Pentagon fails yet another audit as Ukraine billions remain unaccounted

 December 9, 2022

Americans who are wondering what their tax dollars are doing in Ukraine should rest assured that Joe Biden's Pentagon probably doesn't know, either.

For a fifth year in a row, the military has failed an audit of its assets, the Hill reported.

Pentagon fails audit

The Defense Department could not account for 61 percent of its $3.5 trillion in assets.

The Pentagon performed its first audit in 2017. Auditors have now issued a so-called "disclaimer of opinion" for five straight years.

The Defense Department is the biggest employer in the world and accounts for a huge chunk of federal spending. A press release on the latest audit said the failure was expected, noting the massive size of the department, which includes 2.9 million people who work across some 25.8 million acres of real estate.

"Bases, posts and stations are the equivalent of small towns across the globe with police, hospitals, grocery stores, schools, transportation systems and housing," the release said.

"Failed to get an A"

The Pentagon performs 27 separate audits, seven of which were "clean" this time. The DoD's comptroller Michael J. McCord said the Pentagon "failed to get an A" but "I would not say that we flunked."

"The process is important for us to do, and it is making us get better. It is not making us get better as fast as we want,” he said.

Unfortunately, the easy fixes have already been made, so future progress will be gradual, McCord said.

"I would prefer to see more progress, of course, but we are peeling off the layers," he said.

Where's the money going?

The Pentagon's inability to get its books in order isn't stopping Congress from signing off on a nearly $1 trillion defense spending bill, which is almost $50 billion more than Biden requested. At the very least, the defense bill gets rid of Biden's ridiculous and cruel armed services COVID vaccine mandate.

Meanwhile, Biden is asking Congress for another $37 billion to help Ukraine in its war with Russia, on top of $20 billion Biden has already sent. Little of that spending has been accounted for: the U.S. has only inspected about 10 percent of all weapons sent.

Democrat Adam Smith (Wa.), chair of the Armed Services committee, has fumed at calls for oversight of the tax money Biden is pouring into Ukraine. Those who are concerned, Smith said, are pushing "Russian propaganda."

"Ukraine is spending the money really well,” Smith said. “That’s why they’re winning.”

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