Fox News’ Pirro slams DC elite for ignoring ‘pain and pleas of working people’ 

Even as Democratic California Gov. Gavin Newsom implements new COVID-19 restrictions across hard-hit parts of his state, other leaders across the nation are considering similar guidelines in response to a spike in infection rates.

For Fox News Channel personality Jeanine Pirro, however, those in positions of power appear to be exempt from the rules that continue to limit the opportunities of their constituents.

“Constantly violate the rules”

During a broadcast last week, she declared that there is “no pandemic” for prominent Democratic leaders including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

“You constantly violate the rules you pass,” she asserted. “The pain and the pleas of working people fall on deaf ears, as you claim to not understand why people are against lockdown orders.”

Her remarks come after several incidents of elected officials appearing to skirt the very lockdowns they have imposed on the citizenry.

In September, for example, Pelosi was caught on video during a visit to a hairstylist at a salon that was supposed to be shuttered because of COVID-19 restrictions. She could also be seen without a face mask. Rather than acknowledge her apparent hypocrisy and offer contrition, however, she told reporters that she was the victim of a setup and requested an apology from the salon’s owner.

Pirro further targeted Newsom for dining maskless as part of a dinner party at a ritzy restaurant that is “so beyond the reach of people [he seeks] to oppress that [he is] creating an unnecessary class war.”

“Democrats look to crush small business”

Turning her attention to the Democratic Party at large, she accused leftist leaders of punishing small businesses while allowing major corporations to largely operate as usual.

“As Democrats look to crush small business, Target, Costco, Home Depot, and Amazon and the big-box companies are all thriving,” the host said.

Noting that smaller businesses “selling the same items are not allowed to open,” using McDonald’s as an example.

“You say the drive-thru is safe,” Pirro added. “Tell me about the guy who hands me the French fries through the window. Did he touch his hands to his glasses? His apron? To the person’s hands before me?”

Concluding with her take on lawmakers who negotiated the second COVID-19 relief bill, saying: “How do you justify taking money from America to give to foreign countries and special interest during a pandemic as we come upon the end of tenant protections?”

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