Pence says Republicans have ‘other choices’ aside from Trump in 2024

Former Vice President Mike Pence stated on Sunday that Republicans in 2024 had “other choices” besides former President Donald Trump, who last week announced his third run for the White House at his South Florida club.

According to a report by The Washington Times, in praising the work he and Trump achieved together, Pence mentioned the nomination of more than 300 judges to the courts, the destruction of the ISIS caliphate, and a peace agreement in the Middle East. He was disappointed that despite their “amicable” split, their relationship did not “end well.”

“I believe as we look to the future that we’ll have better choices, and I’m very confident Republican primary voters will choose wisely in the days ahead about who should be our standard bearer,” he told CBS’ “Face The Nation.”

Pence responded that he is “very different” from his former boss but that they worked closely together to produce “a record that frankly, the American people cherish” when host Margaret Brennan questioned him about remarks made by former defense secretary Mark Esper, who claimed that Trump is “unfit for office.”

“But I truly do believe that the times call for leadership that can unite our country around our highest ideals and demonstrate the kind of respect and civility and I think the American people show each other every day,” Mr. Pence added.

Pence said that he looked “forward to being part of the process in some way” when asked if he would back Mr. Trump if he became the nominee. However, he added that while he believes there will be “better choices” in 2024, no candidate could have defeated Hilary Clinton in 2016.

“When I saw the way Donald Trump came through Indiana, and inspired people who literally felt left behind by the elites in Washington, D.C., literally for decades, I knew that he was going to be elected President of the United States,” he said.

“Republican primary voters knew we needed a fighter in the White House, we needed to have that energy that could turn back on the policies of the American left, but I think- I think now calls for a different time.”

On Sunday, former Pence stated during a recent interview that “the American people” would decide whether or not his former campaign mate, former President Donald Trump, is qualified to hold the Presidency once more.

“I was surprised. I was disappointed at the outcome of the election in that regard, although, I was there the last time that we defeated Nancy Pelosi’s majority and I’m looking forward to the day that Kevin McCarthy is elected Speaker of the United States House and leads the Republican majority,” he said.

“A win is a win, but I would have liked to see more Republicans elected to Congress. I would have liked to have seen a Republican majority in the Senate,” Pence said.

Multiple political commentators have said they believe Pence will launch a presidential run, though he has not made an announcement about running yet.