Biden’s pick to replace Garland on circuit court already being eyed for Supreme Court seat: Reports

One of President Joe Biden’s most notable early judicial nominees appears to be on a career path that could lead to a seat on the U.S. Supreme Court.

Although the selection of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to replace incoming Attorney General Merrick Garland on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals has given progressives a reason to celebrate, it has led some conservatives to voice their concern.

“A tremendous record as both a lawyer and a judge”

As Fox News reported, Garland was appointed earlier this month to serve in the Biden administration.

Jackson’s name has previously been associated with Garland, with both among the list of potential nominees former President Barack Obama was said to have considered naming to replace the late Supreme Court Antonin Scalia in 2016.

Since then, leftist activists like Christopher King have continued to tout her perceived qualifications for a seat on the nation’s highest court.

Kang, who co-founded the group Demand Justice, recently spoke out in support of Jackson, declaring: “I think there’s no question that Judge Jackson brings a tremendous record as both a lawyer and a judge, in addition to being a Black woman, which the court has never had.”

He noted that Thurgood Marshall was the last Supreme Court justice with a background in criminal defense law.

“Biden’s superb and accomplished judicial picks”

“So being a public defender she would also bring that important perspective to the court,” Kang added.

He concluded that there is “no question that people are right to be talking about her for the Supreme Court,” cautioning that those pundits should “pause for a moment to reflect on how important it is that she’s been nominated for the D.C. Circuit.”

Another vocal defender of the nominee is U.S. Senate Democratic Leader Chuch Schumer (D-NY), who promised to work toward Jackson’s confirmation in the chamber.

“The Senate will work quickly to confirm President Biden’s superb and accomplished judicial picks,” he said.

As National Review writer Carrie Campbell Severino noted, however, Jackson’s past presents the potential for pessimism among conservatives. Among the notable examples are her donation to the Obama campaign and her position as a clerk for liberal Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer.

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  1. Dementia-joe is “picking” no one. His “handlers” are doing all the “selecting”
    biden does not know where he is, who he is, what STATE he is in, or what he is signing, unless one of his “handlers” (or his communist bought and owned “HO” “VP”) tells him. He, and well as “heels-up harris are nothing more than “puppets” of the communist party, and looking to destroy this country.

  2. Anyone that is picked by JoJo and the rest of the LoLo’s is got be some one that he and she thinks can finish destroying this Great Country. One day real soon when he stands before GOD he will be told depart from me for I never knew you and cast into the lake of fire. You can’t destroy what GOD has made and not pay an eteneral price for it. Please belive me that is not good.

    1. How is STANDING before Gog helps or changes the destruction our country’ is suffering !!! I don’t care what happened behind purly gates – I do CARE what happens to MY COUNTRY NOW !!!

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  4. Barack and Susan Rice are the puppet masters and they themselves are just taking marching orders from the highest bidders to finish off “ THE LAND IF THE FREE HOME OF THE BRAVE” Impeachment processes should have already started, Biden has sighs that he’s undeniably mentally,and, physically not up for the job of running the United States, Harris will be next in line for impeachment for her encouragement of violence, burning, looting, and mayhem in the streets all over out country and telling them they shouldn’t STOP! Keep getting them out, hold them accountable for their true actions! Vote the rest out in 2022❤️🇺🇸

    1. thanks Cliff. Right on !

      Sandra. I think Valerie Jarrett is the most dangerous of all Shadow figures working with Barack right now . She was the designer of his foreign policy and domestic as well . When the Obamas bought the DC Mansion near the White House [ after leaving office ] Jarrett actually moved in with them. Now that they spend time at Martha’s Vineyard, maybe Jarrett is in control of the DC ‘HUB”

  5. Yet There is not to be any “Profiling” in America and they are Profiling her because She is a Black Liberal Woman.. Double sided Rules again Double Justice. Double Courts, double life in all respects and it is the Democrat’s who build and fan those flames!! In all cases!! We the People are Tired of this… Bring back Donald!

  6. no supreme court justice should ever go along with covering up evidence or wrong doing past , present or future, no should Scotus should be allowed to refuse to hear important cases involving election cases that have to do with the USA, & the American people in any City or state, heir party affiliation or who thy vote for should not interfere with heir job serving the USA , nor who appoints them into their seats on the Supreme court

  7. The Supreme Court has let the people down. They are either paid off or they are cowards. They may have skeletons in their closets , but they need to step up. Do your job. I would die for this country. You guys have no backbone!!!

  8. Using the race card again. Biden isn’t picking anyone it’s Obama. Obama lost his license because he was a crook. He is unqualified to have a say in the Supreme Court. American people better step up and demand joe Biden be impeach now.

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