Police change report that third individual was present at Pelosi attack

Americans were shocked last week when it was revealed that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) husband, Paul Pelosi sustained a fractured skull during a brutal attack at his home.

While it was initially reported that a third person was present in the home along with Pelosi and his assailant, that report has since been walked back. 

Police change story

According to Breitbart, NBC investigative correspondent Tom Winter tweeted on Sunday that the San Francisco Police Department now says there was no third person present.

That account runs contrary to statements made at a press conference on Friday by San Francisco Police Chief Bill Scott.

“When the officers arrived and knocked on the front door of the residence this morning the door was opened by someone inside and the officers observed through the open door, Mr. Pelosi and the suspect Mr. DePape inside the entryway of the home,” Scott said.

What’s more, Winter himself reported during a segment on Meet the Press that a third person was in the home when police showed up.

Weird background

According to Fox News, 42-year-old David DePape has been charged with attempted murder after he allegedly struck Pelosi on the head with a hammer.

Although a Daily Mail article noted that DePape had been accused of being a “far-right conspiracy theorist,” the evidence on this is mixed.

The paper cited reports from neighbors who indicated that DePape and his live-in partner sported Black Live Matter and gay pride flags outside of their home.

The couple is also said to have often engaged in extended periods of illegal drug use while also selling illegal drugs in the area.