‘A little slap on the wrist’: Pelosi rants about impeachment acquittal

On Saturday, senators voted to acquit former President Donald Trump on charges that he incited the Jan. 6 riot on Capitol Hill.

In response, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) joined other Democrats for a press conference in which she praised the House impeachment managers’ performance while directing an angry rant toward Republican senators.

“It had not been my intention to come to this press availability, however tempting it would be, to sing the praises of our House managers,” Pelosi said, according to a transcript from her office.

“I have to say, personally, on behalf of my grandchildren who drew great hope and inspiration from each and every one of you, we could not be prouder of your patriotic presentations, the clarity with which you presented and, again, the inspiration you have been to so many people, so I thank you for that,” the speaker added.

Republicans acted “cowardly”

Pelosi angrily rebuffed suggestions that the former president should be subject to a censure motion after he beat the impeachment charges, and slammed those senators who voted to acquit as being “cowardly.”

“Censure is a slap in the face of the Constitution that gives — lets everybody off the hook. It lets everybody off the hook,” she said.

The speaker continued: “Oh, these cowardly senators who couldn’t face up to what the president did and what was at stake for our country are now going to have a chance to give a little slap on the wrist?”

Pelosi went on: “We censure people for using stationery for the wrong purpose. We don’t censure people for inciting insurrection that kills people in the Capitol.”

“Maybe they can’t get another job”

“That the President of the Senate, Mike Pence — ‘Hang Mike Pence’ was the chant and they just dismissed that,” Pelosi raged. “Why? Because maybe they can’t get another job.”

“What is so important about any one of us?” she demanded. “What is so important about the political survival of any one of us that is more important than our Constitution that we take an oath to protect and defend?”

A statement from President Joe Biden adopted a slightly less irate but still melodramatic tone.

“This sad chapter in our history has reminded us that democracy is fragile,” he asserted, adding that Americans must be “be ever vigilant” and ensure that “violence and extremism has no place in America.”

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41 Responses

  1. Here is another one that forgets she is an AMERICAN! Go back to California and stay there. Wreck your own state some more and leave the rest of the country alone.

    1. I wish she wasn’t American! Then we could ship her to her country of origin! Maybe we will put her a ship to timbucktoo!

    2. Nancy Pelosi is a control freak who like to spend American money for her power grab & foreign exchange people & foreign countries instead of American people, the Democratic party will go down bye bye . Nobody defy s Americans or the USA past, present or future.

    3. THAT has already been wrecked by her nephew; thank you very much, but do NOT NEED nor do we want YOUR suggestions………..

    4. Would be better to put her into space on a one way ticket to Jupiter…….She is definitely a anti-American that wants to destroy our USA………..

      Google how many Presidents she has wanted to impeach and then changed her opinion EXCEPT for our MAGA PRESIDENT TRUMP…………..

  2. What definition of the word acquittal doesn’t Nancy P. understand. It clearly means innocent of all charges. With that Nancy…..please slink away.

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  4. Judicial Watch just filed a lawsuit against the Capitol Police. Pelosi was responsible for them and allowed them to stand down on purpose so she and her evil friends could impeach Trump again over a lie. Now she and the others must be held accountable.

    1. Awesome news!!! I read that President Trump offered to the National Guards for that big of event and Pelosi turned him down. Now we know why, her lies are catching up with her.

  5. Let it be known that Biden intends to break every law in the books, and turn us all to be criminals. Those are the instructions from his masters, the ChiComs.

    He hates the USA, and us it’s citizens. He’s like a vacuum sucking up all the power(s) the can get his hands on. And his no. 2 is even worse.

    I see nothing but ashes after 4 years. Think Venezuela. The only ones who admire that imitation president, are his brown-nosers, and the sick citizens who think likewise.

    Will something happen before the 4 years are up? I’m inclined to believe that yes there will be an happening b4 that time. Citizens can only take just so much before the match is lit.

