Jeanine Pirro: SCOTUS decision on DACA is evidence of ‘a problem in Washington’

The Supreme Court’s recent decision on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program represents everything wrong with the nation’s capital, according to Judge Jeanine Pirro.

The Fox News host slammed the Supreme Court for leaving the status of the Obama-era immigration order up in the air, rather than resolving it in its ruling last week.

Pirro praises Trump response

The Supreme Court ruled on Thursday against Trump’s effort to repeal DACA, which shields illegal immigrant youth from deportation, in a victory for the open borders left.

The decision was a major setback for Trump and his conservative base, who the president said had suffered “shotgun blasts” from the nation’s highest court in this ruling as well as in a separate decision on LGBT rights, as Fox News reported.

Reacting on the network’s panel talk show The Five, Pirro praised Trump’s response to the outcome, boasting that he supports those covered by the Obama-era policy, but that Democrats refuse to work with him on a deal to protect them. She blamed Washington, D.C. for turning the DACA policy into a “political football.”

“The president does support the Dreamers,” Pirro said, according to Fox. “He’s indicated many times that they’re good people, they’re educated, that they work hard, that this is the only country they’ve ever known.

“And the only thing he’s tried to do is have this thing made the law of the land and the Democrats will do nothing but continue to go back and forth to make it a political football, so that the president…is now getting a decision by the Supreme Court right before a presidential election,” she added.

Targeting DACA again

As Pirro intimated, Trump has appeared to vacillate on whether he wants to end DACA or protect those shielded by it.

However, Trump promptly vowed to file new paperwork to rescind the policy in the wake of Thursday’s ruling, which left open a window for Trump to try again with a different approach. Chief Justice John Roberts, who has taken heavy criticism from conservatives for his recent votes, said that Trump essentially used the wrong procedure in the administration’s first attempt to end the program, according to The Hill.

“We didn’t lose. We’re going to refile it, and everything is going to work out for the young people — most of whom aren’t so young anymore, by the way. But we’re going to work it out for everybody,” Trump said at his Saturday rally in Tulsa, according to NBC News.

Pirro said that Trump has to send the message to his base that they need him to protect their rights, even as she conceded that conservative judicial appointees have regrettably veered to the left.

“When the Supreme Court can knock this down based on a technicality, when Obama didn’t have the right to make it a rule in the first place,” Pirro said, according to Fox. “Well, they should have just sent it back down so the Congress deals with it and they won’t. We got a problem in Washington.”

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