Pelosi ‘protecting’ Maxine Waters after more incitement of violence

Back in the summer of 2018, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) infamously encouraged mobs of Democrats to harass Donald Trump’s staffers wherever they could be found.

Almost three years later, Waters is out with another violent outburst, but House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is still shielding her.

Tom Fitton, of the conservative legal group Judicial Watch, is calling out Pelosi and weak Republican leaders — who had the majority in the summer of 2018 — for failing to take action since he filed an ethics complaint nearly three years ago.

Waters incited violence 3 years ago

“Maxine Waters is a menace to public safety and Nancy Pelosi is protecting her. Judicial Watch filed an ethics complaint against her three years ago for inciting violence but Pelosi and Republican leadership have protected her,” Fitton said.

Judicial Watch filed its complaint in response to a notorious rant at the height of the controversy over Trump’s “zero tolerance” immigration policy, as mobs of Democrats publicly confronted Trump officials like press secretary Sarah Sanders and former DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen.

Waters saw fit to escalate the situation. “If you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd and you push back on them and you tell them they are not welcome anymore, anywhere,” Waters said.

At the time, Fitton issued a prescient warning as he called on the House to consider expelling Waters.

“It is so dangerous out there, in my view, for Trump supporters generally,” he said. “The House has an opportunity here. If they’re not pressed by voters, they’ll do nothing.”

An unheeded warning

Fitton has turned out to be right on all counts. Although her comments have given her some grief over the years, Waters has suffered no tangible penalties. She still sits on the Financial Services Committee, which she chairs. Meanwhile, the political climate has become significantly more volatile.

The summer of 2018 seems almost quaint after the George Floyd riots of 2020, and Black Lives Matter and antifa continue to menace the public with impunity while political bomb throwers who egg them on face no consequences. No wonder Waters hasn’t mellowed out.

As Minneapolis brews with tensions over Derek Chauvin’s trial for the alleged murder of Floyd, Waters issued a call for Black Lives Matter activists to take justice into their own hands if Chauvin is acquitted. “We’ve got to get more active, we’ve got to get more confrontational,” Waters said. “We’ve got to make sure that they know that we mean business.”

While Republicans are calling for Waters to be punished, the odds of Pelosi listening are close to zero. What were they doing three years ago, when they had the power to do something?

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44 Responses

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  3. time to the unwanted garbage in CONGRESS –lets start with Maxine and Nancy for all the damage they have and continue to do to this country–

    1. ralph what they are doing is called ” TREASON” and the punishment is either a firing squad or hanging. Find them quilty now.

    2. Absolutely, Those two are stuck like glue, they are the MOST racist ever. This is a Total disgrace to the Demoncrats. Not all Afro Americans (I say Afro American because I do not see color, as we are all created in God’s image. Those who continue to insight riots will eventually lose all Police and more than likely many Public Servants like Fire Department workers, EMT’s, Nurses, so and so on forth. I would never wish death on anyone. Obama made situations in America far worse than ever. Maxine Waters has always been this way, because I lived in California not too far from her District and everyone got along. I guess back in the days Prior to Rodney King, OJ Simpson and so forth, she was the most troubling of them all. She incited riots back then. Believe it, I lived it. Maxine Waters should be EXPELLED, NOT CENSORED IN CONGRESS. WE THE TRUE PATRIOTIC AMERICANS WILL NOT LET HER GET AWAY WITH IT THIS TIME. SHE STEALS FROM HER OWN PEOPLE, HELPS HER DAUGHTER WITH MILLIONS OF TAXPAYERS MONEY, WHILE MOST AFRO AMERICANS SUFFER BEING DIRT POOR. I HAVE MULTIPLE FAMILY MEMBERS OF DIFFERENT NATIONALITIES INCLUDING AFRO AMERICANS THAT DO NOT ACT THIS WAY. IT IS PAST TIME FOR HER TO BE REMOVED BY THE SERGEANT AT ARMS IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES AND A FULL INVESTIGATION WILL PROVE SHE IS A TRAITOR TO AMERICA AND HER PEOPLE. SHE IS JUST AS MUCH OF A FRAUD AS NANCY PELOSI, GOVERNOR NEWSOM, CHUCK SCHUMER. RINO MITCH MCCONNELL, KAMALA HARRIS, JOE BIDEN, ERIC HOLDER, OBAMA’S ENTIRE ADMINISTRATION, THEY MAKE UP PART OF THE DEEP STATE, THERE ARE MANY OTHER RINOS AND DEMONCRATS THAT ARE PAID OFF TO LET OTHER COUNTRIES DESTROY US FROM WITHIN. BELIEVE IT OR NOT, GOD WILL INTERVENE AND WE THE PATRIOTIC, GOD LOVING PATRIOTIC AMERICANS WILL KNOW WHEN IT IS TIME. THIS DOESN’T MEAN VIOLENCE, PRAISE GOD.

    3. I am so with you. Just look at all the trouble these two women have caused and continue to do it. They don’t give a damn about our country, so why the hell should they be in Congress. Time for them to go.

    1. Indeed. If they don’t want protection. Give folks notice that do and let them have an opportunity to move elsewhere, so they can use their 2nd Amendment rights if necessary. Not have to be controlled by folks they have elected to office, they work for We The People, but MOST do not take their Oath of Office Seriously and I can name many. DRAIN THE SWAMP CREATURES, IT’S PAST TIME. Law Enforcement is needed in this Country, especially now more than ever. It is sickening how children are raised and this includes some of my own family. GOD BLESS AMERICA, UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL. GOD CREATED ALL OF US, INCLUDING ALL OTHER COUNTRIES PEOPLE, IN HIS OWN IMAGE. IT IS YOUR CHOICE NOT TO BELIEVE. AMERICA DECIDED TO BELIEVE, AND NOW WE HAVE PEOPLE THAT WANT OUR FREEDOM REMOVED. THEY ARE A JOKE. Please remember your heart and soul have no color. Praying for a Healing in America.

