Democrats plan to end ban on taxpayer-funding for abortions: report

Expect House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) to lead her party even farther left next year — especially on one particular issue: abortion.

The Los Angeles Times reports that, with Pelosi’s approval, House Democrats are hoping to get rid of the historically bipartisan Hyde Amendment — the decades-old prohibition against the use of federal taxpayer funds to pay for abortion procedures.

The plan coincides with Democrats’ assumption that they will maintain the House and flip control of the Senate and White House in November, holding complete control of the government next year.

Even if the party fails to gain a sufficient majority in the Senate, the plan likely hinges on the expectation that intense pressure from a Democrat-controlled House and White House, as well as their media allies, can overcome any remaining opposition.

Taxpayer-funded abortions on demand

According to The Times, Pelosi told a group of fellow Democratic lawmakers recently that — presuming she was still the speaker in the next term — the Hyde Amendment prohibition would not be included in any spending bills in the House, starting next year.

A request for confirmation from Pelosi’s office received only a cryptic reply from the Speaker’s spokesman Drew Hammill: “The House will work its will.”

The ostensible reasoning behind this proposed abandonment of a decades-long compromise is that Democrats have suddenly decided that the Hyde Amendment is discriminatory and evidence of systemic racism, in that it places an undue burden on the abilities of the poor and minority women to obtain an abortion.

This planned opposition to the Hyde Amendment prohibition — first established in 1976 and renewed annually ever since — is not a fait accompli, and it will likely take intense pressure from the aforementioned parties to compel moderate Democrats, particularly those in swing districts, to abandon the longstanding compromise and fully embrace this radically pro-abortion position.

“This is a terribly reckless push on the part of Democrats to force taxpayers to fund abortion on demand,” the spokeswoman for the pro-life Susan B. Anthony List, Mallory Quigley, told the Times. “People don’t want to be complicit in abortion with their taxpayer dollars, regardless of how they identify, pro-life or pro-choice.”

Not an impossibility

While it may seem like this push to force taxpayers to fund abortions is a long shot, the Washington Examiner warned in an op-ed that it is not entirely out of the question, particularly if Democrats are able to hold the House and gain control of both the Senate and White House.

Democratic nominee Joe Biden already flipped his previously supportive stance on the Hyde Amendment last year, has vowed to overturn the Mexico City Policy that prohibits federal funds for abortions in foreign nations, and has expressed support for codifying the Roe v. Wade decision as federal law. Vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris went even further, suggesting that the Justice Department should review, and presumably overturn, any state laws regulating access to abortion procedures.

And given all of the talk from Democrats about abolishing the 60-vote threshold of the filibuster, a pro-life minority in the Senate can’t be counted on to stop this from happening. This is a truly frightening prospect for any pro-life American, and proves all the more just how important it is for Republicans to hold the White House and Senate and regain the House.

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