  6. Vindictive Nancy Pelosi planed January 6th and she engineered it to come out exactly the way it did all her effort was done on January 5th just the way she planned since Whitehouse security is her responsibility as usual she used her control to blame the 6th on Trump . then failed at impeachment,

    The only thing Democrat’s can fix is elections

  7. Pelosi was behind this. She planned this and used it illegally. She is the guilty one. Capital police ask for help and she denied it so that she could plan all of this. Where did these people come from? Pelosi knows and so does McConnell

    1. Nothing she does is surprising. This whole Biden thing and impeachment is the Dems ploy because they are scared to death of Trump. He as a huge group of supporters without holding office. That is something Beijing Joe does not have.

  8. She appointed a commission to look into it because she knows they will tell her what she wants to hear. It’s all on Pelosi for not allowing more security. It is not on President Trump. She is the guilty party and is running scared. Dirty democratic policies. Signin. Biden has forgotten the United States is not only for Communist democrats, but it’s for all Americans. We do not want your illegal voters coming across our borders.

  9. Nancy and Mitch must GO! and then investigate where their riches come from, because you don’t have all they have on a salary like there’s.

  10. It is my belief that in 2022 the democrats will lose both the house and senate and the president in name only will be impeached and so will the vice. Nancy will no longer be speaker so she will not inherit the presidency.

    1. Thank You Peggy. Now I am informed. I’ve been confused as to how we impeach without getting Nancy as president so thank you.

  11. Somebody should make a video of her ranting, and send it to her, with a note. This is what a serious threat to our constitution looks and sounds like.

  12. Her infantile tantrums are so disgusting! She sullies the office of speaker! She yaps about the constitution, and does everything she can to undermine it! Her investigative “ commission” will consist of all the impeachment “ manager liars”, spend more tax dollars on theatrics and compound the lies Piglosi is telling now! Impeach that old biddy, she is the “ enemy in our house”! She must be kicked out of congress ASAP!


  14. If you pull up Nancy’s biography it will open you eyes. The amount of money that’s see has and property. Not bad for a congress person. After all she did come from Baltimore and a mafia family.

  15. N. Pelosi knew that there was going to be a demonstration and that the Proud Boys and others of their kind would be there and did NOTHING !!! No additional Police, No Federal Agents…NOTHING !!! SHE put people at risk. Stop your “Hate the President” campaign because they are not of your party. Do the country a favor and RETIRE !!!!! After all you will be taken care of for the rest of your life (big..BIG Mistake) that Congress voted to do years ago. Not at all what our Founding Fathers planned. You Are Pitifull Nancy Pelosi and I’m sure will burn in HELL when you die. Not soon enough.

  16. I thought I saw Decimus Junius Brutus Albinus lurking around the Fence guarding the Capitol. Instead of a dagger he was carrying a “wrist slapper and a derriere kicker” for Nancy and Joe respectively.

  17. I guess I am old fashion as I still believe that there are good and bad people
    in all races and in both political parties as well.
    In the future voters must learn about the one they are going to vote for and
    the reason being that not only are some switching parties but both parties are being invaded by those who would destroy america and what it stands for.
    As such we must become more aware of who our real enemies are and not
    put them in any position of power whatsoever.
    About N.P. All I will say is, “She may be a very nice lady but I dislike her thinking, actions, and beliefs being carried out her while in office.

  18. Agree with all above posts. One question; if Piglosi wants to question “ is anyone more important than our constitution”, WHY does she think SHE is? She has slapped the faces of all Americans, and then blamed us because she did it! Impeach that fake, get her out of our congress!

    1. I love your post Patty! I agree! She is a very sick soul, she needs to shut her fat mouth up for good and get started to think about making important choices in her life whether she wants to accept God’s love and accept Jesus or reject God’s free gift of salvation. I am so sick and tired of hearing that woman’s name period!

  19. Nancy Pelosi, Chief Leader Lying Rat Pack, is the biggest lying hypocritical speaker with a forked tongue and warped personality. She is Satan’s right hand chief demon here on earth. How do I know she lies???? every time she opens her mouth. Her day is coming when she has to face the Supreme Judge. And I do not mean the Supreme court of the US Our Creator and Supreme Judge!!!

  20. Nancy calls the Republicans that voted against impeachment cowards. As I see it, the ones who voted for it, are the cowards. The ones who voted against it showed courage. They showed the courage to stand up against her and use a mind of their own, instead of following the lead sheep, with the bell around her neck like the others did.

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