Tone-deaf Pelosi under fire after showing off freezer full of gourmet ice cream

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is under fire for showing off her quarantine stash of gourmet ice cream during an appearance on comedian James Cordon’s late-night talk show Monday. 

Pelosi showed off her freezer’s contents as she and Cordon talked about how they are spending their time at home under stay-at-home orders.

She then tweeted about it, saying, “We all have found our ways to keep our spirits up during these trying times. Mine just happens to fill up my freezer.”

Let them eat cake

Critics felt that Pelosi’s bragging was in poor taste and out of touch when 22 million Americans filed for unemployment in the last month and photos show food bank lines stretching for miles.

Comparisons to elitist French Queen Marie Antoinette allegedly saying, “Let them eat cake” about starving French peasants ahead of the French Revolution, in which she lost her head, abounded after Pelosi’s segment aired.

The fact that Pelosi is blocking the expansion of coronavirus small business relief without which thousands of small businesses may not survive only made her bragging seem more insensitive. The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) ran out of funds on Thursday as Democrats stood in the way of GOP efforts to quickly expand the program.

Republicans call Pelosi out

“While Nancy Pelosi sits in her ivory tower in San Francisco, eating $13 dollar a pint ice cream out of her $24,000 fridge, she is cheering on Democrats for blocking coronavirus relief aid that has so far been distributed to 1.3 million small businesses that is about to run out,” the Republican National Committee’s rapid response director, Steve Guest, tweeted in response.

“We are not in a stalemate on the Republican side,” House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy told Fox News host Bill Hemmer. “The only problem here is Democrats are denying the ability for small businesses to get their loans from the SBA to pay their employees. We’ve got the Speaker being on late-night TV, more [interested in] showcasing her gourmet ice cream than securing the funding.”

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) took it a step further, offering to give Pelosi all of his ice cream if she will stop blocking additional PPP funding. Watch:

Biden: Pelosi has “great taste”

Presidential candidate Joe Biden seemed to share Pelosi’s mindset rather than be bothered by her largesse.

Either that or he knows he needs to suck up to her so she’ll support his candidacy. While there aren’t really any other contenders for the nomination at this point, I’m sure Biden could be replaced pretty easily if Democrats really wanted to do so.

At any rate, these limousine liberals really need to consider that there could be many angry people out there who feel that the government has wrecked this economy and that they don’t really care about all the economic destruction they have caused.

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