Pence positions himself as influential force in midterm elections with new partnerships

Just because he left office when the Trump administration ended last month, former Vice President Mike Pence is showing clear signs that he is not planning to leave the political realm.

As Fox News reported, Pence is setting himself up to be an influential force in next year’s midterm elections and beyond, including from his new post as a distinguished fellow at the conservative Heritage Foundation.

“Advancing conservative policies”

In a tweet this week, he shared his excitement over the opportunity to weigh in on policy matters in coordination with the respected political think tank.

He called the Heritage Foundation “a flagship of the conservative movement” that he is “profoundly honored” to work with as part of a broader effort “to advance conservative policies that will benefit every American.”

According to Pence, the organization helped to form and influence his own political philosophy “for decades” and “played a pivotal role advancing conservative policies throughout the Trump administration.”

As a distinguished fellow, the former vice president said he is looking forward to “working with the all-star team” at the think tank “as we continue to take the case for a strong national defense, free markets and traditional values to policy makers across the Nation & to every American who cherishes our Heritage of Freedom.”

Furthermore, Pence is reportedly entering into a partnership with the youth-oriented conservative organization Young America’s Foundation.

“The good news of conservatism”

In this capacity, he is set to host a podcast that the organization said will allow him to “share the good news of conservatism through one of today’s most popular mediums.”

As for what this all means for his possible future ambitions, there is no formal indication that he will throw his hat in the ring. Nevertheless, close adviser and former chief of staff Marc Short made it clear that Pence will remain “very active” in GOP politics in the foreseeable future.

One unnamed source went further, telling Fox News: “I think you’ll find that candidates will be remarkably welcoming to Mike Pence coming and campaigning on their behalf.”

Of course, Republican strategist Jim Merrill noted that Pence might have ulterior motives in hitting the campaign trail during the midterm election cycle.

“It’s a strategy that a number of presidential candidates have used over the years, traveling to early primary and caucus states ostensibly to help Republicans but really make friends, lay the groundwork for White House campaigns,” he explained. “I expect we’ll see Pence here in New Hampshire early and often.”

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38 Responses

    1. Me too. We have enough traitors and rinos already. I canceled my membership with Heritage also. Anything Pence is a part of,I’ll have nothing to do with.

      1. I concur, pence is a traitor, betrayer and as far as I concerned committed Treason. I won’t support any of these traitors and definitely don’t support gop or rnc at all. adios scumbags.

        1. I agree wholeheartedly. Pence betrayed Trump. Thus betraying the American people. His new nickname is Judas Iscariot! If he thinks “we the people” will vote for him, he’s got another thing coming!

      1. and he sure want be getting my vote either such a traitor and back stabbing TRUMP in the back he’s wash up people found out what pence is and no way will he win president better stay on the farm with the cows,

    2. Everything should not be give me money, D.J. trump should never have been impeached once, he did nothing but win the 2016 election, against Hillary who should never been as far as she was in City & State government she has been corrupt way back during the M. Lewinsky corruption, she is not fit to be in City or State government I don’t care what political party you belong to if you get paid by the American people your job is to work for the USA, the American people , to be honest bust corruption, implementing National Security, fully fund the border wall serving & protecting the American people. not allowing spies, infestation, drug cartels, illegal guns , illegal products in the USA for decades .

      1. Blocking pandemic relief, for the American people when president Trump advised you to give American 2,000.00 , but you approved Illegal aliens $1,800.00 is totally not acceptable, the you gave Americans $600.00 it is not acceptable to keep playing game , it will never work past or present. Americans will place who they want first when they vote , not who you want. As for the media / big Tech they are finished they destroyed public trust one too many times, Black Lives matter the new Black – KKK terrorist group needs to be taken down for good, their destroying all the property they did in the USA there in no apology that can ever be accepted past or present no can a medal of honor be given to them , any moron who does is mentally disturbed, all the people who lost businesses should vote accordingly to remove any one from office who even suggests a Nobel peace prize , or medal of honor , they are mentally Ill, so is Obama /Alias Barry Soeterro, he needs to be indicted & go straight to jail he destroyed the USA a racist against white people who needs to be forever removed fro the USA’s City & State government all the lives that were lost under his & Biden’s watch funneling money to al-Qaeda linked organizations, hiding Oben Laden by the Palestinian military base allowing Hezbollah to sell cocaine in the USA, pretty sick !!! destroying public trust . sad !!!!

