Podhoretz: Pelosi leaves unimpressive legacy as she departs leadership perch

Though Democrats are in the process of heaping hagiographic praise upon House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) as she prepares to step aside from party leadership, the lawmaker’s long history of divisive tactics and gross overspending has her in hot water with conservative commentator John Podhoretz, who says in a recent New York Post piece that it is long past time for her to go.

As The Hill reported last week, Pelosi on Thursday announced that she plans to leave her position atop the Democrat Party ahead of the next Congress, setting off an avalanche of effusive adoration from the left, including liberal commentator Kirsten Powers’ assessment of the soon-to-be-former speaker as “almost irreplaceable” and someone who will “will go down in history as one of the greats.”

Podhoretz’s take

However, not everyone who has been on hand for the nearly two decades of Pelosi’s reign finds her tenure to be chock full of impressive achievements, as Podhoretz’s Thursday offering explains.

Though the conservative pundit acknowledged that Pelosi possesses notable political skill – something he says is evident by sheer virtue of her career longevity – that is not to say that she has contributed a great deal in terms of vision or honorable leadership on behalf of the nation she has served.

Key among Podhoretz’s criticisms of Pelosi’s time in power is the impotence she displayed back in 2019, when she failed to quash a rise in anti-Semitic sentiment on the far-left flank of her party.

Another target of the columnist’s ire was Pelosi’s display of shameful immaturity unbecoming her office when, in 2020, she tore up her copy of then-President Donald Trump’s State of the Union speech on national television.

Pelosi, according to Podhoretz, distinguished herself primarily by mastering the art of keeping party members in line to “make the body into a weapon for progressivism,” even succeeding in the coercion of “Democrats in conservative districts to vote for ruinously expensive and statist regulations.”

“Goodbye…and good riddance”

As egregious as all of the aforementioned offenses are, according to Podhoretz, perhaps Pelosi’s most regrettable legacy is the manner in which she facilitated massive federal expenditures even when the folly of such boondoggles was plain for all to see.

As Podhoretz notes, Pelosi’s know-how in this realm came to the forefront in most spectacular fashion once President Joe Biden took office, with the speaker masterfully orchestrating roughly $5 million in new government spending in less than two years.

John Hinderaker of Powerline aptly pointed out that Pelosi’s transgressions came not just on the spending side of the ledger, but also on the personal profit side, given that she is apparently a “stock trader of genius,” personally benefiting to the tune of millions by betting on the fortunes of companies with matters before the legislature.

As if that was not appalling enough, Hinderaker adds, Pelosi “pioneered the tactic of drafting 1,000-page bills in secret and voting on them 24 hours later,” yet another of the seemingly endless reasons why her iron-fisted — and extraordinarily costly — rule over the Democrats cannot end soon enough.

Democrats will undoubtedly continue to toast Pelosi and lavish her with hyperbolic tributes until the moment she recedes from the spotlight into her role as a rank-and-file congresswoman, but Americans everywhere will be happy to bid her farewell in the manner suggested by Hinderaker, saying, “goodbye Nancy. And good riddance.”