Pence pens op-ed excoriating Biden, Dems for sparking ‘worst border crisis’ in US history

Former Vice President Mike Pence has remained active in the political realm since leaving office and is set to use his clout to help fellow Republicans in next year’s midterm elections. In fact, it may already be beginning.

In a scathing Daily Signal op-ed published on Wednesday, Pence broke his silence on the disastrous immigration policies of President Joe Biden.

“We delivered”

Pence wrote that Biden and the Democratic Party have created “the worst border crisis in the history of our country,” calling on the president to reinstate the Trump administration’s hardline approach to border and immigration issues.

“For years, politicians promised to secure the border,” he wrote. “Under the last administration, we delivered.”

Last month, roughly 170,000 undocumented migrants were apprehended along the nation’s southern border and thousands of unaccompanied minors are being held in detention facilities. Meanwhile, arrests and deportations have dropped sharply since Biden sought to limit such actions by Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Although Biden has generally declined to refer to the border situation as a crisis, he has focused on the “root causes” of a migrant surge while attempting to pin the situation on his predecessor.

Pence, however, said the problem is being caused “solely and exclusively by Democrats’ open border policies,” contrasting Biden’s negligence on the issue with former President Donald Trump’s success. He went on to note that neither Biden nor Vice President Kamala Harris has prioritized visiting the U.S.–Mexico border to survey the situation for themselves.

“You cannot be for both”

The former vice president accused Biden of treating ICE “like a concierge service” for undocumented immigrants while bringing back “catch and release” policies that send the message that the nation’s border is open.

“Smugglers are dropping toddlers from atop 14-foot-high border barriers, leaving children as young as 3 to fend for themselves in the wilderness,” Pence wrote.

Democrats have embraced open-border policies as a “key precept,” he argued, and some might even see the current crisis as a “victory” in the pursuit of their ideological goals.

Pence noted, however, that the spoils of such a victory would be a “sea of poisonous drugs and violence” along with “lost jobs, lower wages, overcrowded schools, and overburdened public services” for American citizens.

“Open borders combined with free health care, education, and welfare is a recipe for disaster,” he concluded. “You can be for working-class families or you can be for open borders — but you cannot be for both.”

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14 Responses

  1. Judas Pence we wouldn’t be here today with Dementia Joe if you weren’t complicit with the commie steal … of a stolen election … write all your op-eds
    You’re finished with any and all Trump voter supporters !

    1. you temporary small mind,not realise that time finish all bad aand evil today american evil is paralitic pseudo Biden called president,and bunch of you brainless lunatics, wait to 2022 and open your poor IQ face to all honest americans

    2. He was doing an honest job. So he is not a Judas Pence. I love Trump , but face it he was asking for something that Pence saw as wrong!!!

  2. Pence is a two face coward. He had a chance to halt the illegal certification on Jan 6 by sending it back to the states and he failed. Now look.what this country.has in the WH. I wouldn’t back Pence for dog catcher.

    1. Pence couldn’t have changed the outcome of the election, Pelosi had four years to rig the election with mail in ballots and other under the table deals. She must have used some congressional muscle to keep the courts from even looking at one complaint filed by Trump or the republican party! Trump/Pence 2024!

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  4. I believe mike pence is a Christian man I believe he prayed about everything he was faced with and I believe God let things happen for a reason , I love Trump I voted for him and I believe God is in control. Pray about everything and fear nothing God has this!

  5. I hope this means that all is forgiven between Mike Pence and Donald Trump. He should have discussed his decision to NOT contest the certifying of the Electoral Count with President Trump. It was going too far for Mr. Trump to say on Jan. 6 the his VP didn’t have “the guts” But Trump is known for not mincing his words.

    I don’t expect Mr. Trump to ask Mr. Pence to be his running mate if he decides to do a Grover Cleveland and run for a non-consecutive 2nd term, but at least Pence has Trump’s back in shaming Biden for his blunders.


  7. Sorry, Pence did not only let down Trump, but every God fearing Christian that voted for him. It is not just about each other up there on capitol hill, but about what is right and wrong. Pence knew that corruption was going on at many precincts and when he had an opportunity to bring it out, he failed “We the People” immensely! I can no longer trust him w/my vote or to do good for our nation. The republicans are a do nothing group and don’t deserve support, saving but a few handful senators and congressmen. The majority seem to agree w/the dems, because they never correct their wrongs.

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