Severino: Democrats will pack Supreme Court if they win in November

In 2016, then-candidate Donald Trump made Supreme Court appointments an important part of his campaign — and he’s delivered by successfully appointing two conservative justices to the high court so far.

However, some Democrats are now floating a plan to completely revamp the nation’s highest court if they win the White House this fall, conservative activist Carrie Severino says.

Severino serves as president of the conservative legal group Judicial Crisis Watch, a group that says it’s committed to “the Constitution and the Founders’ vision of a nation of limited government.”

During a recent radio interview with Breitbart News Daily host Alex Marlow, she outlined how some leftist groups are scheming to add Supreme Court seats in order to forward their agenda.

“They’re frustrated”

“All of these groups are often operating as just arms of the same organization so you don’t have them interested in only one of their issues,” Severino explained. “They really just want to all band together to get liberal policies enacted across the board. That’s what they want the courts to do.”

But as Severino then went on to point out, President Trump’s record number of judicial appointments have thrown a monkey wrench into their agenda.

“They’re frustrated that they can’t automatically do that for much of the last 50 years,” she argued. “Courts have been willing and happy to enact those [left-wing] policy goals from the bench.”

Packing the court with new members

As a result, the Judicial Crisis Watch president insists that only by packing the Court with new members can leftists make up for lost ground.

“Now that we finally have a critical mass of justices who are committed first and foremost to the Constitution, and to making sure that the laws are followed as written, they’re saying all we need to just expand the number of justices,” she continued, adding, “They will do it if they win the White House [and] Congress in the fall.”

“They think [they’re] going to expand the Supreme Court until [they] have enough justices to have a liberal majority, and then when they have that rock-solid majority on the Supreme Court that will rubber-stamp any liberal policy, there will be no checks on any unconstitutional actions.”

“Their court will be not a backstop [or] a constitutional check, but actually an aggressive agent for change,” Severino warned ominously.

Expanding the number of Supreme Court justices for political reasons is not a new concept, as President Franklin Roosevelt famously threatened to do so after the Court ruled that some of his legislative initiatives were unconstitutional.

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