Pennsylvania’s botched vaccine rollout: 100,000 second doses given as firsts

Under Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf’s leadership, Pennsylvania is grossly mishandling its state vaccine rollout.

Officials discovered this week that 100,000 doses of the Moderna COVD-19 vaccine that were earmarked for those awaiting their second dose were given to people as first doses, the Washington Examiner reported. The mistake has been occurring since early January, although it was just discovered over the weekend.

Pennsylvania Secretary of Health Alison Beam said that 30,000 to 60,000 people would need their second dose vaccine appointments rescheduled over the coming weeks to make up for the error.

“In short, we are faced with second dose Moderna vaccine requests far exceeding the Moderna vaccine allocated to the state this week,” Beam said.

PA vaccine rollout lagging

Around four million people in Pennsylvania currently meet the qualifications for receiving the virus, which include residents 65 and older, workers in several essential capacities like health care and those with chronic or severe risk factors for severe disease.

So far, 1.7 million of the state’s allocated 2.7 million vaccine doses have been given administered, but only 3% of the state has been fully vaccinated.

As noted by The Center Square, “The statistics rank Pennsylvania near the bottom of the pack in terms of vaccine administration across the country.”

Penn State Health told Harrisburg’s WITF that it was directed by the state health department not to hold back vaccines marked as second doses.

“On a call with providers approximately two weeks ago, the PA Department of Health specifically directed providers to not hold back COVID-19 vaccine doses for second vaccinations,” hospital spokesperson Scott Gilbert said. “At that time, DOH also assured providers that additional vaccine would be made available for use as second doses. Penn State Health followed this directive, as it has all DOH guidance since vaccines initially became available in Pennsylvania in December.”


Beam said that adjustments are being made that will resolve the issue.

“We are not here to have blame placed anywhere,” she said. “Instead, we want to make sure that all of us are focusing on the path forward.”

Despite the fact that around a million vaccine doses sent to the state from the federal government have not been administered, Beam said that “ultimately, it’s a scarcity of commodity” that is to blame for the poor rollout.

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14 Responses

  1. Pennsylvania seems to have a real problem with finding competent leadership. Must be the same people running this program that ran the 2020 corrupt election. Sorry to have to say that but it is what the public sees. Voters of PA need to make changes as soon as they can. They deserve better than this no matter which party is in control.

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      1. You are right but sadly most of our Republican Politicians are cowards. They did nothing to help Trump in the 4 years of his Presidency while he was being attacked daily. We really do need to vote OUT OF OFFICE 90% of the Republicans and replace them with Conservatives who will stand in unity and fight for our country.

  3. Since it’s a demoCRAP administration, there will be NO fault to blame. This should not be a surprise to anyone. For everyone who voted demoCRAP in the election, I’m glad you’re getting screwed. Trouble is brewing everywhere since Biden steped in. This country was doing so well with Trump, and now….all sh*t!

  4. PA is going to make 9 bridges toll roads because they are broke, This is what a Democrat does .They rob the people in their State. Wolf should be impeached like the Dictator of New York

  5. Wolf is another demorat lying leftist. He should be gone. They stole the election and now totally screwed up the covid vaccines. What a bunch of libtards.

  6. Pa needs to make toll bridges. Whaaaat we already have one of the highest gasoline taxes in the country. What the hell is he doing with the money?

  7. But Hey, ya gotta remember how well the gov’t handled the Obummercare rollout.
    This should not come as a surprise.

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