Report: Pence opts not to attend CPAC, Trump to headline Sunday finale

When Donald Trump makes his first post-presidency appearance at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) next weekend, somebody who was once very close to him will be conspicuously missing.

Former Vice President Mike Pence made the decision to turn down an invitation for the conservative conference, according to Fox News

Pence declines CPAC invite

Pence has been laying low since leaving office. The former VP and radio host has joined the conservative think tank the Heritage Foundation and is also starting a new podcast, The Hill reports.

It’s not clear why Pence is not going to CPAC, but some may speculate about anger relating to the recent January riot at the Capitol, which saw tensions between Trump and his former VP come to a head.

According to Fox, an aide to Pence said that the former VP simply wants to spend time with family and avoid the spotlight for the time being.

Trump to make big play

Trump has also not been heard from much since leaving office and losing his Twitter account. That will change this weekend, however.

According to a report, Trump is planning to stake his claim as the presumptive nominee in 2024 and the party’s leader at the Orlando conference, which begins Thursday, with Trump headlining the finale on Sunday.

Trump’s speech is also expected to target Joe Biden and his radical immigration policies, The Hill notes.

Important week for the GOP

Speculation has brewed for weeks over Trump’s next moves as he meets with Republican leaders in Palm Beach, Florida. He remains the dominant figure in the GOP, and he has made it clear that he has no intentions of leaving politics amidst a factional battle for the GOP’s future.

The Donald recently went on the attack against Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY), who he called an “unsmiling political hack,” and has made clear in his public statements that he wants to keep the MAGA movement going.

“Our historic, patriotic and beautiful movement to Make America Great Again has only just begun,” Trump said in a statement following his acquittal on a single article of impeachment last week, according to Fox. He went on:

In the months ahead I have much to share with you, and I look forward to continuing our incredible journey together to achieve American greatness for all of our people. There has never been anything like it!

It’s going to be a big week for the GOP, to say the least.

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27 Responses

  1. Pence is a huge disappointment and has outed himself as a big government establishment clown. This stolen election has brought quite a lot of rats out of the woodwork. We need to vote accordingly.

    1. Pence is a weak man, he is not allowed to go out to restaurants unless his wife goes! Sounds to me like she is insecure! The View talk show made fun of him 2
      Yrs ago about that! I will not support anything that pertains to him! We wouldn’t be in the mess we are in if Pence would’ve done what he was supposed to do!

      1. If you are using the View and their voices to guide your decisions my dear you are heading for a life of terrible difficulties!

  2. Great Again. Not last, like Biden. Why would anyone want to make anything last? I am going to lose the basketball game on purpose. Will you support this? We will put our soldiers in danger on purpose. We will make sure that we ruin and take away American jobs and give money that Americans work hard for, to other countries. We will depend on other countries for fuel and even cut Alaskan pipeline jobs so we have to depend on other countries to get screwed over. We will not hold China accountable for the virus since WHO is saying they support China and the Communist lying agenda. We will be friends with Iran despite evidence of killing their own people with chemical weapons in the past. We are so naive that all of these statements are true, but we will ignore the statements so Americans are also screwed over, put in danger. Anyone that questions these underhanded and dangerous policies will be subject to jail time, called a racist, homegrown terrorist or anything else we feel like calling them without evidence. Despite evidence of voter fraud, paid money from foreign governments to win the election and other things like being influenced with help from CNN, MSNBC, Washington Post, NewYork Times, and most other media and Tech Companies with strong evidence because these, along with lots of Hollywood Stars and other companies, we will deny this helped us win the election. This sounds like the Biden and Democratic Party, right?

    1. Yes, very good. I can’t In 1 million years figure out why the heck this is all happening. I guess like some have said, will be taken down by the enemy within.

