Jeanine Pirro: Lawsuit against NRA exposes the left’s intention to disarm Americans

Now that a leftist prosecutor has her sights set on breaking up the National Rifle Organization (NRA), America had better start paying attention, Jeanine Pirro said, according to Breitbart.

In her prime time program’s opening statement on Saturday, the Fox News host warned that the recent case against the organization brought by New York’s attorney general proves that there is an organized effort underway to disarm American citizens.

“They’re coming for your guns”

In a lawsuit announced last week, New York AG Letitia James seeks to dissolve the NRA over claims that some of the nonprofit’s top leaders misused funds on vacations and other luxurious expenses, as the New York Post reported.

Given the NRA’s status as a rhetorical punching bag of the left, many were skeptical of her motives, Pirro included.

The Fox host said it is hard to believe that politics played no role in the launching of a case targeting the “strongest voice in America” advocating the right to bear arms, especially with the presidential election set to take place in fewer than 100 days.

“Another central theme of her [James’] campaign: the promise to prosecute the NRA. But now, of course, she says her charges have nothing to do with politics. Thank God for honest politicians, huh?” she snarked.

Pirro said that the case is proof-positive that the left wants to take guns away, referencing an infamous clip of failed Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke spilling the beans on a confiscation agenda.

“Folks, if they can do this to the nation’s largest and most powerful gun group, think of what they can do to you,” Pirro said.

“Your life may depend on it”

More troubling still, according to Pirro, the lawsuit comes in the midst of an “all-out assault on our democracy and way of life,” against which the left wants to leave Americans defenseless.

The Fox host pointed to recent examples of people being prosecuted for simply defending themselves, like the McCloskeys in Missouri, and emphasized that a desire to disarm Americans is of “utmost importance” to the left, adding:

So — we’re in the middle of a pandemic, civil unrest, anarchy at our door, literal burning of churches and courthouses, anti-American hate, flag-hating, religious desecration, police defunding, departments burning, children murdered as they sit in their strollers and the top cop in New York wants to civilly sue and dissolve the NRA while there is an all-out assault on our democracy and way of life, at a time when gun sales are going through the roof, up 122% the last year because Americans are afraid the calvary won’t be there for them when trouble comes.

Putting the issue in stark terms, Pirro said that the lawsuit should be taken as a preview of what voters can expect from a Biden presidency, concluding:

You have 86 days to decide. Do you want to live in Joe Biden and Beto O’Rourke’s America, or President Donald Trump’s America, which enshrines and guarantees our right to own a gun and use it to defend yourself? Think hard. Your life may depend on it.”

Hers is a chilling warning, no doubt, but one the country very much needs to hear.

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