Nancy Pelosi rips up copy of Trump’s SOTU speech: Video

Nancy Pelosi may as well have shredded her party’s hopes when she ripped up Donald Trump’s State of the Union (SOTU) speech.

That’s the impression that many were left with Tuesday evening after the House speaker, in a stunning display of petulance, ripped the text in two as soon as President Trump concluded his remarks. But while Pelosi may have been trying to pander to the liberal base, the stunt just ended up looking like sour grapes, the Washington Examiner’s Kaylee McGhee argued Tuesday — especially after Trump was acquitted of both articles of impeachment Wednesday.

Pelosi shreds SOTU speech

President Trump, by contrast, showed remarkable restraint during his Tuesday evening speech, never once mentioning impeachment, McGhee noted. Indeed, although he snubbed Pelosi over a handshake at the outset, he largely stuck to “presidential” form and struck a tone of optimism.

The theme of Trump’s speech, a “great American comeback,” according to Fox News, hearkened to glorious days in America’s past and even better ones in its future. The president riffed on the strong economy, America’s newfound energy independence, and progress in policing the southern border, mixing inspiring rhetoric with moving scenes as a military family was re-united and Rush Limbaugh, who recently revealed his cancer diagnosis, received the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

But Pelosi wore a gloomy expression throughout and she appeared restless, often looking down and at times appearing to chasten members of her caucus. When Trump said that “radical left” Democrats support giving health care to illegal immigrants, Pelosi silently mouthed, “Not true.” (It is.)

The contrast between Trump’s optimism and Pelosi’s pettiness could not be more clear by the speech’s conclusion. As Trump finished with the promise that the “best is yet to come,” Pelosi stood up and pointedly ripped her copy of Trump’s speech in half, NBC News reported.

Take a look:

The “courteous thing to do”

In comments afterward, Pelosi said that shredding the speech was the “courteous thing to do,” according to National Review. But many panned the stunt, calling it childish, petty, and a “new low,” as Mike Pence put it, for her office.

Indeed, if Pelosi was trying to project strength, many saw an admission of defeat. This has been a demoralizing week for Democrats, who suffered an embarrassing meltdown at the Iowa caucuses on Monday, followed by a triumphant State of the Union from Trump and finally his victory over the impeachment hoax on Wednesday.

Trump, for his part, didn’t hesitate to gloat over the win, tweeting a video clip that depicted him remaining in the Oval Office for eternity. The president will address the “impeachment hoax” on Thursday, he said in a later tweet.

Dems admit defeat

According to a CBS poll, a majority of Americans approved of the SOTU speech — which Pelosi called a “pack of lies” — including 82% of independent voters. Callers on C-SPAN who identified as former Democrats even phoned in to express their disgust with Pelosi, saying they’ll never vote for a Democrat again.

Indeed, the American people seem to be getting fatigued from the left’s constant negativity. Trump’s approval is at a record high in a Gallup poll, which found him with 49% approval.

It seems Democrats just can’t stop shooting themselves in the foot.

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