‘A broken system’: Pelosi suggests Trump’s policies led to mounting crisis at US-Mexico border

Since President Joe Biden took office on Jan. 20, America has seen a veritable surge of migrants flood its southern border, including thousands of unaccompanied minors.

In the eyes of Republicans, the situation amounts to an all-out crisis brought on by Biden’s lax immigration policies. But despite all the evidence to the contrary, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) just pinned the blame for the situation at the U.S.–Mexico border on former President Donald Trump.

“A broken system”

Speaking with ABC News host George Stephanopoulos on Sunday’s broadcast of This Week, Pelosi characterized the recent surge of migrants, especially children, as “a humanitarian challenge to all of us.”

“What the administration has inherited is a broken system at the border, and they are working to correct that in the children’s interest,” the speaker insisted, according to The Daily Wire.

According to the long-serving San Francisco congresswoman, Biden is attempting to pursue “a transition from what was wrong before to what is right.”

“There are many reasons that go into this, but the fact is, we have to deal with it at the border,” she explained, citing “climate change” as a potential cause of the crisis.

“Four years of dismantling”

Of course, Pelosi isn’t alone in attributing the problem to former President Trump, as The Daily Wire notes. Democratic Rep. Veronica Escobar (TX) has made similar assertions in recent days.

“This is not something that happened as a result of Joe Biden becoming president,” Escobar told CNN over the weekend, according to The Daily Wire.

“We saw the increases dating back almost a year, and this was during the Trump administration,” she added. “What we are seeing today is the consequence of four years of dismantling every system in place to address this with humanity and compassion.”

“The policy failed”

But as the Daily Wire pointed out, some 30,000 unaccompanied minors entered the United States in February 2021 — more than we saw in the entirety of 2020. And the influx only began after Biden began rolling back his predecessor’s policies, including a Trump-era rule requiring asylum-seekers to remain in Mexico while their claims are processed, as Fox News reported.

And that was just the beginning.

“This is something that President Biden created, and he can fix this today by reversing the order,” House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) said last week following a visit to the border with other GOP lawmakers, according to Fox. “He’s got to recognize the policy failed.”

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31 Responses

      1. At their age, there is no guarantee how long they will remain on this planet.
        Satan is waiting to put them into the deepest fires of HELL, WHERE THEY WILL BURN FOREVER

    1. The Democrats caused the capitol riots, the southern border crisis, the elimination of 11M jobs plus revenue stopping the pipeline. This administration isn’t for the American people and they are the cause of our situation. It’s time to impeach President, VP, Speaker of House and the radicals for treason and violation of the Constitution. WE THE PEOPLE have the right to pursuit of happiness and eliminating jobs isn’t our pursuit of happiness.

  1. How can the Democrats seriously believe this? President Trump was working to make America safe in so very many ways. U S Citizens should have the right to live in a safe country. Anyone can make donations at any time to any cause they feel is important to them. How do the few in Government have the right as to how our tax dollars are spent? !!!! A great majority of American Citizens are God loving and fearing people … This the Democrats will never be able to take away no matter how hard they try. May God bless us all and watch over us.

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  3. We people with an active brain all knows that Nancy Pelosi is a NOTHING… her statements about people prove it…she needs to retire immediately if not sooner…she’s old…out of date…causing lies to be ok….very hateful n full of HATE……and she is herself guilty of many wrongs that have not been made right….when she speaks we laugh

    1. Nancy Pelosi and the corrupt demorats clan have Broken their Oaths of office! Putting illegals and rioters first! Remove them and Now.

  4. We have heard this story time and time again. Pelosi Schumer are doing their best shift the blame, and i you beleive these crumbs i guess you’d belive anything.

  5. is anybody else of the so called important people in DC running the show and then blame someone else for all the crap that they did– time to clean out the Congress and rid the country of the so called important trash that has made a huge living off us while we suffer — i.e. Dianne –Nancy –Chuckie –to name a few term limits MUST BE VOTED IN

  6. Pelosi is a very mentally sick evil woman infect their is a whole bunch of evil sick politicians that have been in office to long to the point that they think that they are our bosses . America is in desperate need to have term limits for these old Bastards who think that they are our Dictators . I hope that the American people don’t wait to long wondering what we should do about these crooked Democrats. We the people can’t let them take away our Freedom and I think that we all know what we are going to have to do in the end and the Democrats aren’t going to like it.

