Pennsylvania Republicans vote to impeach far-left Philadelphia DA Larry Krasner

Republicans in Pennsylvania’s House of Representatives are following through on threats to impeach the far-left district attorney of crime-plagued Philadelphia, Larry Krasner.

The impeachment resolution announced Wednesday charges Krasner with dereliction of duty, the AP reported.

Republicans impeach far-left prosecutor

State Rep. Martina White, the only House Republican representing Philly and the impeachment resolution’s lead sponsor, squarely blamed Krasner’s “dereliction of duty and despicable behavior” for the crime surge in Philly.

There were 422 murders this year as of October 23, a 5 percent decrease from last year, when homicides hit a record of 562.

Philly has had over 1,000 carjackings this year, a record. There have been 777 residential burglaries, an uptick from 573 this time last year.

Yet, Krasner has dismissed 65 percent of all criminal cases this year. The dismissal rate was 35 percent in 2017, the year Krasner was elected.

House Majority Leader Kerry Benninghoff, a Republican, said the House will move forward with the impeachment resolution “as soon as it hits the floor.” The state Senate would then have to vote by two-thirds to convict and remove Krasner.

Blaming MAGA

Krasner said that the impeachment push is evidence of rising Republican “fascism” and an attempt to overrule the will of Philadelphians, who re-elected him last year in a landslide.

“We knew this was coming,” Krasner said, calling it “devastating to democracy, and it shows how far toward fascism the Republican Party is creeping.”

Krasner has claimed that crime is worse in “MAGA states” and he has dismissed the impeachment push as a “MAGA effort.” He has also said — because why wouldn’t he? — that talking about crime in liberal cities is “racist.”

“It’s about blaming the biggest city in Pennsylvania with the most diverse population for having the same national struggle that we have with gun violence everywhere,” he said last week.

Maybe Krasner should stop whining about criticism, and just do his job?