Report: Pence may be planning political return, biding his time

After giving a rousing speech at this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference, many have speculated that former President Donald Trump could be eyeing another presidential run in 2024.

According to Saul Anuzis, the president of the 60 Plus Association and former chairman of the Michigan Republican Party, Trump’s former running mate could also be planning a political comeback, The Washington Times reported.

While former Vice President Mike Pence didn’t attend CPAC this year, Anuzis said he’s biding his time.

Pence “served Trump well”

Anuzis pointed out that Pence “served Trump well and has a deep level of commitment from a broad range of politicos,” both of which bode well for the future.

However, he said that it is “way too early” for the former vice president to make an appearance given what happened in the last days of Trump’s administration.

“This is still Trump’s movement,” Anuzis said. “I think Pence is playing his cards right, laying low while some of the controversy around him settles down.”

Pence was the target of harsh criticism, including from Trump himself, for not trying to stop Congress from certifying the Electoral College results in January. However, he later refused demands from Democrats to invoke the 25th Amendment and remove the president from office.

Pence ranked near bottom of straw poll

For some, the emotional impact of that day remains raw. Another CPAC attendee, political activist and former broadcaster Jill Quentzel, said Pence’s willingness to break from Trump is viewed with bewilderment by many Republican voters, The Washington Times reported.

“We don’t understand a lot of what is going on,” Quentzel said. “Same with McConnell, with Pence, with Supreme Court Justice [John] Roberts.”

However, according to The Times, “Mr. Pence’s team says the former vice president has spoken with Mr. Trump numerous times since leaving office on Jan. 20 and that both sides have initiated contact.”

A straw poll from the event showed there was no groundswell of support among CPAC attendees for Pence to take a shot at leading the country.

“In the Times-CPAC straw poll, Mr. Pence came in 10th, with 1% support, in a hypothetical race that included Mr. Trump, who garnered 55.3%,” The Times reported. Pence inched his level of support up by 0.4% when his former boss was removed as an option, but his ranking fell from tenth place to eleventh.

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39 Responses

  1. Pence is a good faithful man. He could not beat Trump who has Charisma but if he had done differently in Electorl College vote it would have been dishonest for him. I respect the choice he made even if it killed his chance to run for office. I hope if Trump runs again he asks Mike to be VP

    1. no TRUMP will run again but no more of pence he’s a traitor and people don’t respect him any more,i know i would never vote for him if my vote would give him the president i would say nope can’t do it suffer,

    2. There are a hell of a lot better vice presidential candidates he can pick. His pedophilia accusations really need to be looked at first.

    3. the guy is in the deep state / just a figure ,would not trust him , he stab trump in the back many times / he could have done a lot more but he did not , as the vice pres. he could have asked the supreme court to do something at least check out his responsibility as a vice pres. . i would not vote for him he is just a puppet

    1. I agree, the only way I would back Pence for president would be if the devil himself was running against him! No respect for him!
      If people would have stood up for President Trump, America would NOT be in the shape it is in now!
      In four years there may not be an America to save!!!

    2. I agree, wouldn’t vote for pence ever, he betrayed President Trump and did nothing to investigate the fraud. Not a man of honor he pretends to be

      1. You are so right. Although I was never a fan of Pence, I would never support him in any future political position. Too many allegations involving some dark issues and too quick to desert affiliation with Trump.

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  3. Pence is somewhat of a RINO………..He has never really spoke as to how he would have done things if he was running for a CIC……Things are a little too secretative with Pence………Never really heard that much about him when he was Governor of Indiana………..

    He did not back President Trump regarding the corruption in voting for 2020.
    Instead said that JB & KH were the winners……..Which we all know was done via the corrupt voting by the DEMS/RINOS……..

