Violent crime skyrocketed across the country as police departments were defunded in 2020

Violent crime across the country continues to increase, overall, and the data continues to place a large portion of the blame for that rise on the “defund the police” crowd pressuring cities to hamstring their police departments.

The George Floyd riots and protests over the summer of 2020 led some U.S. cities to question the role and scope of local policing, with some cities going as far as cutting police budgets and essential units. However, the results of some of those changes have equaled a 25% increase in the homicide rate in less than a year, according to USA Today

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) data revealed that there were over 20,000 murders in 2020, which was 4,000 more than in 2019. The numbers correlate to thousands of fewer arrests in major U.S. cities like New York City, New York (-45,000), Chicago, Illinois (-31,000), and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (-33%).

In the aforementioned cities and in others, homicides increased significantly, including in St. Louis, Missouri, which experienced a staggering 98% increase.

Preventive policing makes a difference

Former Baltimore, Maryland deputy police commissioner Jason Johnson wrote in a USA Today op-ed that the difference is in preventive policing, which is what seems to go by the wayside when groups like Black Lives Matter and others pressure city leaders into “reforming” police departments.

Reactive policing, which is a law enforcement response after a crime has already been committed, is not sufficient to keep crime rates down, Johnson said.

When the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) interfered with Chicago police officers’ ability to make routine stops and searches in 2015, street stops fell 82% while homicides skyrocketed 58%, according to data from the Chicago Tribune.

Generally, the research indicates that every time preventive policing activities are reduced in a city, for whatever reason, the end result seems to be higher numbers of homicides.

Time to rethink defunding

The rising trend in homicides has carried over into 2021 so far, with the FBI seeing an 18% uptick in homicides during the first three months of 2021.

As a result of the noticeable increase in violent crimes, especially homicides, some cities have begun to rethink their previous cuts to police budgets and confusing messaging to street-level police officers encouraging them to take a more hands-off approach to their jobs.

One prime example is that after cutting $12 million from law enforcement budgets and eliminating three critical police units, which resulted in a 255% increase in murders, Portland, Oregon Mayor Ted Wheeler (D) reinstituted some of the disbanded units and put $2 million back into the police budget.

Increasingly, those within the ranks of law enforcement leadership in various cities have poured funding into psychological and preventive services that make up part of what the “defund the police” crowd advocate, anyway. Continuing to defund police departments will only take away from those efforts without any added benefits.

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  1. It’s all ok because stability in civil society is a conservative concept. We can’t have that.

    People grow up and have families and then they wonder why the parks and public spaces are full of trash, crime, needles, and homeless where they want to take their kids. Not even a safe place to go for walk or throw a frisbee.

    1. Craig, this heathen site and the heathens running it censor user comments. All I can say is that God needs to term limit Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, and their cohorts on Capitol Hill since stupid voters won’t step up to the plate. Say your prayers daily…. I do…

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  3. REFUND the police ? even a 6TH grader can figure out what would happen !!!
    I can not believe that LIBERALS are so STUPID !. If you cut back on LIFE guards and put a doctor in there place it will not stop the # of people that drown. If you pas a law about rioting guns and violence but have no one to enforce the law then why bother making the law ? It is sad to say BUT LIBERAL LOON IS KILLING PEOPLE AND THERE LIVELIHOOD. WAKE UP AMERICA !!!!!!

  4. dems/libs are always shouting believe the science, maybe they should now believe the crime/murder statistics.

  5. What does it matter to the democratic states government officials? Their houses are guarded and fenced or walled. And it’s not their businesses. Why would they care? They should all be incarcerated to the brand new facilities with no prisoner population but fully staffed. It’s sad that they don’t listen to all their constituents. This could have been avoided but they felt it was better to defund. Now they need the armed forces to get them out of their mess. That’ll be the only way. No offense intended to the police. They’re going to need help. Be prepared to protect yourself because nobody else is going to.

  6. All this over a doped up black criminal that over dosed himself and know more rioting because a policeman shot another black criminal, but it was O.K. when that five year old white boy was deliberately shot in the head in his yard in front of his two little sisters by a black, who ate at their table the day before. Was no riot then and nor even talked about, I guess that was not of any important, REFUND the police and stop using rubber Bullets’, those people think if they riot every time one gets shot the police will just let them get away with committing crimes and getting rich off of stolen goods/protection money….

    1. And the Damocrats & Biden want to disarm us, it doesn’t take a smart man to see where they want to go. The 2nd Amend. was in place for a time as NOW.l

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