Petition to impeach Justice Clarence Thomas garners over 700K signatures

A petition circulating from the liberal advocacy group MoveOn to impeach Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has gained 786,000 signatures in an expression of the left’s animosity toward the Black conservative justice.

The petition arose after Thomas voted with the majority to overturn Roe V. Wade, and also centers around controversy about Thomas’s wife Ginny Thomas’s part in the January 6 Capitol breach.

The left is particularly perturbed that Thomas wrote a concurring opinion in the Dobbs V. Jackson Women’s Health decision that suggested revisiting other so-called “rights” cases, including precedents that established federal rights to contraception and gay marriage.

The non-thinking left equates these viewpoints with wanting to ban gay marriage and contraception, but that’s not what Thomas was saying in the opinion. He merely doesn’t think they are constitutional rights and should not be designated as such.

Targeting Thomas

While Thomas certainly has a legal leg to stand on with his views, his concurring opinion was not joined by any other justices, and Justice Samuel Alito’s opinion specifically stated that the Dobbs opinion is not a precedent that can be applied to same-sex marriage or contraception cases–or any other subject besides abortion, for that matter.

This means that at this point, no other justices are interested in revisiting other cases that may have deviated from an originalist viewpoint, so the left has nothing whatsoever to worry about in that regard.

But that doesn’t matter to the left–they have found a convenient target for their rage and they are venting it on Thomas with all vehemence. If Thomas were a liberal, there would no doubt be accusations of racism against them, but since they are liberal and he is conservative, they can get away scot-free.

Apparently to the left, following the Constitution is now racist. In fact, that shouldn’t be all that surprising because a lot of those on the left consider our country to be racist from its founding at this point.

Will it work?

After the two sham impeachments of former President Donald Trump, it seems that anything can happen, but even those impeachments failed to yield a conviction vote by two-thirds of the Senate, and the scenario would likely be the same in this instance.

Besides, there is a strong sentiment against impeaching a judge or justice for their rulings in this country. Judicial independence is highly prized, and judges/justices need to be able to rule according to their conscience without worrying about being punished for having different views.

The left’s strongest case would be that there is a conflict of interest if it is proven that Thomas’s wife was involved in the Jan. 6 Capitol protest, but even that case seems weak. She apparently did ask Arizona to delay its vote certification and talk to then-chief of staff Mark Meadows about rejecting the vote, but those actions don’t suggest direct involvement in the breach itself, only sympathy with its motivations.

If Thomas is actually impeached on these grounds, it will show how partisan and petty the left has truly become.

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