Pelosi isn’t interested in working with GOP on infrastructure: ‘We cannot settle for what we can agree on’

At her weekly press conference Thursday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) delved deep into her and her fellow Democrats’ plans for a massive new infrastructure package.

But while her caucus holds just a slim majority in Congress’ lower chamber, Pelosi has shockingly opted to throw bipartisanship to the wind in that regard, The Washington Times reported Thursday.

Saving the planet?

According to the Times, much of the proposed infrastructure package’s $3 trillion price tag will be devoted to traditional projects like roads and bridges, but a significant portion will focus on climate change objectives — ones that Republicans may not be on board with.

Among Democrats’ reported plans for the bill is to set America up to reach President Joe Biden’s goal of having net-zero carbon emissions in less than three decades.

According to Pelosi, that’s not something she’s willing to compromise on.

“We cannot settle for what we can agree on,” she told reporters Thursday, according to the Times. “We have to recognize that this bill is about the future, recognizing the climate crisis and the need for greening.”

The long-serving congressman went on: “We cannot abandon our responsibility to make this a bill for the future, to save the planet.”

A mounting crisis

According to Times, Pelosi also addressed Thursday the growing crisis at the southern border, attempting to shift blame away from President Biden and toward his Republican predecessor.

“This is the time of the year when there are more people coming traditionally,” Pelosi said when confronted about the number of migrants who have been attempting to cross into the U.S. in recent weeks.

“It’s important to note that more people are coming now because COVID prevented people from coming. So we have a somewhat doubling down of the people who are coming,” Pelosi added. “Why else would a mom and a child cross a desert to come to the United States?”

But while the House speaker may believe there’s been “harm” done “in the last four years” that needs to be “deconstructed” before moving forward, many on the right feel the sharp uptick in migration has been exacerbated not by Donald Trump, but by President Biden’s campaign rhetoric.

Fox News reported this week that Biden had declared during a 2019 presidential primary debate, “We’re a nation that says, ‘You want to flee, and you’re fleeing oppression, you should come.'” Now that he’s president, it looks like many have taken his words to heart.

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28 Responses

  1. Did you learn Spanish yet? You’re going to need it! The invaders will be Biden’s boatload of demicruds. So, if many Americans can learn Spanish, it’s time to turn those gate-crashers into Republicans quickly! It’s necessary you take lead with these people before the Dems start rotting their souls.

  2. You Might Like
    who is NOT interested in doing anything for the American people……..
    Send her packing, she can go home, she does NOT belong in our government any longer…….

    1. She needs to go back to California with kalama Harris and CLEAN UP THAT PIG STY IN SAN FRANCISCO!!!!!!

    2. problem is when I hear about her being impeached as soon it never happens so when I read the article I just don’t believe it she will stay there until she probably turns 90 years old she’ll still be in there but she’ll never get impeached the Democrats are too strong and they cover her up to protect her so all this is bunch of corruption with the government. And we don’t even get our stimulus checks now since the Democrats took over don’t get one anymore I have my other two before but the Republicans were in charge that just seems to me like a big cover-up the government is corrupt

  4. Notice the ILLEGALS are all calling Biden their President. He’s ONLY President to them — Americans say TRUMP is our President — Biden, NOT MY PRESIDENT!

    1. I saw a car window with a sticker that said BIDEN is NOT my President, with the 🇺🇸 I WANT one for each vehicle, my forehead and my back! So everyone can see it coming and going!

  5. I say…”ASK THE TAX PAYERS WHAT THEY THINK!!!!” We see we cannot trust our representatives to speak for us…not at all anymore. Therefore, on these decisions affecting our money, we should speak for ourselves. Senators and Reps should request input form those they represent and bring it forward…petitions should be double checked for duplications, cheating, of course…etc.

  6. Anyone know if China is trading in China yet? Wonder why? Bet they are happy about Biden trying to take our firearms away.

  7. Pelosi that was the dumbest remark that you have made of why people come here. You lousy excuse of a human being. Here lets figure that out…We have the Bidden-Harris circus going on and we still have to put up with you hacks. You are the reason they come here, most people like clowns but when that clown wears a big red nose and her name is Pelosi you don’t have to look to far for her monkey on a string schumer. You hacks! why don’t we start by taking your portion of that Trillion and put it into making appartments for the illegals YOU and your scum bag friends to come over. You have had at least 20,000 buisness leave your state, which means that your have all the room for them and you made your little city is back in the black. You are all to old, to stupid and illequipt to deal with the mess YOU have made. Lets see some of that responsibility and pay your $5,000 fine for avoiding the scanners, Start working with the real people who see what is going on. But none theless be prepared for impeachment. We will start with the Clintons and work our way up to you.

  8. Pelosi is a big fool. It sounds like she hasn’t thought about all the other countries who put the carbon emissions all over this world. All she is wanting to do is spend 3 trillion dollars of the tax payers money on a lot of B.S. and so the democrats can put a lot of it in their pocks.

  9. What is wrong with the Democrats??they don’t give a damn about America, only their own pockets!time to go Pelosi, Schumer,Nadler and the rest of them. Move out!!! This country has no use for you!!! Sick people( the devils advocates)

  10. Pelosi is a school yard bully and does not want any one to have a say in her beliefs or opinions. This is a form of brain damage.

  11. What climate crisis???? “Save the Planet”??? Does this fossil believe in GOD????? He doesn’t need help saving whatever HE CREATED… That’s why HE said: “I’LL BE BACK”!!!

  12. It is simple, we have frsudulant election behind us, RECOUNT of bsllots failed, and all mess begone. Pelosi has done lot of damage, and Capitol Hill has nothing done about it.
    Borders policy set by Donald Trump worked and shall be respected.
    Where from came idea of 51 votes against 50 shall change our decrees!? 75% of majority, not less shall decide about any lawful changes!

    We have too many brain washed and CORRUPTED people at the Capitol Hill, it is how corruption is taking place.

    Southern border rumor is created intentionally, that we don’t think about fraud of election, recounting ballots, and removing criminals out of our sight, from Capitol Hill streight to prisons, where they belong!

  13. US Supreme Court, 1 First Street NE, Washington, DC 20543
    You cannot call or email — you must write a letter!!!
    Write to them tell the cowards we want them to look in to the voter fraud.
    The KKK was started and ran by the Democrats as a way to control the people, isn’t this cancel culture the same thing. Read your history.
    If freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we will be led like sheep to the slaughter. George Washington

  14. Piglosi is undoubtedly the most ignorant person on the congressional floor! The reason so many illegals are coming is because, like his mentor Obama, Biden INVITED them! Obama did the same thing! They were promised utopia, instead they are in cages! Don’t forget, OBAMA built those cages! Trump had the border under control, Biden tore every deterrent to illegal immigration down. Now, he bans any news networks from seeing what is going on, so—— what the hell is he hiding? He refuses to admit HE created this mess, it is out of control, so he tasks the other village idiot Harris to take care of it! Come on man, all she can do is cackle when asked a serious question, and THIS clown circus is supposed to be running the country? Piglosi is in charge along with Obama! Biden and Harris are obama’s Stooges who will take the fall for him! When the time is right, Obama and Rice will walk in and take over, “ to save the country because gropey joe F-Ed it all up”, perfect coup! It has been in the works since before 2016. Trump temporarily foiled the plan, that is why they want to destroy him and all his supporters! We better stand up and fight back, or loose our country to the destroyers!

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