason not to further cut taxes. Of course, she used the interview as a vehicle for attacking President Donald Trump and accuse him of responding too slowly in the early days of the outbreak.

“Much of [the costs were] incurred because the president was in denial early on, delayed a reaction to it, caused deaths,” Pelosi said, according to Breitbart, once again ignoring the fact that she encouraged tourists to visit San Francisco’s Chinatown in late February.

Pelosi seemed to suggest that she wasn’t going to attach any strings to the new bill and that she hoped Trump and Republicans wouldn’t do so either.

“And so, now, we want to say, okay, that was then. Alright, let’s start now and do things in a positive way,” she said to Blitzer. “Nobody’s putting anything on the table saying, unless we have this, we’re not doing that. He shouldn’t either.”

Broader strategy at work

Trump certainly isn’t going to take Pelosi’s word for it that she won’t try to pull any fast ones this time around. He’ll have his eye on her and so will Republicans in both the House and Senate.

When Pelosi was asked by Blitzer whether she would consider saying yes to a payroll tax cut in exchange for something she wants to have in the bill, she replied that she preferred not to negotiate on television and declined to answer.

But whatever happens with the bill, Republicans can rest assured that Pelosi will do everything she can to keep on depressing the economy in hopes that Trump will suffer the consequences at the polls this November.

Luckily, most Americans are able to see Pelosi’s tactics for precisely the type of partisan obstructionism they are, making it all the more likely that they will backfire on her as badly as her party’s failed impeachment spectacle did.

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