  4. The VP’s job was to return an invalid election result to the state for them to correct. If they then failed to correct those results, the VP’s job again was to send the election results minus the invalid state results to the house where again it was up to the states to finalize the election.
    State legislatures decide how their elections are held. When other state officials change how the election is held the election is then a failed election. if there is a problem with the electoral results, the Twelfth Amendment has a special protection that essentially would cause the House to choose the president and the Senate choose the vice-president. If this amendment section is triggered, the current G.O.P.-led Senate would choose Pence for Vice-President. The House would vote to elect the President. Though the Democrats control the House with a majority, the Twelfth Amendment requires that instead of a simple majority of members electing the winner that, instead, a majority of based on “state delegations” would elect the winner. Currently the minority party (G.O.P.) holds the majority of state delegations and would choose the winner. For this reason, the President would likely be re-elected by the House G.O.P. This may appear to be a loophole to an electoral result, but it is actually a protection in the event of a defective electoral result. In the case of the 2020 electoral vote, there could be an objection to the result which could trigger this alternative way of electing the president and vice-president.

    1. Exactly….he let that opportunity to go by for election integrity….and we are now living in a different American than two months ago. Sad.

  5. He will never get my vote. He broke the VP core values. Integrity first and service before self.

  6. Pence may have stabbed Trump in the back..
    but it is We The Honest Voting People he hurt the most..

  7. Pence has no backbone to run America. He could never stand up to the evil Democrats. I don’t see him “EVER” being President. Trump, Desantis, Noem would be my choices in 2024.

    1. No to governor DeSantis running in 2024. He is doing such a great job here in my state of Florida. There is no really good Republican that could take his place right now. DeSantis has opened us up and it’s absolutely wonderful down here. We need to keep him.

  8. So sad that Pence turned out to be a RINO.
    NO, I would NOT vote for him!
    ONLY a TRUMP❗️🙏🏼🇺🇸🙏🏼

    1. While I disagree with What Pence did, it took a man of courage to take the stand he did. He knew there were a lot of people who would be upset with that decision, yet he made it anyway. I think he went the way he did, because he believed it was the right way. Again, I disagree with it, but I don’t think he ruled the way he did out of cowardice. I was angry that he did not poke the hornets nest, but I respect his right and reasoning to do as he did.

  9. Pence lost his way and it’s not coming back not as long as I’m breathing sorry mike with a little m you will never see the capital again

  10. The day of old man Bush,s funeral and vis. President and his wife stood in front of hilery for some time they looked like the best of buddies that turn me off since then, he is over with me. Dixie Mcgrath

  11. The GOP better do some serious house cleaning if they expect any support from Trump supporters. Yeah, let Carl Rove plan the strategy and see how that works out. Any support for known RINO’s will get you zero support.

  12. Mike Pence and Trump made a good teem . If mike runs he may have a change. he couldn’t stop anything. If him and trump run together THEY WILL WIN

    1. Pence went to the inauguration but he didn’t go to Trump’s big send off, which was only 15 minutes away. Pence could have made both, but he was too busy stabbing Trump in the heart and the back.

  13. Pence went to the inauguration but he didn’t go to Trump’s big send off, which was only 15 minutes away. Pence could have made both, but he was too busy stabbing Trump in the heart and the back.

  14. I could support a run for Senate or Congress, but not for president. I just don’t think he has what it would take to win over the Republican base.

  15. Pence had a chance/opportunity to help America/Americans and preserve election integrity and fairness which is of upmost importance to preserving our country. At least he could have tried and he didn’t. That is all I need to know about him….I also think he has a secret agenda for his political career….can no longer trust him. He failed his party….does not get another chance.

  16. I agree it way to early to determine who will represent the Republicans in 2024. The present election really hasn’t been decided. As it is now, I will not vote for Pence if he is the nominee in 2024, unless Trump endorses him. Pence has let we the people down since the election, he has done nothing to help solve the problem of the known voter fraud (unless he is doing something behind the scene that we don’t know about). Everyone is concerned about 2022 and 2024, I am still concerned about the 2020 election. How can we know that future elections are fair if it hasn’t been proven that voter fraud didn’t happen in 2020 and Pelosi new voting law seems to make election fraud legal.

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