Pelosi will address future plans on Thursday

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said she will address her future plans on Thursday after Republicans officially won the majority in the lower chamber, dethroning her from her speaker position when the new term begins in 2023.

Pelosi said through Deputy Chief of Staff Drew Hammill that she has been “overwhelmed” by the outpouring of phone calls from her House colleagues, friends, and supporters.

Will she stay?

Pelosi is still a congresswoman after being re-elected last week, but it has generally been thought that she would retire and give up her seat if Republicans retook the majority during the midterms rather than see her power greatly reduced.

She is now 82 years old, so it’s not clear how much longer she would be able to serve anyway. Not that that’s stopping Democrats these days.

During an interview with CNN after her husband Paul Pelosi was attacked in their home, Pelosi said that the attack would influence her future political decisions.

Pelosi was attacked with a hammer by David DePape, and is expected to fully recover.

Republicans will take power

The Republican takeover will change the power structure of the House, including all committees and head leadership.

Republicans will now be able to chair House committees, set the agenda, and engage in investigations into any issue they see fit.

While they will not have a majority in the Senate no matter what happens in the Georgia runoff election next month, they will still be able to investigate Democrats including President Joe Biden, and even impeach him if they find clear grounds to do so.

Rep. Kevin McCarthy (D-CA) is expected to be the new Speaker of the House.