Pelosi compares the ‘stigma’ of supporting HIV/AIDS victims and transgender people

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) tendency to engage in hyperbolic comparisons to make a point was on full display on Friday while discussing a House bill known as the Equality Act.

While speaking about the legislation at a virtual Human Rights Campaign conference, Pelosi compared the “stigma” of supporting people with HIV/AIDS to supporting transgender individuals, Breitbart reported.

Pelosi on AIDS epidemic

The House Speaker, joined by Rep. David Cicilline (D-RI), a sponsor of the Equality Act and one of the few openly LGBT members of Congress, was engaged in a discussion with Human Rights Campaign President Alphonso David, who remarked on Pelosi’s outspoken support for victims of the HIV/AIDS epidemic when she first entered Congress in the late 1980s.

Pelosi claimed she received pushback for her first speech on the House floor, including from some Democrats, for raising the issue of the deadly disease.

She said she responded to the criticism by asserting that it had been her “purpose” in running for Congress to draw attention to the epidemic, hence the reason for her speech.

“But what it told me was that there were, for some — not those people exactly — but a stigma to all of this [talk about AIDS],” Pelosi said.

She then claimed that the opposition she received convinced her that “we have to get community-based research for prevention and care, we have to fight the discrimination of it all.”

Then vs. now

Pelosi fast-forwarded to the present fight for advancing the LGBTQ cause — particularly the “T” in that acronym and noted a similar level of resistance.

However, she said, “There are so many people on the outside fighting the fight, and in doing so being a model for others to fight their fight.”

Pelosi went on to claim that while some believed the goal of stigma-free equality was “inconceivable,” she and Democrats believed it was “inevitable,” and her purpose now was to erase the gap between those two viewpoints.

Breitbart noted there is one rather substantial issue with Pelosi’s comparison: HIV/AIDS, while treatable and no longer the guaranteed death sentence it once was, is nonetheless a fatal and transmissible disease. Transgenderism, however, also known as gender dysphoria, is not fatal or transmissible and is instead a psychological issue that can be treated with counseling, therapy, or elective surgery.

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  1. Not only is Pelosi and idiot, but she is a definite Communist, influenced by her father who was involved in the Communist party.

    1. She doesn’t have enough integrity to even be a commie ,it’s just a flavor trend of the times for her ,ie; virtue signaling

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  3. Nancy Pelosi has had a lobotomy and no one told her!
    She is one of the most corrupt people in Congress.
    I am always amazed that she keeps getting re-elected!
    She is also a hypocrite and phony catholic as is dementia
    Joe Biden! God save America from the madness that is the
    progressive liberal communist Democratic Party !!

  4. If Piglosi has her way, most of our kids will be turned transgender, chemically castrated, surgically maimed and confused! This is condoned child abuse! She must be thrown out of congress! She is a “ stigma” on our country!

  5. peelosi is a danger to our country & to the solid life that we used to know. When she talks it is hard for her to think straight because she is sitting on brain!


  7. Skanky tyrant peeholesi go walk your china town, just walk around your home town go check out the crap hole town you represent.

  8. Pelosi needs to be gone she is so out of touch with reality. She is trying to force this crap on us and it is not normal she does not have enough sense to know what is normal. She gets worse everyday.

  9. well, it’s very plain to see the Biden Administration is a disaster and with Pelosi demanding so many radical issues and being supported by so many democrats. America is being destroyed by Biden who is being led by some radical left-wing big money donors that are power-hungry and using Biden as their puppet. the American people should demand the impeachment of Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, and some other Radicals

    1. I agree wholeheartedly! She is a lying, cheating, stealing, vengeful, demented, psycho. You can count me in on voting for HER impeachment. She can take her puppets (Biden, Schumer, Kamala) with her. None of these people care about America 🇺🇸. What is wrong with the people who can do this, are they afraid or don’t they have clean records?

  10. She will stand before Jesus and have to answer for the things she has done. You cannot be forgiven if you keep committing the sins over and over. She lies, got rich off of insider trading and her family is crooked like the Clintons and Biden’s. She supports abortion and LGBT, all are in the Bible as sins.

  11. This is another person that needs to answer to the Bishops of the Catholic Church. She is way off base on every decision, she is a money grabber, and uses every penny she can get her hands on for “PERSONAL USE”. We are just feeding her bad behavior of drinking, etc.

  12. Why do we need laws governing transgenderism fo 1-2% of the population. Live and let live. There is no threat to me.

  13. When Biden gets booted for dementia, she will become the next vice president unless something drastic happens.

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