Pelosi planned to retire in 2016 until Trump won election, new book claims

While former President Donald Trump’s fans often praise him for a number of achievements, his electoral victory might earn him some criticism from conservatives, if the revelations in a new book are to be believed.

According to The Hill, a new book from USA Today reporter Susan Page reveals that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) had indicated she planned to retire from Congress prior to the 2016 election — but that all changed after Trump won.

“She was getting ready to take a breath”

In Madam Speaker: Nancy Pelosi and the Lessons of Power, Page reportedly cites 10 interviews with Pelosi as well as more than 100 interviews with the Democratic leader’s acquaintances.

At one point, Pelosi reportedly revealed to Page her intentions to retire after 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton became president.

According to the author, “Pelosi said she was getting ready to take a breath, dote on her nine grandchildren, perhaps write her memoirs.”

The speaker’s retirement would have been justified in her mind, Page wrote, because a Clinton administration would have pursued the progressive policies that she had championed during her decades on Capitol Hill.

Of course, Clinton lost to Trump, and Pelosi determined that she needed to remain in power to protect her partisan interests.

“It was actually physical”

As she told Page, the shock of learning that Trump beat Clinton “was physical; it was actually physical.”

Now that President Joe Biden is in office, it remains unclear whether Pelosi, now 81, has plans to retire anytime soon. Shortly after November’s election, however, she reiterated an earlier statement indicating that her current term as speaker would be her last.

According to a recent Center for Effective Lawmaking study, Pelosi was one of the least effective Democratic politicians in the most recent legislative session, ranking 237th out of 240.

Furthermore, she has been involved in spats with others in her own party, such as up-and-coming progressives like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY). Even with a slim majority in the House, however, Pelosi has managed to keep her caucus united enough to push through several key pieces of legislation so far this year.

Even if Trump’s presidency was responsible for forestalling Pelosi’s retirement, most of his supporters are likely satisfied with the trade-off.

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19 Responses

  1. Who cares about Nancy…we all know she half crazy…she has wait until she’s in her 80’s now to be with her grandchildren…I would say that’s how much the grandkids are thought of…she has always made decisions for herself only…not shocking…she is a self lover and that’s the end of it!!!!!!!!

    1. If she’s in her 80’s then her grand children should be fully grown and living off of her income, I would think that she wants to spend some time with her Great grand children, if she can remember where they came from and just one of their names.

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  3. It is a shame for the country that she didn’t retire then. And toooo bad for her that she didn’t retire then as if anyone has backbone in the House she will soon be impeached!

  4. Ralph. we should be so lucky! I’m afraid the good Lord is giving this evil being more chances to change her ways, even though He already knows when her time is up! Unfortunately for Pelosi, she seems to believe she can fool even God! Now that’s insanity, right?!? That or she believes, against the Bible, that she can ask forgiveness at the time of her death! I guess when you’ve believed in yourself for so long, you tend to believe you’re even SUPREME!! God help her!
    What a Narsisistic being!!

  5. The only legacy she can look back on is lying, deceit, destruction of the American legislature, unlawfulness, selfishness, meanness, disruption, ruination of this beautiful country. Cheating, anything despicable you can think of is Pigosi’s tenure in this government. She will always and forever be despised for the rest of her useless life. SHE is the personification of waste of plasma

  6. And don’t forget Donna Saenz all the trouble the witch caused at the Capitol on January 6th and then blame PRESIDENT TRUMP for something she did

  7. Just viewed a video of her stinking drunk. Her liquor bills are hard on taxpayers, also her absurd policies and corruption. Good bye, don’t let the door hit you on the way out. First Gavin Nuisance has to go, then Maxine and all the rest of the crooks. Then we may be able to save our beautiful state, no more train to nowhere. Roads, reservoirs, balanced budget and most of all FREEDOM.

  8. Do not let her retire!! Impeach the devil’s right hand. This woman brought America much misery and failure. She is only a great Speaker in her own imagination. The thought that she screwed the citizens of our country, due to her hate of President Trump. And now that her puppet is almost done, she doesn’t want to stick around and manipulate the one to replace the demented one.
    I don’t have one ounce of respect for such a hateful beast.
    Don’t let her retire,,,,IMPEACH her!! Give her a taste of her own hateful venom!

  9. Taxpayers are sick of paying for all of her plastic surgeries!! She’s still ugly, no matter how much makeup she wears. Her bony hands are so ugly! She should stop waving them around when she talks. Pelosi looks as bad as Biden!

  10. Does anybody really believe that bs about retiring if Clinton won? She will be carried feet first out of her office because her lust for power and control will NEVER allow her to retire. BTW, her grandkids are all adults now, so that excuse is ridiculous.

  11. Pelosi knows that she is hated by the majority of the American people and she also knows that this election fraud scheme is about to blow up in their faces. So she is going to try and slither away like a snake. while Biden tries to figure out what his job is who his boss is. The people are finally starting to see to truth about this stolen election And I think that there are going to be a lot of corrupt Democrats that are going to be put in prison when this is over.

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