  7. The Democratic party knows that the majority of American people hate their evil lying , hypocrite as is. And they are going to push their lies on to the American people for as long as it takes to destroy our freedom and completely take control of the Country and it’s people. The majority of the people know that there was corruption involved in stealing this election from the people by the Democrats. The Democrats are building a bomb that is going to blow up in their faces like all the other bomb that have blown up in their faces in the past so many times while Trump was in office

  8. When is the current administration going to take blame for there actions.
    Normally before any new action there is a plan put into place before the old one is cancelled or changed. It seems that the Dems stop or change one policy without having a new one in place. There answer is to blame the past for the screwups that they made.

  9. Where do you Democrat’s think your going to put all these illegal’s??? I have a good idea Half should go move in with Pelosi & other’s living in California, and the rest could go live with the Bidens in Delaware!!! Feed them & clothe them& be sure to pay for it all out of your pockets. We legal Americans are tired & fed up putting up with your crap, none of you have done a decent day’s work, so outta here.!!!! No more voting your way & getting big money from those corrupt businesses,you know you will have to answer to someone
    higher up one day. By the way tell Schumer we will tell other’s that our thought’s & prayers are with whomever we please & he can get lost!!!

  10. Where is my post? Clearly this site is NOT conservative! Anything said against this farce administration is not posted!

  11. JOE Biden looks like a foundling old man he looks like he should be in a nursing home I think that he is out of touch and certainly can not due the job as pres.

    1. Joe Biden is the current ‘puppet’ acting as President because he was elected only as a result of spreading endless political messages based on personalized hate, buying votes and spending money!!– Kamala Harris is following him around everywhere, smiling at the camera hoping to get people to think she is a warm & likeable woman while learning ‘the ropes’ to get readied to take her next step up to the executive role beyond Biden at our expense. His use of executive orders are an effort to prove that he is capable of governing yet only require him to write his name. If his Party had ever done what their spending of our tax dollars should have accomplished for the people over the last 6 decades we would not now be facing the same issues and problems that have either remained unsolved or swept under the rug time and again. Any Party Agenda should never be more important than the citizens of our Republic or cooperative work done in their interest. Obama’s 3rd term background cronies have ramped up & are calling the shots in the Party Politics of change as begun in 2008. What is the price??

  12. Trump had everything under control at borders,until what’s my name Biden got in to office and screwed everything up,with his false campaign promises. The idot and his cronies all need to be impeached for lying to win an election.

  13. Hope all you democrats are happy now that Biden and Harris are in office they are taking our country down the tubes one day at a time! They are unfit to be in office.

  14. This evil old hag needs to be removed from office IMMEDIATLY IF NOT SOONER! Our borders were more secure with President Trump and now we have a CRISIS with Stupid Biden and EVIL Pelosi and yet she won’t admit it!! Can’t someone step forward and help our country! Get these EVIL people out of office!

  15. Pig, Pig, Piglosi you know this was a Bad, Bad, Biden thing. He’s the one who opened up our SECURE border and invited all the illegals in. You need to get your facts right. IMPEACH PIGLOSI, BIG BAD JOE BIDEN, HARRIS and the rest of the IDIOTS that are trying to destroy our Country!!!!!

  16. Nutsy is just trying to protect the real reason for the mess at the Border that being Obozo’s DACA IGNORANCE. Now she is protecting Pedo Joe and his Obozo do over IGNORANCE.

  17. Pelosi does not remember Obama set up the cages. Trump tried to fix the issue. Biden cancelled Trumps fix. Then biden sent a signal to give amnesty to 11000 immigrants. The flood stared. Pelosi is in the same boat as Biden, Dementia. 9% to covid 1.9 trillion total where did the rest go? Brain damage I say.

  18. When are they going to take the blame for there actions! Trump is no longer the president and all the dumbacrats are to stupid to run a country so they need to be removed! Sooner the better

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