  4. Republicans need to be more proactive or get out and let someone who has the courage to do the job take their place!!! The honeymoon
    Is over!😡

  5. It’s really comforting to know that censorship is alive and well, in fact, in better shape than ever.

  6. It’s also time to get rid of old-establishment Republicans. They’re right in there with the Globalist agenda also! The DC swamp is full of vipers.

  7. What she is advocating is mob rule and she has attempted to intimidate the judge and jury. She is clearly advocating that if the mob does not like the jury’s verdict, the mob should be confrontational with the judge and jury. That is a crime in America and most of the civilized world. We have trials by jury, not by mobs. The Democrats had an investigation for a year to determine if there was interference in the 2016 election. Now they seem to be approving interference in a trial. That indicates that they don’t really care about anything including the truth that gets in their way.

  8. If Waters isn’t at least censured as Pelosi and Schumer won’t lift a finger to stop her– someone is going to get killed. This needs to be stopped now. Maxine has gone too far in inciting Rioters and BLM and Antifa to kill and hurt people. She had no right to leave the State of California to deliver any message of any kind. Pelosi and Schumer are apparently afraid of Maxine and are willing to allow her to spread her hate in other States. She seems to do as she pleases in California That is bad enough. To Travel to another State and Willfully inciting Violence needs to be dealt with and now.

    1. I couldn’t have said it better!!! Censorship will not work! I’d like to see her private security take her a** OUT!

  9. Maxine Waters has NO FILTER!!! I believe when people are drinking “unfiltered” waters, it is time to “clean the SWAMP” so those who TRULY CARE ABOUT AMERICA can be heard!!! I TRULY CARE ABOUT AMERICA!!!! Please clean the “murky waters” out…..and let’s get our country on track again!!!! VOTE THE IDIOTS OUT!!!

  10. Please be advised Nancy, Joe and Maxine, by inciting the crowds are nothing, unlike what the KKK did to solve crimes. This is what you’re doing, disrespecting the Courts to make decisions that are theirs and theirs alone. So, put the knotted rope away designed by your Mouth, sit still, shut up and let the system deal with this without coercion.

  11. As a tax payer I would like to know who paid for her trip and stay to Minnesota?
    She has abused her position for years and has stolen enough of the tax payers moneys and it needs to stop. Someone please find out who paid for her trip to incite unrest. She is a racist and hates America and needs to be stopped.
    If the tax payers paid for this trip she needs to be charged sand expelled from congress.

    1. I have asked the same question with no response it seems if you ask questions about any spending of an elected or appointed official on either side you get shut down, its a free ride.


  13. Maxine Waters is the leader behind racism against the white people. She IS inciting violence and has been for years. Today she is the Queen of racism, hate, and violence.

  14. Ok I have just begun to fight back. Pelosi and Maxine are telling BLM, Antifa and the rioters to hit the streets hard and to do the damage.
    I am telling ALL FED UP REPUPUBLICIANS to hit the phones hard and steady to anybody that has even the smallest amount of POWER and get these two
    removed from office. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!! And we do have the power to get this problem resolved.
    Ted Cruz; John Cornyn; Gohemer These are the three from Texas there are different reps from different States. Look yours up call them and write them if you really want to get rid of these two trouble makers. You can also use the phone number and the address listed above to reach them.
    Thank you
    Jeanne Smyth

  15. and Pelosi and Walters thought President Trump incited violence with one simple sentence of honoring our flag. They both need to go to jail immediately. No trial is necessary – all the proof came out of their own mouths.

  16. What is with your sensationalistic headline… Water dragged into court, Pelosi involved. Why don’t you let mainstream media fluff people off and stick to truth… she was not dragged into court and Pelosi NOT involved with any court case concerning Waters… might be time to stop watching your news feed…
    I like honesty and not trumped up b’s thank you
    Enough is enough

  17. It’s so funny that people actually think Maxine Waters is A politician
    Just look at her disgusting district and the people in it have no hope
    She’s a total failure as a politician and a human being
    All of us will be happy whe the devil come to take his daughter home

  18. The political parties are both at fault-but no more than us- the American people. This could not have happened if we were not asleep at the wheel. We have taken the easy route and went along for the ride too long! I am as guilty as the next person. If we love this country and what it is suppose to stand for, it is TIME to take a stand. Call and write and most importantly get involved with politics from your local to the federal level. Don’t let things just go by because it is easier and you don’t want to cause waves. We NEED waves!! This will continue until WE put a stop to it, as peacefully as possible.

  19. This is just a thought exercise, but if every white person in the country killed a black person, there wouldn’t be anywhere near enough to go around. If she thought about it, Maxine might shut up.

  20. I Am Sorry, But This Lady ( i think she is still a lady)!! Time On This Planet Has Come To An End!! I Have Heard Her Name On the Lips Of Arresting People For Guantanamo, Cuba Whispers!!
    I Do Hope They Are More Than Whispers!!

  21. Waters, Pelosi, are traitors to the very Government they profess to support and defend. Charge them both with treason. Oh, and you might as well toss in that idiot would be President Biden.

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