GOP congressman says Pelosi’s security ‘theater’ at Capitol is meant to suggest ‘Republicans are dangerous’

On the heels of the continued controversy surrounding the extreme security measures still in place at the U.S. Capitol complex, one Republican representative just exposed what he believes to be House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) dirty little secret.

During a radio interview on Friday, Rep. Mike Rogers (R-AL) revealed that he believes the purpose of the added security measures around the U.S. Capitol, thanks in part to decisions made by Pelosi, is “to create the impression that Republicans are dangerous.”

“Absolutely no reason”

According to Breitbart, Rogers’ stunning comments came during an interview on Friday with Mobile, Alabama’s Radio FM Talk 106.5. The Alabama lawmaker began by discussing the fencing that was erected around the Capitol following the violent riots that unfolded on Jan. 6 as Congress assembled to certify the 2020 election.

“There’s absolutely no reason for that fencing to be up anymore,” Rogers said, as Breitbart reported. “There never was any reason.”

According to Rogers, the riot was the result of “poor planning on the part of the Capitol police and the Metropolitan police.” He went on to note that there are “much bigger protests in Washington on a regular basis.”

However, Rogers said that despite police and federal agencies having “good intel” with regard to the possibility of a dangerous situation unfolding on that day, local law enforcement “just did a terrible job of planning for it.”

It’s all “theater”

According to Breitbart, Rogers went on to argue that the added security measures at the Capitol, such as the prison-like fencing and U.S. National Guard troops, are nothing more than political “theater” orchestrated, in part, by Pelosi.

“There was never a reason to bring in all the fencing and the razor wire and the large presence of National Guardsmen,” Rogers said. “That’s all theater that Nancy Pelosi is trying to create the impression that Republicans are dangerous and Trump was the cause of all of this. It’s silly.”

Rogers added that the “most outrageous” thing currently happening is that Pelosi requires House members to “walk through magnetometers to go on the House floor.”

“If you don’t walk through them, then you get hit with a $5,000 fine that they automatically deduct from your next paycheck,” Rogers said, as Breitbart reported. “She’s just out of control.”

The latest

Recently, it was reported that the U.S. Secretary of Defense approved an extension to keep the National Guard deployed at the U.S. Capitol until May 23. Several rationales were given by leadership for the decision, including one which said that the troops are needed for threat prevention and another which indicated that the troops are needed to help short-staffed, local police.

After a quick glance through social media feeds on the topic, it’s clear that Rogers isn’t the only person who believes Pelosi is using both the National Guard soldiers and the fencing as props to create the false impression that nefarious threats from right-wing extremists are always on the horizon.

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30 Responses

  1. Send our men home, Nancy Pelosi is totally responsible for the riot that happened on Jan. 6. She is in charge of security for the state capital and failed to do her job, in order to be able to blame Trump for anything that might happened. The FBI, Nancy Pelosi and even AOC were warned that something might happen a week before. I say she should be held accountable for the outbreak.

        1. I agree totally,she is a dried up evil old woman who thinks she needs money and power. Why they don’t say no is beyond me. What can she do without their vote when they think she is wrong.

  2. That nasty hateful woman is dangerous to this country. She should be censored or removed from congress. What she has done is treasonous.

    1. EVIL, OLD WITCH, LIAR Pelosi is completely responsible, because she was made well aware of the situation prior to 1/6 AND DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. SHE IS A COMPLETE FAILURE.

      1. If one does not see the true and real Nancy Pelosi, then that person is really dense…she is really evil and lies about everything that comes out of her mouth. I will be very surprise if this is printed as 9 times out of 10 I do not agree with Quinnipiac University and surprised they have a conservative side.

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  4. IF the GOP is so dangerous…WHAT about those who fired on, & nearly killed Rep, Scalise & teammates as they played baseball game???

  5. Their big plan was to win this election since 2016 and win everything . They are liars, cheaters and very bad people for this country. IMPEACH all of them before they do anymore damage. I miss our President and my President Trump.

  6. We need to take the house away from that evil drunk. It will kill her if she loses her power. She is keeping the troops because she know the american people isn’t going to like her and biden running everything down our necks. There will be a special place for her biden administration harris and the democrats. It is called hell and all of them will burn in hell for eternity. It’s hard to feel sorry for those democrats that are working for the devil.

  7. What is Pelosi breathing in all those different mask that she changes every day. There has to be some drug that has her all hyped up. She should where the everyday paper mask that is provided when you enter a building then maybe she would breath some fresh air and clear her mind of all that S*** that she has breathed in and stored up for so long. No telling how much these mask cost and what taxpayer fund is paying for them, you can bet she is not paying for them.

  8. She”PELOSI”is DEFINITELY OUT OF CONTROL and AGAIN she knew about the 1/6/21 so called riot or she’d be ranting & raving like aoc I thought I was going to die ! Come on people we all know Ms drama Queen pelosi she keep it going and the fence and our men still being there YES Queen drama is trying to make her sick EVIL MINDED POINT that Republicans are evil NO PELOSI YOU ARE THE EVIL OF ALL EVIL

  9. Even though BLM and ANTIFA that have terrorized the country for over a year now are the brain children of the Democrats. Republicans are the ones to blame. Delusional Nancy needs to put put to pasture for being the old cow that she is.

  10. From what I read about Pelosi all the time it seems like the American people don’t trust her and the Majority of the voters would like to see her gone ASAP before she screws up things worse than what they are.

  11. If we could get hold of this witch she’d think more than dangerous. When politicians want security such as her, then they know they have done a diservice to us. Politic is becoming a very bad choice for liveing a long life. I would have a problem liveing with myself the actions and words some of these people are promoteing is a big problem to our national security and our way of liveing.

  12. Nancy Pelosi is using the NG as her personal army to keep her administration(yes her administration Biden is a puppet), in office. They are facing in the wrong direction. they should be enforcing the constitution against Pelosi’s COUP.

  13. The only danger in the capitol building is Piglosi herself! She is the one behind the 1/6/21 “ riot”! She set it up so she could blame Trump and impeach him. Because it blew up in her face again, she fears antifa and blm will come to collect their pay from her. She needs to be kicked out of congress! I call upon the congress to “ vacate the chair” remove Piglosi as speaker and kick her out, the install a conservative republican who will work FOR the people of this country, not against them.

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