    2. Joe Biden and his Son have spent so much time with the Chinese leadership that should be We the People’s major concern! China’s is closing in on a BILLION!Folks, CHINA HAS A GREAT AMOUNT OF PROPERTY BUT MUCH IS VERY ROUGH TERRAIN! The BIDEN’s have been in bed with the Chinese for many many decades now! Joe BIDENS VERY first act was to stop construction of the Border Wall!! It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to read between the lines! WE HAVE DECADES OF VIEWING AND LISTENING TO THE DUMBEST POLITICIAN IN USA HISTORY AND I AM INCLUDING THE EARLIEST THAT HAD LIMITED IF AN EDUCATION!

    3. Wow thanks for hitting every nail on the head! Pence and mitchy are the two highest paid swamp rinos ever. If we don’t throw out every rino and Democrat running in 2 years, onword Armageddon!!!

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  4. I think we need to take care of America before we take care of other countries and people that are not legal. Biden wants all the Illegals then take them to him and Washington DC at the White House

  5. Pence is a gentleman and his decision to not attend the meeting may or may not have anything to do with Trump. He is too much of a gentleman and a good Christian to spout the hatred that the Dems would like to hear him say.

    1. Katydid: Sorry, Pence is a traitor to the United States! All President Trump wanted him to do was a recount of “legal votes”. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that when the election was a total fraud! Pence hid behind his faith! He turned his back on 75 million of American citizens! No, Pence sold us out! He is not a nice guy, he is a whimp with “no balls”. His political career is over. He thinks he is going to run in 2024 Presidential election. He might as well forget it because 75 million of us will not forget that he gave away our freedom for communism. Again, Pence is a traitor to the United States!

  6. What a waste! Haven’t you been cancelled yet! You are now totally irrelevant. Don’t even report what he’s doing. No one cares!

  7. I always liked VP Mike Pence. He is very Religious, Quit, and says what he means. He supported Trump to the bitter end. He could not follow P.Trumps orders because he doesn’t have the power to do something like that. Trying to changing the Electoral College votes would be a career breaker. I would think it has to go through Congress to see if that is even possible. I not sure if he could run this country but I’m sure he could help it. He is a good family man with good morals.

      1. Hey Lee,
        I think alot of the Red States were involved in the coverup. They didn’t want to do the right thing and prove voter fraud. The hierarchy that represented those States didn’t want to admit that sh^it like that happens in their State. Who is at the top of the food chain in a State? I’m pretty sure it’s their Supreme Court that handles things like that. All the left had to do is pay the people that are on top of the food chain and a few vote counters along with the other sh^it they pulled off. Everyone has a price. I really don’t like to be lied to and robbed. (I have alot of experience with that.) I think a lot of people wimped out on this one, and we had a National Party or the Left steel something very important to us, our President that was trying to “Make America Great Again,” and somehow we let that happen, and now we need to fix it. I wonder what billionaire George Sor^os has been up to. He has been very quiet for the last 12 months,

      2. especially since there were several state legislated who sent letters asking to do their electoral vote slate over. the legislatures were being overrun and threatened by God’s and secretarys of state ! truth will come out!

  8. I fear that he has joined the Romney, McConnel eastern Republican wing of the party. A major disappointment for me and I hope I am wrong and he has 6 months to set and correct my current fear! After that there will be no return to the conservative America First movement. American citizens have paid the price of liberalism, losing their manufacturing jobs, etc. etc. while liberals say it was a good thing it took all of that pollution our of America. Clinton did that and American industry ran to Mexico with his tragic agreement which Trump corrected!!!! Time to do what is right for Americans and it will be what is right for the world. What country saved the world in WW1 WW2 and all of the other wars?????? Russia China ROFL. Countries run by the citizens control the world the others do it through force upon their citizen slaves to gain power!!!


  10. Will never win another election they’ve got the White House the Senate and the House of Representatives and there going to keep the Binion machines and they’re going to expand the mail-in voting we don’t have a shot anymore

  11. actually liked the article you posted actually. it really isnt that simple to find even remotely good posts to read (you know READ! and not just going through it like some zombie before moving on), so cheers mate for really not wasting my time on the god forsaken internet. 😀

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