Columnist: Pelosi’s salon scandal proves lockdowns are political

A picture says a thousand words, they say — and the surveillance tape of Nancy Pelosi’s salon escapade says an awful lot.

The House Speaker’s hypocrisy proves that the liberal elite in the Democratic party don’t actually believe in the coronavirus rules they want to enforce on ordinary citizens, according to columnist John Nolte.

So much for safety

Pelosi was caught getting her hair done, with no mask, at a San Francisco salon on Monday.

The surveillance images of Pelosi’s visit are rich with a cruel, sublime irony. For Americans who have suffered financially for months due to coronavirus-related closures, it’s a “slap in the face,” as the salon owner put it.

Pelosi, who is 80, obviously doesn’t believe in the restrictions and guidelines her party has pushed on the rest of the country, at great cost to the economy and civil liberties, as Nolte said — and she doesn’t seem concerned about her safety, despite her party’s constant doom-saying.

“She’s showing you and I what she truly believes — and that’s that this whole mask crusade thing is a lie, is the left-wing elite version of the burka.”

Elites play by their own rules

The Pelosi scandal is just the latest, but maybe most significant, example of Democratic politicians privately snubbing the rules.

As Nolte points out, Pelosi is trying to cover her tracks by claiming that she did not realize she was violating any restrictions — likely story — and proceeded to blame the salon owner, who she accused of a “set up.” This is the response of a privileged person, of someone who doesn’t think they will face accountability.

Sadly, she’s probably right.

“They, meaning elites on the left, can do what they want,” Nolte laments. “We are locked down. We are forced to wear masks. We are quarantined. Many of our small businesses are being completely wiped out, not by a virus, but by Democrats desperate to crash the economy in order to put Joe Biden in the Oval Office.”

Regular people suffer

Meanwhile, normal people suffer. The business owner who Pelosi blamed is now saying she may likely be forced to leave San Francisco after receiving death threats — and that’s after her salon was already destroyed by state-mandated coronavirus closures.

It might be funny if it weren’t so outrageous. From a so-called “representative” of the people, this behavior is positively malicious. Pelosi should resign.

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