Pundits criticize Biden’s rush for COVID booster shots: ‘People feel jerked around’

Joe Biden’s political rush to roll out coronavirus booster shots has already faced pushback from scientists — and now, even those in the mainstream media are questioning the president’s motives.

According to Fox News, a CNN panel criticized Biden for leaving Americans feeling “jerked around” after prematurely promising to make boosters available no later than Sept. 20.

Biden announced the booster initiative days after Kabul fell to the Taliban, leaving Biden reaching for his security blanket — fearmongering over the delta variant of COVID-19 — as he faced the most difficult moment of his presidency.

Desperate for an easy victory

Desperate for an easy political victory, Biden set an arbitrary deadline of Sept. 20 for the shots. But that aggressive plan is now being called into question by officials at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Two FDA officials have even resigned in protest.

According to reports, scientists say it’s too soon to approve the shots for everyone who wants them, and only Pfizer is expected to get approval on Biden’s arbitrary schedule.

According to Fox, CNN’s Kaitlan Collins acknowledged on Sunday’s Inside Politics that the delay “is raising some concerns” that Biden is influencing science for political outcomes.

What’s more, Biden’s chaotic messaging has left voters “frustrated,” Wall Street Journal reporter Joshua Jamerson said, and TIME reporter Molly Ball said there is “no question people feel jerked around” by Biden’s “clear inability to communicate clearly and consistently,” as Fox reported.

Biden plays vaccine politics

This is not the first time Biden has been criticized for setting confusing policies on the pandemic. In July, Biden left many Americans angry when the CDC advised that vaccinated people start wearing masks again, fueling doubts about the efficacy and benefit of the shots.

At the same time, Biden has called the virus a “pandemic of the unvaccinated” and has called on employers to fire unvaccinated workers, even as data from Israel appears to show the vaccine losing efficacy after several months.

Biden promised to make the coronavirus magically go away with “science.” That hasn’t happened, and now he’s pushing for draconian mandates and dubious boosters that promise a windfall of billions in profits for vaccine manufacturers.

Instead of “following the science” and doing what is medically justified, Biden is playing politics with the vaccine — in other words, exactly what he and his supporters accused President Donald Trump of doing last year — to keep his approval ratings from backsliding further than they already have.

For Biden, this has never been about public health, but power, and power alone.

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