    3. “”As Fox News reported, Pence is setting himself up to be an influential force in next year’s midterm elections and beyond, including from his new post as a distinguished fellow at the conservative Heritage Foundation.””
      Pence is a bull crap artist. He has proven he is not an American and that his claimed belief in God is merely a fake in order to attempt to get more people on his side. God will judge this apparent LIAR and fake!

    4. Have not heard that story from the VP’s mouth………How do we know for a fact this is not the media with some more of their lies…….????????……….I will wait and see what, if any, comments come out of the Pence mouth.

  1. Good for pence but with the Democrats vowing to rig all future elections I do not see much of a chance of Republicans winning again but God still performs miracles.

    1. Being a ‘RINO’ traitor, the Dems just might ‘allow’ him to win something, sometime, somewhere–who knows. When Pence says ‘conservative’, I get worried. When Pence says he’ll be working with ‘young people’ on conservatism–I get ‘REALLY’ worried!! Then, he’s talking about N. Hampshire?? Since ‘when’ was N. Hampshire ‘conservative’! Nope!

    2. When the next election rolls around, there will be no need for mail in ballots. There should be enough people vaccinated that we as a nation will be way ahead of the virus by then.

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  3. We need to stop accepting defeat and stand up for our own beliefs! Quit believing the junk that the democrats are pouring out and listen to your own common sense! We need to send people to congress who love this country and are not power/money hungry so that they tend to dump common sense to achieve what we all know is just plan stupidity!!

    1. We need a new party, the rino republicans surrender before the fight and all betrayed President Trump because he was for the people, the Republicans breath rarified air and are above us common dirt.

  4. Because of Mike Pence’s horrific withdrawal of support for the best President we have had since Lincoln, I am requesting that the Heritage Foundation cancel my membership and refund any donations I may have made.

  5. I had expressed desire to join the Heritage Foundation but since former VP Mike Pence is now working with the Heritage Foundation I no longer wish to do this.

    VP Pence knew there were issues with the election. He was simply asked to send the responsibility back to the states until they had time to re-evaluate the results. His letter was not accurate. He was not asked to award the electors to President Trump.

    Also, he released his letter while President Trump was speaking. That is not what a man of God would have done. A man of God would have told the President of his intentions no later than the night before.

    I am very conservative and believe that Jesus is my Lord and Savior. I can not support a group that has allowed formed VP Pence to work with them.

    Paige Ballard

  6. Even though I feel the election was in fact stolen from Donald Trump, I do not agree that Mike Pence was a traitor and I will be honored to vote for him in the future if he decides to run. Mike Pence was the most loyal member of President Trump’s administration. He was asked to do something that he believed was wrong and he stood up for his belief ….. I admire him for that. President Trump should not have put him in that position. Loyalty goes two ways. I supported President Trump in both elections and I will support Mike Pence in the next, if he runs.

    1. Before you commit your vote to Mike Pence, I ask that you research his history in politics. It’s beyond me that Pres Trump selected him as Vice President. However, Pres Trump wasn’t a politician and, at first, trusted quite a few people that he later regretted trusting. As for Pence, well, once the VP–guess he was ‘stuck’ with him. Pres Trump asked for his support but—listening to him speak and ‘reading between the lines’, he wasn’t all that confident that he’d get it. Sadly, he was right.

    1. You got that right I don’t like Scum bags he never get my Vote President Trump always be my President”
      Sleep Joe needs to go back to his Basement take “ Harris & Pence & and all the Rhino” with him!

  7. With deep thought, I do believe Mike Pence should have been 100%, at all times, on the side of President Trump……..

  8. wow so now he want to run to be the president of the united states well i guess he would have to do a lot running cause he would not get my support i would prefer to not to vote

  9. Pence is done in my book. I don’t turn my back on my good friends. We work things out if there are problems. Pence did not have Trumps back.

  10. Folks, write to the Heritage Foundation sharing your thoughts and the fact you are no longer following them because of their alignment with Pence. I just did. Posting here does nothing. Letting them know, may help PRESIDENT Trump.

  11. I really respected Mr. Pence until the 6th of January. Why him a Bill Barr sold out their souls too the Democrats and disgraced themselves to the MAGA patriots is beyond my imagination? They have reduced their greatness to a spot of oil on the highway. Liz Cheney now has a 10% favorable rating, where she was at 75%?? Stupid!!!

  12. Never, never trust a creeters that bite the hand that feeds it. it a Snake and Fence is the biggest of them all and they are many.

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