Report: Pelosi and Trump haven’t spoken directly for an entire year

This week marked a dismal anniversary, one that is emblematic of the sharp partisanship that has consumed American politics.

According to a report from The Hill, Friday marked one full year since House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and President Donald Trump have spoken directly to each other.

A year of non-communication

On Oct. 16, 2019, following Pelosi’s lead, Democratic leaders from the House and Senate abruptly stormed out of a meeting in the White House with the president and Republican congressional leaders after an argument had ensued and insults had been traded, Breitbart News reported.

It was during that meeting that Pelosi questioned the president’s mental health and the president responded by calling the speaker a “third-rate politician,” prompting her to exit the building with other Democratic leaders in tow.

It’s only gotten worse

A full year has passed since the incident and nothing has improved between Trump and Pelosi. In fact, their already tumultuous relationship has only grown more strained.

Shortly after that 2019 meeting, Pelosi shifted the House impeachment effort against Trump into overdrive.

As it became clear that Trump would survive impeachment, Pelosi displayed her intense hatred of him by dramatically ripping up her copy of his State of the Union address immediately after the president’s annual speech to Congress.

Gone are the old days of bipartisanship

Even now, as the nation grapples with a pandemic and economic downturn, the speaker continues to refuse to engage in direct conversation with the president, instead only working through intermediaries like Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin or other representatives of the White House.

As noted by The Hill, Trump and Pelosi’s rocky relationship is quite unusual in comparison to past congressional leaders and presidents of opposing parties, who were typically able to set aside political and personal differences in order to work together in conducting the necessary business of the nation.

That sort of bipartisan amicability seems awfully distant these days, and it will be telling to see whether Pelosi will avoid speaking directly to Trump all the way until Election Day.

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