Flashback: Pelosi stood in solidarity with Wisconsin capitol occupation a decade ago

In the wake of recent rhetoric by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) regarding the supposed “insurrection” on Capitol Hill earlier this month, some critics are bringing up apparently contradictory remarks she made nearly a decade ago.

Pelosi is facing scrutiny over her 2011 comments lauding protesters who stormed the Wisconsin state capitol building in 2011, according to Fox News.

A tale of two protests

Nevertheless, she led an effort in the House to impeach then-President Donald Trump, calling him a “clear and present danger” to the United States after some of his supporters breached the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.

Democrats by and large have decried the act, though Pelosi’s 2011 comments painted a different picture of so-called insurrectionists.

She commended Wisconsin protesters at the time for occupying the state’s capitol building over Act 10, a proposal targeting collective bargaining rights among public union workers.

The scene was similar to that of the pro-Trump riot in D.C. earlier this month, according to The Sun. Wisconsin protesters forced their way into the building by smashing doors and windows before camping out at the location for weeks in an effort to “kill the bill” introduced by then-Gov. Scott Walker, a Republican.

“It’s not unique to have protesters”

Lawmakers also reportedly received death threats — and GOP legislators had to be evacuated through tunnels by local police. At the time, however, Pelosi praised those involved in the takeover for an “impressive show of democracy in action.”

In recent days, her critics have zeroed in on those comments in an attempt to portray her as a hypocrite. Fox News contributor Marc Thiessen, for example, wrote in a recent column that “in other words, Democrats were for occupying capitols before they were against it.”

On the other hand, some supporters have said that the two incidents are incomparable based on the assertion that the Wisconsin protests were mostly peaceful.

Rep. Mark Pocan (D-MI) wrote: “Here you know they stormed Nancy Pelosi’s office, put their feet up on her desk. It’s very different, very disrespectful. It’s not unique to have protesters. These aren’t protesters. These are vandals. These are criminals.”

Pelosi presided over the delivery of an article of impeachment to the Senate earlier this week against the former president.

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27 Responses

  1. Nancy is out for Nancy and not the residence of the United States of America in 2002 Nancy and her husband put 1 million $ in the to Dominion company (the company that stole the election for the Democrats)

  2. I’m really upset how much the Democratic partly has done to ruin this country. What can be done to stop the criminals in our government

    1. I agree! We need to get all of these crooks out! What’s sickening is, they will never be voted out. The same damn people will vote for them again & again! They have to vote how their parents & grandparents voted. These Demonrats would make Jesus suffer & run him off if he was a Republican!

      1. How do you know that their elections are honest. I truly believe that with the amount of dishonesty in DC I personally believe that those who have been in office for 20-30 years and have done nothing for the ones they represent have to be “fake” results

        1. I totally agree with you. I have long thought something shady was going on. If Trump wasn’t so popular and gained so many real votes that made them do something drastic in the middle of the night, it wouldn’t have been that apparent. It was a coup. Our spineless Congress and courts allowed this to happen.

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  4. Pelosi, Schumer & the rest of the most corrupt DEMS must be charged with Treason & must be deported to the Antartica for GOOD!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Pelosi was never elected to her position. She wS pka ed by a friend.
    She’s an evil, vindictive woman and must be removed from office.

  6. We the people need to stand up for what’s right for all citizens in our country. If it means for IMPEACHMENT OF OUR LEADERS IN OUR GOVERNMENT, for what is happening to our nation ………
    Let’s get ALL off those IDIOTS OUT!!!!!
    Time for all of us to sign a petition. Someone should start one of NOW…..!!!

  7. Pelosi is s discusting woman who only does things for herself. She wants to become the leader of our country. She is hateful, disgusting, liar and every word to describe a deceitful person. She is 80 years old and her mind is leaving her. Not everyone who is 80 loses their mind but Nancy Pelosi has.

  8. Pelosi and her husband spent nearly a million dollars in Tesla just before Biden said the government was only going to use electric fleet. Is that insider trading?

  9. There is something we can do. Contact your governors, and state legistrators, and tell them to fight for our country. There are laws they can use to fight this mess. For instance the border wall is already paid for, all the bordering states need to do is work together and finish the job. As far as Biden is concerned, his administration can still be hammered. Josh Hawley, Mo. rep. senator is willing to fight all the way but he needs financial help. Consider donating to the cause.
    And one more thing, CANCEL your FB and Twitter accts. This really hurts big tech and may just make them change for the better.

  10. Nancy Pelosi and Schumer were the ones that caused what happened at the Capitol Bldg. They are lying about the cause. They paid to have the Antifa and QAnon people to start the riot and made sure there wasn’t enough Capitol police on hand to stop it. Think about who really gained from it. Democrats! Guess who were blamed for it. Republicans!! Use your common sense. Now Nancy is afraid of her shadow and wants to build a permanent fence around the Capitol and wants you to believe the Republicans in Congress are seditious gun toting enemies of the Congress. She has totally gone off her rocker. What they are doing will tear the country apart and start the next civil war in America.

  11. It’s really a shame that all this is happening to our country but the way things are right now doesn’t matter what you do and who tries to fight for our country Democrats have way too many people in their pockets and if you don’t agree with them they blackmail you or attack your family or want to deprogram you or categorize you as a terrorist I never ever thought in my lifetime that I would see anything of what is going on I am so ashamed at our president right now. He is just a puppet on a string and all the rest of them are telling him what to do and his son should be hung by his balls and Nancy Pelosi by her you know why and hung upside down in till the blood rushes to their head and explode that sounds horrible and I don’t like feeling that way but the life that we have now is only going to keep getting worse and someday we’re going to be called China because he’s going to sell us to the highest bitter God I hope that doesn’t happen

  12. Nasty Nancy is a worthless piece of crap & a waste of oxygen. The only reason she keeps getting reelected is there are too many stupid people in her district to realize what a traitor she is.

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