Pirro praises Trump’s ‘leadership qualities’ amid coronavirus crisis

Judge Jeanine Pirro sent a sobering message about the COVID-19 pandemic on Saturday.

Likening the coronavirus to a world war, the Fox News personality praised Donald Trump’s leadership and expressed hope and optimism that he will get Americans through the crisis, Fox News reported. The candid TV host criticized governors and Democrats who have complained about Trump’s response and slammed the Chinese communist regime for leaving the world exposed to the pandemic.

Pirro praises Trump coronavirus response

Pirro’s Saturday monologue capped off a grim week in American history, as thousands of Americans died from the novel coronavirus and millions more filed for unemployment compensation. Taking in this terrible devastation, Pirro drew comparisons between the coronavirus crisis and a world war and said that Trump, who calls himself a “wartime president, has the leadership qualities to get Americans through it.”

“The United States is indeed at war, and the leader of the most powerful nation on Earth is now in a wartime posture. We watch President Donald Trump daily as he works to take this nation from a place of frightening vulnerability to a place of physical, economic and spiritual strength,” Pirro added, according to Fox.

That vulnerability came suddenly, wiping away a robust economy that Trump had planned to ride to re-election. But the president is a fearless leader who, equipped with business smarts, is doing everything necessary to revive the economy and help the American people, Pirro said. She applauded Trump for restricting travel from China in January, a decision for which he was criticized at the time, and for invoking the Defense Production Act to mobilize production of medical supplies.

The president has also brought the bully pulpit to bear on companies like 3M and General Motors, Pirro noted. Trump said Monday that he reached an “amicable agreement” with 3M to increase production of respirators, The Hill reported, days after Trump said he “hit [3M] hard” for wanting to export masks to Canada and Latin America.

Hits “whining” Dems

President Trump has taken the lion’s share of blame from the media, Democrats, and some state governors who complain that his response hasn’t been robust enough. While Trump has said that states should have done more to prepare, governors have claimed that the president has them locked in a bidding war for essential supplies, or is even withholding help on purpose.

But Pirro said that Trump has been plenty forbearing in his dealings with the “complainers” and is right to dismiss them.

“President Trump doesn’t listen to the lieutenants who are moaning and whining and making outrageous claims as they sit and pontificate about what should be done for them, about what they need, which in some cases they already have,” she said, according to Fox. “President Trump is more than capable and would be more than justified to counterpunch based on some of those ridiculous claims that he could easily rebut.”

Accountability required

Trump and many of his defenders have pointed out, in response to criticism, that the Democrats were focused on impeachment when the pandemic was taking off. At any rate, a clip has resurfaced of Trump’s own top infections disease expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, saying that the coronavirus was not a serious threat back in January. Many in the media have sought to claim that Trump has sidelined scientific experts and ignored their advice.

Dr. Fauci has praised Trump’s decision to restrict travel from China, which Democrats — including Joe Biden — now say they support. While Democrats have been no help stateside, Pirro said, China is ultimately responsible for the virus and its catastrophic consequences. Not only did the virus originate there, but China has been accused of covering up the extent of outbreak ever since it started; Pirro argued:

China has to be made accountable for, at the very least, its complete lack of transparency. China could have prevented a great deal of pain and loss, both physical and economic, had they been honest — but they never have been honest. And we have a lot of time to think about how this needs to be resolved as it relates to China.

As of Monday evening, more than 10,000 Americans have died of the deadly virus. Trump has warned Americans to prepare for grim days ahead, even as he continues to offer encouragement to a nation in despair. According to CNBC, the president said at a Monday press briefing that there is now “tremendous light at the end of the tunnel” thanks to progress that continues to be made on vaccines and treatments.

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