Dr. Marc Siegel says Nancy Pelosi should ‘stop pontificating’ on Trump’s health

After President Trump abruptly halted COVID-19 economic relief negotiations with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) on Tuesday, Pelosi reportedly speculated that the steroid medications he was prescribed to fight COVID-19 were “impacting his thinking.”

On Wednesday, Fox News medical contributor Dr. Marc Siegel fired back by ordering Pelosi to “stop pontificating on the president’s health” due to her complete ignorance of his actual circumstances. 

Put in her place

CNN correspondent Manu Raju reported on Tuesday: “On a Democratic call, reacting to the President abruptly breaking off stimulus talks, Speaker Pelosi questioned whether Trump taking a steroid was impacting his thinking, according to two people on the call.”

This isn’t the first time Pelosi has speculated about the state of Trump’s health, and it likely will not be the last. Dr. Siegel appears to be fed up with Pelosi’s baseless speculations though and said as much during an appearance on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Wednesday evening.

“To Speaker Pelosi, who is not a physician, I wish she would stop pontificating on the president’s health given that not only isn’t she a physician, but she hasn’t seen his chart,” Siegel told Carlson.

Siegel explained that despite his status as a physician, he also cannot make specific statements about Trump’s treatment because he does not have access to Trump’s medical records.

“I haven’t seen his chart … so I’m not going to say what the impact of steroids or anything else is other than … he looks healthy, he’s breathing comfortably,” Siegel said. “He’s not short of breath, he doesn’t have oxygen and he’s going back to work in the Oval [Office]. That, to physicians, is a very positive sign.”

Dr. Brian Garibaldi, a specialist in pulmonary critical care, further dismantled Pelosi’s odd speculation, saying that Trump received his first dose of the steroid, Dexamethasone, on Saturday and did not appear to be experiencing any adverse side effects.

Shift the blame

White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows also hit Pelosi for her wild speculation, saying on Wednesday that Trump’s decision has nothing to do with medications and everything to do with Pelosi herself.

“Anybody who’s negotiated with Nancy Pelosi more than a month will realize that cutting off the deal has nothing to do with steroids,” Meadows said on “Special Report”. “It has more to do with the person that looks in the mirror when she gets up in the morning.”

Pelosi and the White House have been in negotiations over a new coronavirus economic relief bill for weeks to no avail, with Pelosi repeatedly rejecting the White House’s efforts to come to a consensus.

Just after returning to the White House after spending the weekend receiving treatment for COVID-19 President Trump opted to cut his losses and end the process with Pelosi, announcing instead that he is willing to sign individual relief measures such as another round of direct payments.

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